12th Apr 2009, 13:20

Yes, we also have an LS430 2001 with most of the same failures.

1. Door pocket broken (plastic studs broke off).

2. Glove box hinge broken (fixed during warranty).

3. Trunk hydraulics failed (closing on your head).

4. Speaker, rear deck (broken/cracking).

I bought a Lexus Repair Manual, and have since repaired most all problems.

Good Luck,



16th Feb 2011, 10:13

I also bought a Lexus LS 430 2 years ago with 73000 miles. My A/C compressor went out a year after I bought it. I paid close to 2000 dollars to replace the compressor and the main A/C parts at an independent mechanic shop.

My check engine light came on 7 months after I bought it, and Autozone told me it was a leak in the EVAP system.

The check engine light came off after I replaced my battery a month ago. I have also noticed when I press the brake pedal, it goes a little too deep before the car starts to slow down.

Other than that, the car has been great. I love it because it is very comfortable and elegant. The interior is very quiet and the ride is very smooth. Acceleration is great. 0 to 60 in about 6.5 seconds. It passes cars without any effort on the highway.

Also, be aware that if you notice the transmission malfunctions and starts the car in 2nd gear instead of 1st gear (you will notice the difference), just replace the battery and problem solved. When the battery is about to die, it causes the transmission to malfunction until the battery is replaced.

29th Jul 2011, 07:05

I bought my 4th Lexus last year, and am I in love with Lexus or what? I have owned many cars over the period of 15 years, but I am so amazed with LEXUS LS and GS models. The LS offers everything that you shall expect from a luxury car, unlike Mercedes and BMW. Mercedes and BMW are both very good brands of vehicles, but highly unreliable. Lexus doesn't have any serious issues. I am planning on getting a LS460 by end of this year.

22nd Jun 2012, 22:21

I just love how people with a Lexus will list about 10 things (sometimes major) that have broken on the car, but quickly say "but it's a Lexus so it's the best car ever made, and the best car I ever owned." True, they may be good vehicles, but if a domestic has even one problem, the same people will say "what a piece of crap!! I hate this car!". Ridiculous.

Congrats on buying a grossly overpriced Toyota that looks like a refrigerator on wheels. I'd take any car with some personality and a little style over this barge any day.

18th Sep 2012, 15:31

I love my 2001 LS430 Lexus. I'm at 181000 miles and the car still runs like a boss. Everyone thinks it's a new car. It's black/black and still looks new, and I drive the car everyday, so anyone that talks bad about a Lexus is not a smart buyer. I've had a lot of nice cars, and the Lexus really has not had anything crazy go wrong with it.. Love Lexus.

30th Dec 2012, 13:51

Style is a matter of taste. I prefer the rounded lines of my LS400 to the sharp body panel creases of newer models.

I had two new Mercedes prior to this Lexus, and their frequency of repair rates were very high, beginning during the first week of ownership. Twice they were life-threatening malfunctions.

The published experiences of thousands of owners are to be found in "Consumer Reports" and parallel my own. The Lexus has needed only normal wear items and a rubber suspension bushing. There is a leak in the front power steering pump seal, but a can of Lucas sealer has prevented any leaking now for 3 years. So I can't complain. The car remains a joy to drive.

Yes, we've owned a number of "domestic" makes. All were problematic (major repairs) in varying degrees, except for one of two Cadillacs that was very reliable.