2001 Lexus RX 300 FWD from North America


Comfortable and reliable luxury SUV!!


The mass air flow Sensor went bad at 92,000 (less than $200 to replace). After subsequent research, I realized that I should have been cleaning the idle air control valve (IACV) and MAF about every 20,000 miles - neither had ever been cleaned until 92,000. Both are relatively easy to clean by yourself at home.

General Comments:

Overall, this SUV has served its purpose well for me over the past two years and nearly 30,000 miles with minimal problems (MAF and IACV). Do not believe the horror stories you read about engine and transmission problems. The majority of RX300s have solid engines and transmissions that will last 150k-200k, provided regular scheduled maintenance is performed on time.

The ride is quiet, smooth (as expected with any Lexus), and it has relatively quick acceleration considering the size of the vehicle (0-60 around eight seconds in my 2WD model).

The seats are comfortable and supportive on long trips - superior in my opinion to the seats in my Infiniti FX35.

Reliability has been excellent in my experience, and I would certainly recommend a used RX300 to anyone.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2008

20th Nov 2008, 11:29

I agree that the RX is a wonderful SUV, but I can state from experience that the engine does have a sludge problem.

My wife owns a 1999 RX300 and she has the oil changed every 3000 miles. At just over 100,000 miles the engine failed due to sludge.

Thankfully Lexus stepped up to the plate and repaired her Lexus even providing a loaner vehicle for the time her's was in the shop.

At over 120,000 miles we have not had a problem with the transmission (and certainly hope that we don't).

We still feel the Lexus is a fantastic SUV, and would certainly buy another.

2001 Lexus RX 300 3.0 from North America


Good car


Replaced the battery and the VSC, track and check engine lights came on. I Googled and found a common problem with a hose behind the air filter that can cause this. Moved the hoses around and the light went out.

General Comments:

Have found this car good. I did own a 1996 Chrysler T/C LXI van that had many more feature comforts than the Lexus, such as passenger controls for AC/heat, passenger seat tilt, automatic door locks, a much better ride than the Lexus, interior lights cut off automatically, front headlights auto cut off. Got this Lexus off of Ebay for a great deal, but I wish Toyota had put some of these nice features on the Lexus.

I am concerned with the comments I have read about the Lexus transmission. I had all fluids replaced after I purchased vehicle. My dealership is rated the best in the USA by Lexus, so I am lucky to have them.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2007

2001 Lexus RX 300 from North America


I cannot believe all I am reading about the transmissions in the RX300's. I had 103,000 miles (3,000 past the extended warranty, of course!) and my transmission died in the middle of Mississippi.

I was on my way to Georgia from Texas and had it towed to the only dealership in the entire state. $4,600 and two weeks later I had a new transmission.

The service center manager was nice, but I am upset that it went out with so few miles. I keep reading about about 99-2000 model years, but has anyone had issues with 2001?

I have called Lexus and it is a complete nightmare. I am beginning to wonder whether I will ever see any money back from them for labor or anything.

What do you guys think?

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Review Date: 26th July, 2007

26th Jul 2007, 16:13

Sorry to say, but I think your money is gone. let us know if they reinburse you though.

22nd Aug 2008, 21:48

We also have a 2001 RX300, it has 100,000 miles. Just in the last few weeks it has started to no respond in reverse. My wife always drives it, she takes it out of reverse and into drive and back, and it will usually move. It is happening more often. Lexus dealers says they have rarely heard about this problem. We do have a private company warranty that covers the cost of repair or replacement and they said we could take to any independent shop or dealer that we choose.

I am very disappointed in this problem because we just love the car. We bought it used, that is why we purchased the warranty thru our credit union. If anyone know how to get Lexus to own up to this, I would like to know.