2000 Lexus LX 470 from North America




The car stereo - Nakamechi- is a piece of junk. I love this car, but the problems with this stereo have soured me on this car brand and associated warranty service policies permanently. I paid $32,000 for this "used auto", and purchased an extended warranty from the LEXUS dealership. The entire service department has turned out to be a bunch of "uppity snobs". Once they have your money--forget it, they've got you; and customer satisfaction means nothing to them. Instead of replacing the unit, which started acting up @39,500 under the original manufacturer's warranty. Now, they offered to sell another "rebuilt" model from the dealership to resolve the problem (like they were doing me a favor). Why on earth would I want to buy a replica of a product with which I have had so much trouble?

I can go to Best Buy and purchase a more reliable product and have better customer service.

General Comments:

Do not buy a car from Lexus unless you enjoy throwing away money. The customer service from the dealership stinks. LEXUS Regional Office is of no help either, so don't count on the manufacturer to be any better.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2007

8th Feb 2007, 12:51

I wouldn't say that the car is unreliable because of the car's audio player. This could have been replaced by another CD player. They are not out for people's money. In my opinion they have exceptional customer service standards and are very helpful.

9th Feb 2007, 19:10

Now hang on a minute...

You cannot call the whole car unreliable because of the stereo not working!

Did the car start every day? Did it steer, stop and ride safely?

I think you should have bought a stereo instead of a car, as this seems to be your highest priority!

2006 Lexus LX 470 V8 from North America


Best SUV ever



General Comments:

That Lexus is very nice.

It's smooth riding, useful, and good looking.

I travel a lot. About 7 or 8 times a month, I drive the Lexus from Florida to Washington state, and I love it.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2006

21st Sep 2006, 21:58

Lexus is a great car to drive on frequent long distance trips. I replace my car every 2 years and since 1997 its been a Lexus. I drive from Southern California to Nebraska at least once every 1.5 months. I bought a 1997 LS400 and had close to 80,000 miles when I traded it in for a 1999 RX300. I got the SUV due to the harsh weather back east. The RX300 did great and had 65,000 miles when I traded it for a 2003 GX470. Now I'm in an LX470 which is by far the best SUV for winter driving. I can't see myself driving anything else. The Lexus has never left me stranded. A TRUE Lexus fan!

16th Dec 2006, 23:43

I agree with you. Overall it's a great SUV. But when I step in, I feel betrayed by the lack of authenticity and only satisfied by a cheaper concept based on BMW, Mercedes and other industry leaders.

22nd Jul 2014, 02:18

Don't you mean you feel let down it isn't breaking down and giving you horrible repair bills and terrible reliability like BMW & MB do? Some just don't understand that TRUE luxury isn't about a euro badge or name... it's about QUALITY & RELIABILITY. Which Lexus is #1 in worldwide.

1998 Lexus LX 470 4.7 V8 from Australia and New Zealand


Best in class, by a luxuriously traveled country mile


Some dashboard lights failed - replaced free of cost.

Rear brake disks replaced at dealer at around 130000klms.

General Comments:

Huge, heavy, thirsty. Everything you'd expect from a full size luxury 4WD. The stuff you don't expect is the luxury, the ride quality, the reliability, the evangelical zeal that the dealers approach their job with and the general feeling that you've found the car that you want to keep for ever!

A clear class above a Toyota Landcruiser - I know, I bought one new - the Lexus should dominate the market. Its simultaneously exclusive and understated. The competition - BMWs, Mercedes etc are simply outclassed in quality and delivery. The dealers are simply fantastic - I have never experienced these service levels from a car dealer. BMW, Mercedes and Toyota should be embarrassed - they are clearly left in the weeds by Lexus service levels.

The car itself is incredibly quiet, huge interior, dual air-con that gets the car from furnace to comfortable in seconds - not minutes. The sound system is good, though lacks some power if you really push it. All the toys work - seat memory, ride height, ride levels (soft through to hard), auto dipping centre mirror - everything.

The suspension adjustment for ride quality is a bit of a toy - but its pricless if you're on a rutted road with sleeping kids, or if you're wanting to maintain speed and stability on a twisting road. Load space is cavernous - even with the 2 additional seats in the car (though in their stored position) you can get a pushchair or pram, plus luggage and shopping in without cluttering up the car itself.

This is a great car. If you're in the market for a luxury 4WD, try it. Try everything else first, then try it. Then go find a 5 year old BMW, Mercedes and a Lexus and compare them. The Lexus holds up to the daily abuse of kids, stop-and-start and the occasional blast on the beaches way better than the competition.

That's the last word - try one.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2005

26th Jul 2014, 17:38

Dual Air Con? I have that in my 1998 Volvo. Glad Lexus have finally caught up after all those years!