14th Feb 2007, 18:27

I agree with the above comments in that an LX470 is an extremely reliable vehicle, though there are good and bad dealership experiences, even with Lexus. However, such experiences have always been positive in my dealings with Lexus, but the bad dealership experience can sour one on a vehicle, that's for certain. I'd replace it with an aftermarket from Crutchfield and then be on your way to a most enjoyable experience with a very capable SUV.

20th Feb 2007, 10:26

On the issue of unreliability... I think this guy is confusing Lexus with VW and Audi...

17th Mar 2007, 22:21

This is the most ignorant review I've ever read. How can you say the whole car is unrealiable, and blame Lexus for being a bad manufacturer, only because you're having trouble with your cd player? Please do us all a favour, sell you vehicle and buy an Audi. Please please do. You don't deserve to drive a Lexus.

18th Mar 2007, 21:13

How does a radio breaking make a car unreliable? I better go trade in my 2004 RX330 because the CD changer had to be replaced last year... makes it so unreliable. You need to get a clue! If your car left you stranded then yes its unreliable, but not because of a radio. My wifes 2001 S500 is unreliable because the whole computer failed while at a stop light. If you think Lexus is so unreliable just go buy a Mercedes, BMW, or Audi and youll change your mind after one trip to the dealer.

20th Apr 2007, 17:16

I have a 1999 LX470. I replaced the Nakamichi stereo with first an Alpine with DVD-Nav and XM, and then an Avic Z1. Why? A) I wanted GPS (DVD or hard drive, not 10 CD's) B) I wanted XM. Everything else was already there with the car; seating for 8, V8 power (albeit gas), amazing off road and very good on road performance, and service people who treat me like a friend. Now you may say, "Well, they've got your money and they know you're going to spend it there!" I have not purchased a Lexus since 1999. It has 215,170 miles on it as of parking it. The worst thing that can happen now is a suspension failure. That's right, 215,000+ miles on the original suspension, just about the only life-limited part on this car. I go out, I put the key in and turn it, and she starts right up. I drive her from Phoenix to Orlando via Memphis, then Orlando to Phoenix via New Orleans, and don't bat an eye. Re-flipping-liable car. I cannot kill it. So don't whine about your radio, dude, enjoy one of the mechanically best built cars on the planet. Just... suck it up at the gas station.

5th May 2007, 11:52

I have the Mark Levison stereo in mine. Best ever for a production car. Best vehicle. All vehicles need repairs, but if a stereo problem is all you have to worry about then buy an American car, and the only thing that will work might be the stereo.

18th Aug 2007, 03:01

Did you really just mark this car unreliable because of the stereo?

24th Oct 2007, 11:00

I have a 1999 LX470 with 135K miles. This is an exceptional vehicle. Lexus customer service is "second to none."

26th Oct 2007, 01:19

Hand on folks. Don't be so harsh to him! Probably all he wanted to mean is that after spending so much money why something very important for long drives would break down? He is right to some extent. However, he is wrong to say Lexus is a bad make. You don't have to be mechanically inclined to understand and realize the difference between Lexus/Toyota and the other import vehicles (excluding Honda though).

I am planning to get one in couple of months (either LX 470 or Land cruiser, same motors, but LX 470 has luxury settings inside).

October26, 2007.

13th Dec 2007, 10:35

I own a 2001 Lexus ES300, and it is by far the best vehicle I have ever owned. I bought it at 1 year old. It had 32,000 miles on it and now I have 95,000k. I have had it for 5 years and this car has never put me down. The only thing I have done to the car besides an oil change is breaks, and tires. So no one can tell me I didn't invest in a good vehicle. If you be good to it, it will be good to you. Please don't worry about the radio system, it's not that important to listen to music when driving as it is to get to where you are going safely.

16th Jan 2008, 21:21

My LX470 has 300,000km and I have never had a problem with it except for the fuel consumption. I recently got bogged in a dam on a property in Australia after slipping on clay and sliding in, the car was completely full of water right up to the steering wheel. I had to leave the car there over night until I could find someone with a 4X4 tractor from one of the other properties. We finally pulled it out the next day opened the door, let all the water out and it started first go, I then drove the car 1000km home and I am still driving the car 12 months later with no problems at all although the radio shorted out from the water, must be an unreliable car then.

26th Aug 2008, 16:17

We have 3 LXs all together, all bought brand new from the same Lexus dealership.

At first the gasket had to be replaced on the 2000 LX 470 because the parts weren't welded together properly at the factory -- could have been a fire hazard, and Lexus only agreed to pay parts of it as a 'good will' gesture.

Then the transmission went out at a little over 80K. And this is the one LX that we never take out off-roading or on long trips, it's always been maintained and taken care of.

No complaints on the stereo except for CDs would go in there and get jammed every now and then.

Overall definitely disappointed and wonder if new cars are like that, what would the 'used' or even the 'certified' ones be like.

I thought I'd be able to drive the things to at least 150K with no problems, so much for that. 10K in one year on car repairs is NOT how I wanted to spend my money (yes, Lexus does show 'good will' towards their customers, but as I was told, they generally only give out one 'good will' and it only works if you are a multi-Lexus owner.

16th Nov 2008, 23:04

I own a 2000 LX-470 and I love it but of course I too am a victim of the dreaded Nakamichi cd player eating my cd's. Currently have 6 stuck in it. Am wondering about options to replace it with a system that has navigation and if possible XM radio. Any suggestions?


23rd Nov 2008, 15:55

To say a LX is unreliable due to a stereo failure, is possibly one of the most illogical statements about a car that I have heard in a while. The LX, which is a UZJ100 chassis, suspension, and drive train, is among the most reliable vehicles in the world, just the UN or National Geographic. A stereo won't leave you stranded, but an engine failure will, so be grateful you drive a 100 series.

Also, Lexus flat out has the best customer service in the industry and I have dealt with many of the high end manufacturers. You do not have to be a multi-Lexus owner to get good service, Lexus service is First Class all the way.

To the individual who had a transmission failure at 80k miles, there was a bad batch of A343F transmissions for the 2000MY, however Toyota realized this and stopped using that transmission supplier immediately. This problem exists in less than 1 percent of 100 series vehicles. I have never heard of gasket issues on the 2UZ-FE.

25th Dec 2011, 13:22

I will never buy another Lexus. I have put more money into keeping this car running; it only has 112,000 miles, but I've spent a fortune. I thought by getting such a high end vehicle, I would be in good shape. I should have just bought 5 or 6 Hondas.