23rd Mar 2012, 08:53

That's great! Did you program it yourself? Did you still have a working Master Key when you did that?


2nd May 2012, 16:51

2005 Lexus RX330. Key fob broke one month after the warranty ended. The dealer refused to give me a new key. They said I would have to pay $280.00 for a new fob. Just one month ago, my other key fob broke. At least I was able to tape this one back together. Their customer service is terrible. I will never buy another Lexus.

I have a 1994 Chevy G20 full conversion van. Both key fobs still work perfectly. I also have a 2000 Lincoln LS. Both of those key fobs work perfectly. I say... don't buy a Lexus... if they won't even stand behind a cheap key, they won't stand behind anything!

29th May 2012, 13:12

Wow, that is a lot of money. I bought my 2000 RX300 used, and it only came with one master. I had to pay over 300 for another master and a valet. Today, one of my masters broke, so until I save some money, I am glad that I did get the 2nd master. I read online, not to superglue; it could mess up the insides. I also read online different ways to do it without gluing on the inside.

All in all, it has been an excellent car, even though it is now 12 years old (I have had it since 2004).

2nd Sep 2012, 14:06

Just wait til the transmission goes out. We bought our 2000 RX300 used, Turns out we made an excellent purchase. Took it to the dealership for an oil change, and it turns out that our "new" Lexus was serviced there by the previous owners who bought it new. We thought that was GREAT. Took a short vacation, and about a month later, transmission problems. Cost about $2000.

Now we are having an ignition lock cylinder issue. It is stuck in "ACC" position and the key will not turn. The key will come out, but will not turn the ignition. $322, just for parts. Starting to hate this vehicle.

Good luck with yours. Check "common" problems. Engine sludge is another issue, door lock actuators too. All VERY expensive to repair. Take good care of your Lexi.

2nd Dec 2012, 04:14

If you would have done a Google search, you could have fixed this with a small screwdriver and small hammer. Granted, a pain, but a cheap fix nonetheless.

18th Sep 2014, 02:07

I agree. My key came apart on my 2001 RX 300/LTD last week and I lost the fob. The car would not move. Towed to a Lexus dealer. The cost for 2 keys was $500.00, and the total bill was $841.99. Picked up the truck, got home, remote does not lock doors, or set the alarm; nothing.

Everything worked before I lost the fob. The dealer says the door locks are broke. No one told me anything. If this was true, no one told me. This is bad business!