22nd Jul 2010, 15:51

I bought a used 99 Lexus RX300 with 119k a few months ago. Reading these reviews has a knot in my stomach, especially since I'm having weird problems with mine. I cannot pull out of my drive way until the car is completely warmed up, or it will not shift into the last gear and I'll be at 60 mph at over 4000 rpms. I've never had this issue with ANY of my past vehicles.

Also, I was driving down the road one day going 40mph, and went to speed up and it wouldn't accelerate, the gas pedal just wasn't doing anything. I pulled over, turned the car off and back on, and have not had that problem again. I called a couple shops and they said it sounds like a temp sensor, and the gas pedal incident could be a automatic pedal position switch???

Help! Has anyone else had these problems? I cannot afford to replace the transmission!

31st Aug 2010, 16:53

I own a 99 RX300 since 5/2003 and have had several problems:

The door operators on all the doors had to be replaced and the dealer charged $2,500.

One of the cylinders out of 6 being bad. I paid $900.

The coolant temperature sensor went, I paid $150 not at dealer.

Two O2 sensors went, I paid $900, not at the dealer.

Oil leak. The dealer wanted $3,000 and I paid $350 at a private mechanic.

One thing is it still runs good at 163000 miles, and I am hesitant to sell as I do not want to waste more than I have already spent.

27th Oct 2010, 18:55

Greetings to all of the other suckers out there. I am the owner of a 99 RX300, and I'm not happy about it. I have owned Toyota from the small to the largest, so I thought another would be OK, wrong. Just to make it short, the same things went wrong with mine as everyone else. I fixed the mode servo myself today, changed oil, and trans oil, and have discovered the front end is now worn out. Oil is again leaking from who knows where, and has all parts covered. The local car dealer won't take it on a trade, unless it is like $500 off a new car. Soooo, I am going to run it until it quits, and call home for a ride, and let the tow truck have it for the bill.

28th Oct 2010, 04:52


For what this SUV cost, it should not have transmission problems! Japan sends us all of their garbage! There have been many, many numerous recalls by Toyota in the past few years, most not publicized. Please buy a domestic instead of letting these foreign companies take your hard earned money!

27th Dec 2010, 12:24

I own a 99 Lexus 300 4 Dr that has 31K miles.

When the engine is cold, the tranny will only work in reverse and 1st and second gear. Within a mile or so, it will shift into all gears and work perfectly until the engine is again cold. Any others with the same problem? What is the problem, and what can I do about it, if anything?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

DM Owens.

16th Jan 2012, 21:49

To all RX300 owners. Yes, the Transmatic transmission additive works. I am not sure that the Lexus dealership will endorse the product, since they would be losing the 5k that it costs to replace the transmission. But what I do know, is that the Lexus dealer that serviced my RX300 could not believe that my transmission was shifting so smoothly, and lasted over 20k miles until I sold the vehicle, and the people that purchased it are still driving it with no problem.

The dealer ordered some of the Transmatic for his Chevy truck that had tranny problems, and it worked on it just as well. It is very simple people... if your transmission is shifting poorly or is not engaging right, you can take it to the dealer and for 5k have it replaced, or before you go to that expense, try Transmatic, it's about 35 bucks a bottle and is guaranteed to work. If not, you get your money back, and then you can take your car to the dealer for a new tranny. Either way, you have nothing to lose.

As always, best of luck...

Barry...now in sunny Sarasota Fl...

31st May 2012, 08:53

I have a 1999 Lexus RX300 with 89,000 miles on it, and the transmission is failing. I have read multiple complaints about the transmissions failing in the 1999 Lexus RX300. I think Lexus ought to own up and repair what is obviously a manufacturing defect in the transmission.

31st May 2012, 16:25

The 99's were designed that way so they would warm up faster. Nothing wrong with your tranny - You can check with a Lexus dealer.

9th Jul 2012, 09:41

I have owned the same one for 12 years. It had 33,000 miles when I bought it. Yes, it will not shift into third until it warms up.

5th Aug 2012, 12:13

I just recently became the owner of a used 1999 Lexus RX300. I put four thousand dollars down, & have paid an additional thousand since I purchased the vehicle barely four months ago, & have still got six thousand to go before I pay it off.

Just a few days ago, my car just stopped moving. The car turns on, but doesn't move forwards or back. I had it towed to a local car repair place, & the mechanic told me that the filter was full of shrapnel. The car moves, but hesitates to work properly. I am told that I have to pay 3000 more to rebuild the transmission, & on top of that, the dealer I bought it from won't take it back or let me out of my lease.

Now after researching the Lexus RX300, I realize it was a mistake on my part to buy one, simply because I was dazzled by the glamour of owning "A Lexus". I wish I never bought this car or believed that owning a Lexus would change my style, because all it is now is a gorgeous pile of lawn furniture!!!

Now back to this product of Transmatic??? I'm curious but skeptical... I mean trying anything over replacing a whole new transmission or rebuilding one is worth trying, but how many of you have actually purchased & tried this product??? Please email me at lorrilisa@yahoo.com to respond. Please from one sucker to another, because chances are if you're reading this now, you're in the same boat I am.

Oh, & I agree Lexus should recall this car, because they should stand behind their products. They definitely lost me for a die hard Lexus fan!!!

26th Dec 2012, 21:11

I too have the same problem. This is the second time changing the filter and fluid, but this time I put the Transmatic fluid in it, but I am afraid to take it out of the garage and hurt anything else, or get stuck with a tow bill. I too owe 5000 on the piece!!!

3rd Jul 2013, 00:43

I am also a 1999 Lexus RX300 sucker. I have had the car only three years, and I have had one problem after another with it.

Oil leaks.

Transmission won't shift properly.

Knock sensors.

Oxygen sensors.

Mass airflow sensors.

Power locks and windows quit working.

Rear hatch quit working as the actuator broke off.

Brake issues.

Broken struts.

Battery voltage issues even in new batteries.

Timing belt.

Water pump.

Lifters ticking.

Engine knock causing limp mode.

I have only owned American made before now. Guess what my next car will be??? Yep, a Ford Taurus. Drove one 15 years, and only had to replace a water pump, brakes and tires in all that time. Gave it to my oldest son when I got this Japanese Junk. It's been nothing but an expensive money pit.

Toyota/Lexus never again. Never again. One was enough.