5th Oct 2008, 07:58

I never buy a car without doing thorough research, something most of you obviously didn't. I wonder how many of you would have bought RR after reading a review and a list of comments like this, first?

23rd Oct 2008, 18:29

Hi all, first time to this.

I just bought a DSE 1999 due to a bad back dodgy disks, so the ease of getting in and out is great. The height is great and the visibility a must. The only downside is needed new disks and pads, and garages charge 270.00, whereas I bought of eBay new for 70.00, the lot; quite cheap I thought, but worth it for the ride.


15th Mar 2011, 10:17

I have one (a 1999 4.6 HSE, in British Racing Green), since new. And a dozen years on, it still manages to make the Land Cruisers, the X5s, the Tahoes, and the Hummers of this world seem tacky, in comparison (even though there actually IS no comparison, when you pause to think a while).

For all of those who can (monetarily and philosophically) afford to overlook the obvious flaws and drawbacks of the Range Rover; it's the equivalent of automotive (and emotive) nirvana. For those of you who want value for money, reliability, and about as much inspiration as cabbage soup may draw from you on a wintry day; buy a Hilux.


20th Dec 2013, 06:39

Hello everyone here! From my Kelowna Canada experience (7 years now), my 1996 Range Rover had so much done that I can't imagine paying for all of the repairs and towing with all of my income!

It started with purchase of the '96 in 2006, a one owner car, 210 000km. Brakes, fuel pump, radiator, cooling coils, battery, alternator, A/C, door locks, air bags, air compressor (overhauled, and a second time within 80.000km replaced totally), window regulator, sun roof (still not repaired), radio, light bulbs in the dash and console, heater core, fog lights, one tail light, exhaust (I've got a Borla SS now), starter motor (what an access!) and what else I can't remember now. This is the most consuming vehicle I've ever had.

I did build an extra air hose connection station for emergency air pumping to the wheel that I need, just in case, and many times it's used during winter, as the air just leaks, still where I don't still know. The horn has not been working for 3 years now.

I love the vehicle, because I can lower it to load my wife into it, but when the suspension loses air!!!… the ride is better in a wooden buggy in the Tatra Mountains on the roads leading to the forest!... trust me.

So much money in repairs, I could by now own a TESLA!!! Gas mileage is terrible, but these are some of the things one has to put up with. I feel that Land Rover should pay some of us for owning their poor materials and workmanship!!!

21st Dec 2013, 00:11

The nicest thing about ours was a 2 grand aftermarket sound system. But that's not a testimonial on the vehicle. Endless repairs. Blew out the air ride suspension and engine woes. The first thing we did was get rid of the annoying loud buzzer in the center of the dash. As I recall, it ending up being the size of a 3 inch speaker. So loud it was obnoxious. Anyway we sold ours and bought a really nice Suburban.

21st Dec 2013, 08:28

OK, it was a one owner car, but it was still 10 years old with 210,000 km... did you seriously think nothing was going to go wrong with it?

22nd Dec 2013, 10:23

We were one owner with issues throughout our ownership. Nice image vehicle for selling real estate. With problematic issues, it spent much of its existence in the wrong kind of real estate... a dealership with very costly repairs. Made Enterprise car rental happy while still making car payments.

23rd Dec 2013, 20:44

A very good consideration is the new black Dodge Durango. Great lines and the same size. The newer ones look really great. Shouldn't be in the shop constantly. Good luck!

27th Dec 2013, 02:44

After reading the Range Rover reviews, what does everyone use for a daily driver?