22nd Dec 2005, 12:35

Not only have I needed to replace the transmission at 115,000 miles, my 99 Lexus electrical system has failed costing me several hundred dollars, the ignition switch needed to be replaced 3 times and there are still some fuses that need to be changed, but I refuse to put more money into this truck. I have maintained this car conscientiously and timely. I have never been more disappointed - Lexus washed their hands of it when I was 2000 miles out of warranty.

2nd Jan 2006, 16:12

I have a 1999 RX300 AWD and had problems with transmission and rear main oil seal leak. I bought this SUV with 25k miles back in Jan 2002.

Transmission problem> Still working, but started having issues at about 45k with gear shifting hesitation Would come and go and seem to be more of a problem when car was not warmed up. At 60k, I had the transmission oil checked (as describe in owner’s manual) during an oil change at a quick oil/lube place. They said it was very dark and recommended an oil power flush. I took it to a mechanic who specializes with Lexus vehicles and he did a drain and re-fill and said it would need it again after 10k miles. I then took it to a local Lexus dealership who said that records showed that at 20k miles, a Lexus mechanic recommended a transmission oil change, but was declined by the 1st owner. The service rep from this local Lexus dealership told me that the '99 and '00 RX300’s are having problems with transmissions. They checked my transmission when they repaired the oil seal leak and they expect it go in the near future. They recommended a power flush to try and salvage some extra miles. Claims of faulty rx300 transmissions are real. Not sure if I should get this done or just do another drain and fill. Claims of faulty rx300 transmissions are real. Sounds like a combination of design flaws, especially a poor filtration system.

3rd Jan 2006, 16:49

I have owned two 1999 Lexus RX300 AWD models. The first transmission went bad at 85,000 miles. The second is now slipping at 89,000 miles. The transmissions are defective either in design or the materials of construction. I do not think it is un-realistic to expect such a high dollar vehicle to have a 'bullet proof' drive train.

12th Jan 2006, 11:30

I too own a 1999 Rx300, I start having problems with the transmission at 75,000 miles. The transmission was rebuilt in November 2005. Today, the transmission went out again.

I agree with the prior comment that Lexus should be held responsible. Apparently, there is a problem with the transmission in this car.

12th Jan 2006, 15:29

You think that transmission is bad. I use to own a Ford Contour and the transmission in that piece of junk went out at 40K miles and ford wanted 3K for a rebuilt transmission. I never bought Ford or domestic since.

18th Jan 2006, 09:13

I have a 99 RX300 AWD and my transmission went out on me this weekend. It's stuck on neutral and won't REVERSE. I have 120K miles on it but didn't expect it to go down like this in an expensive car.

18th Jan 2006, 14:30

All these comments make me scared to look at a used RX300. We currently have a '92 Toyota Camry with 506,000 km (that's just over 300,000 miles) and have never had a problem. The only exception to that would be replacing the CV boots about 3-4 times - minor in comparison to the RX300 comments. We would like to get an AWD product and keep within the Toyota/Lexus family.

Maybe I'll just stick with Toyota products like the Highlander. Any feedback on them that anyone knows of?

19th Jan 2006, 22:00

Houston, TX.

1999 Rx 300's have constant problems with the rear main seal and transmission, but the engine in my opinion is very well built. I have over 100,000 miles and the engine still runs like it was new. Any one interested in a RX300 rally?

25th Jan 2006, 11:06

I also own a 99 Lexus Rx300 sport utility vehicle. I at 91,000 had to put in a new transmission for $5,000.00. I was wondering how to get reimbursed for this of at least part. I also thought I was getting a reliable vehicle. I can't afford to put in another one at 112,000.

2nd Feb 2006, 09:41

I purchased an used RX300 with 118K and so far have only replaced the serpentine belt.

This one rides beautiful and I comfortable. I

I will check with our local dealer to see if it has experienced a transmission issue and put an extended warranty on it to be on the safe side.

Sorry for your issues, but wanted to say thank you for the heads up.

I just recently traded my 1996 ES300 with 175K that ran beautifully until I let Jiffy Lube recommend and do an oil flush, then it started smoking. Lexus said the engine flush activated a pre existing sludge problem causing the car to start smoking. Just a heads up to those who don't know.

3rd Feb 2006, 00:46

I have purchased a used Lexus RX300 and thoroughly enjoy this SUV. After 158000 highway miles and 3 years the transmission just quit. I was a die-hard Lexus fan until this happened. Everything else on the car operates like new and is the most comfortable SUV I have ever owned. It would sure be nice if Lexus would come forward with a rebuilt transmission program at a reasonable price, with the bugs worked out.

Does anyone know where you can get a rebuilt transmission for a reasonable price? I am not feeling too good about spending $5000.00 for a transmission repair that will happen again in the near future.

3rd Mar 2006, 20:40

Generally this type of thing starts a class action suit.

4th Mar 2006, 11:34

I didn't know Hummer owners were filing a class action lawsuit.

4th Mar 2006, 19:39

All you people who have over a 100,000 on your car should not be complaining. My transmission went at 82,000. I talked with my dealer and they told me they would pay half. I took them up on the offer. I paid around 2500.00. I sold the Lexus and went and bought a 2005 MBZ ML500. I wish I would have kept the Lexus. I paid cash for the MBZ and don't want to sell it or trade it in right now for I will loose almost 12,000. It only has about 20,000 miles on it and already is having problems. Brakes, headlights, cd changer, and power windows have all had problems. I went out last week and bought a certified RX330. I would have gone brand new, but the dealer had a certified Bamboo pearl with chrome wheels. It was around 15,000 less than a brand new one. It has 25000 miles. I think I have learned to stick with the Japanese automakers.

9th Mar 2006, 08:04


Is this 'Transmatic' additive recommended by Lexus? Is there any guarantee that it won't mess up the Transmission further. I am willing to try anything that will work to preserve my new trans. I love the SUV otherwise, but I noticed from the beginning that it went into gear strangly with jerking. I even read the book when I bought it brand new and they cover that in there, so I let it warm up and babied it, but it still went out. I have learned my lesson never buy the first two years of a new model of any vehicle even if they are cute. But now I'm afraid to update it to a newer model of Lexus.