9th Apr 2016, 23:14

I purchased a used 1999 Lexus RX300 a few years ago. It had close to 80k miles on it.

At around 93k on my way to work one morning, the car seemed to go into neutral; still running, but would not move. I shut it off for ten minutes or so, started it up, and it moved and got me to work. I did some research on this problem and found that this was common, so I took it to my local Lexus dealer; they drained the fluid and cleaned the strainer; it was clogged with pieces of the rubber clutches and it was good for about a month or so till same problem again. The dealer said I should replace the tranny for 5000 bucks... I checked on line for a treatment - I found Transmatic. I called the number in SC, and the guy I spoke with said the slippage I was experiencing comes from the fluid is not getting to the parts to lubricate the tranny properly; he felt Transmatic would help. I ordered it. Added to my tranny as soon as I got it. Right from the moment I took off, the shifting was smoother and the performance was back. I drove that car for another 30k miles, never a problem. When I was back at the Lexus dealer with my wife's IS, the shop manager asked what I did to fix the tranny on my RX. I told him about Transmatic; he ordered some for his truck. This is a true experience; the Transmatic cost 35 dollars and saved me 5k.

Barry Leslie, Retired USN.

10th Aug 2017, 19:36

I purchased a 1999 Lexus RX300 in 2001 with about 80k miles on it, a great vehicle (FWD model).

At around 89k miles I started noticing after the car warmed up the transmission would act like it was in neutral. I had to pull over let cool down, then it was OK for about five miles or so. I took it to our local Lexus dealer; they seemed aware of this problem, and performed their "service". 300 bucks, showed me the clutch shavings that were in the tranny screen, told me it good to go. Right. For about three hundred miles. Haha, same problem.

Took it back to dealer; they said I needed a new tranny. 4500 bucks. I started checking online and found this to be a common problem with the RX300. One person posted they tried the product "Transmatic" and it worked. So I ordered a bottle of it, 35 bucks including shipping. Wow, what a difference from the moment I put my RX in drive there was a distinct difference in the pull of the car. I drove that car for 30k more miles before selling it with no further tranny problems. I have used Transmatic in a number of my cars and friends and family every time with the same results. From what I can tell it gets to the parts of the transmission that regular fluid can't and keeps it lubricated. All I know it worked for me over and over. 35 bucks. Better than 4500. Any day.

Barry Leslie,

Las Cruces NM

21st Feb 2018, 23:03

My Lexus RX 300 would throw a check engine light and not shift into overdrive. Checked the code and it was a knock sensor. Changed out both sensors plus harness and crossover tube (you're already there). Also changed the plugs since it was much easier access with the intake removed. 30,000 miles and still going strong.

Did change an oil control valve. Simple job! Bought Toyota parts online, then my mechanic charged 300 bucks labor. 600 dollars total for a repair that Lexus wanted $1800 for!

Read the forums and buy a scanner. It can save you lots of money!