3rd Jun 2008, 09:13

I have a 2001 RX 300 Lexus. My transmission went out with 150,000 miles on it. They are going to charge me 4,500, to fix it. I don't recommend this kind of car. It is better to buy a GMC model; they run great, the parts are cheaper, and better costumer service. Lexus has done nothing to help me with my problem.

14th Jun 2008, 19:15

Transmission in my 99 RX300 seemed to be having a problem yesterday. Check engine light came on and the shifting seemed kind of erratic. I took it to the dealership and they said it would cost around $4500 to replace. They told me not to waste my time and to get a new car.

22nd Jun 2008, 17:48

Our 2000 all-wheel-drive RX300 transmission just failed at 73 thousand miles. We had all scheduled maintenance performed at our Lexus dealership. Our cost to rebuild is @$4000 from an independent shop, but the warranty is for 5 yrs. rather than the one-year from the dealership. The dealership expressed no interest in helping us since we are out of warranty. A true travesty! We will not purchase from Lexus again, as we were planning to do in 2 years.

25th Jun 2008, 19:55

I'm scared now.

11th Jul 2008, 18:17

I am planning on buying a 2000 RX. I had a preliminary inspection done and I am being told that there is a "drag" on the four wheel drive. Whatever that means. The dealer so far is saying that it might be the knock sensor. I have already given a deposit, so I am a bit scared that I will have an official transmission problem.

27th Jul 2008, 14:49

I bought my 2000 Lexus RX300 brand new. It is the third car for my family, and I only have 52000 miles on it. The transmission started giving me problem 2 days ago. I took it to my mechnics and I was told that I needed to put in a rebuilt transmission for $3800. I will take it to the Lexus dealer next week to see if they would do anything for me. It is out of warranty because of its year, but the mileage is way under the 70,000 miles in the policy. I am quite upset now after reading all this info and learned about this as a design flaw. No transmission should go out at 52000 miles, even a Lexus. (I currently own 2 Lexus.) I am going to the Accura next year if Lexus does not step up to the plate...

9th Oct 2008, 19:22

I too bought a 2000 RX300 in 2002 and am having problems with my transmission. Also hearing a whining sound. I have to replace my knock sensor, but hesitant because I already spent a good amount replacing the seal because of oil leak. If I replace the knock sensor, will that improve the condition of my transmission or will I still end up replacing my transmission anyway? I really am afraid to put money into this car if it's going to die on me.


20th Oct 2008, 19:52

99 Lexus RX 300, the transmission was changed with a rebuilt one at 90,000 miles, now seems it needs a rebuilt one at 120000.

What a waste.

17th Nov 2008, 11:50

I own a 2000 RX300 (built in 1999). I have had all of the same problems I have read about here. I had the rear main seal replaced, the cam seal replaced, the knock sensors replaced, and now I have been told I have engine sludge and need a new transmission. I have 98K miles on it and have religiously done the oil changes with synthetic blend or full synthetic oil. The dealership is waiting to talk to the lexus rep today, but I have a feeling that if they do anything, they will only help out with the sludge because of the class action law suit. My car is one year outside the 8 year limit on the law suit.

27th Dec 2008, 19:37

Thanks a lot for this forum. We just bought a 1999 Lexus RX300 at 73000 miles on it. So far no problem. It's still running smoothly. It is now at 76000 miles. (just serviced from Lexus dealer).

I just read this forum. Would someone give me some tips regarding these transmission issues? I don't want to be in the middle of the road with my family.

One more thing, what is this knock sensor all about? It has something to do with tranny?

Thank you for this forum. Hope to hear from you guys!

17th Feb 2009, 13:42

Join a forum like clublexus.com to get some real advice. The opinions here are too biased.

I just purchased a 99 RX300 with 68K on the odo. I'll post back here if/when there are problems.

Change your transmission fluid at least every 30K, and you'll be fine.

8th Mar 2009, 07:15

As to the last comment... yes they're biased, but, if they're true, Lexus does indeed have a problem. We've been driving a '99 RX300 for 9 years. 3 years ago we made a choice - either build a new home or buy a couple of new cars. Went with the home and have no regrets. That being said, the transmission went out with 135K miles on it. Same symptoms as all of the above - wouldn't move when put in reverse (2 times), heavy slipping, and finally-would hardly move at all. Pulled off I75 in Bradenton and coasted into a Tuffy muffler shop - he recommended Aamco, took a $40 cab ride home, they came and got it the next morning, and now, almost 2 weeks later, they are waiting on the infamous "planetary gear" which is being rebuilt somewhere in Pennsylvania. If and when we get it back this Tues or Wed, bill is supposed to be $5,200.00 with a lifetime warranty. Hard pill to swallow, but first and only problem we've had with the car. Stay tuned - will update if anything changes.

8th Aug 2009, 13:52

Have a 1999 RX300 that I purchased new in 1998. Just turned 153,000 miles. Just noticed some slippage in tranny. Toyota Service Mgr, a friend, told me to bring in and they will do a flush. Something about a screen gets clogged and will cause tranny to slip. Otherwise, it has been an excellent vehicle.

We purchased a 2005 RX in 2005. Reading these comments gets depressing. First negative thing, other than cost, I have heard.

14th Aug 2009, 15:27

Second owner in 2001 of a 2000 RX300 and transmission reverse gear failed April 2008. Paid the $1,740 labor while Lexus paid the hardware bill. Noted during first month of rebuilt tranny that shifting was problematic, stiff and delayed. Began hearing a high pitched whining noise 10 months and 6,000 miles into the rebuilt tranny, and had the dealer document our tranny concerns prior to the expiration of the one-year warranty end of April 2009.

Whining noise became louder, particularly when cold. Vehicle began slipping its clutch at cruise, 50 mph on the parkway and suddenly the rpms go to 4,000, hang there a bit and then trend back down to 3,000 and eventually 2,300 normal. Rather than risk getting marooned in the 60 miles of no cell coverage on the trip to the dealer, had the vehicle trucked on flatbed 126 miles, where my cost over the GE club 100 mile limit is $130.

We are waiting to hear from the dealer and hope that with the documentation on our file, Lexus will honor the one year warranty. I don't expect resolution to be easy or quick in this issue, insofar as so much expense is on the table.