1993 Lexus SC 400 4.0 from North America


Unbelievable piece of machinery. It's a work of art


Nothing, apart from replacing the rear shocks.

General Comments:

One of the most sexiest looking cars to drive and look at on the road today. I still cannot believe I own it!

I have chrome wheels, which make it look so much better. People don't believe me when I tell them how much I paid for it ($3800).

The paint is unmarked, apart from a little rust around the rear L badge.

It's so comfortable and smooth to drive. I hope I never have to sell it!!

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Review Date: 16th February, 2012

9th Oct 2012, 21:01

I sold it a few months ago. The fuel consumption was killing me, since I only really drove it around town. One of the best cars I've owned though, and a real head turner!

1993 Lexus SC 400 from North America


The best Lexus made. Not as much gadgety, just a solid, reliable performer


Shocks went bad at 200000.

Air conditioning had upgraded to standard.

Lights in air conditioning, bought LED for 25 dollars, soldered myself, works perfect.

Put in new trunk shocks, so the trunk stays up at 200000 miles.

Replaced timing belt twice.

Serpentine belt.

Re-leathered seat once.

Lights in the cluster went out, replaced once, starting to flicker again.

General Comments:

I own a CL600 twin turbo, a CL500, and an SL500, and this Lexus is the most reliable car ever. Does not leak a drop of oil.

Engine still sounds electric, it's so quiet.

Simply unbelievable reliability.

Runs like a charm.

Suspension getting a little worn, but that's it.

Everything but the cigarette lighter works; a penny fell in and shorted it out.

Over 450000 miles, true story.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2011

1993 Lexus SC 400 from North America


Great car, reliable and a good performer


Rear speed sensor (relating to traction control system) replaced (blinking O/D dash light).

Driver side door window motor replaced.

Hose to heater core leaking and replaced at 25,000 miles.

Leaking radiator replaced at 120,000 miles (interestingly the main coolant hoses on the car are original and still in good condition).

Rear speakers (Nakamichi system) failed and replaced.

Front lower control arm rear bushings worn out and replaced, along with front struts at 132,000 miles--handling now like new again.

Leaking gasket around coolant level sensor (in the coolant reservoir) replaced long ago--Lexus said whole sensor needed replacing and it was expensive ($300?!?!)

Rear transmission housing leaking fluid and fixed about 110,000 miles.

Some dash lights (needles and background) going out intermittently.

Antenna mast not working but motor still functioning; will be attempting replacement of mast.

Cornering light burnt out.

Steering rack leaking fluid and replaced with rebuilt unit about 80,000 miles, no further steering problems since.

One of the front brake calipers was leaking fluid and required replacement at about 115,000 miles.

Head gasket leaking and replaced at 90,000 miles.

General Comments:

An elegant and luxurious car, and well behaved even up to 130 MPH, which I managed on Montana highways back in the good old days.

I've had this car for over 13 years and been happy with it the whole time. It's had its issues as documented but all in all it's reliable, comfortable and performs well.

Gas mileage is not bad for a V-8; 27 mpg on long highway trips.

Will be keeping this car for the foreseeable future.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2008

26th Jul 2009, 22:19

I have wanted this car since 1993. I finally got one and boy was it worth the wait. I bought it for a little of nothing from a friend who had it sitting up in a driveway dusty with spider webs all on it. Guess what? I put new tires on it and now I'm riding in the fast lane.

My boy who previously owned it drove it and kept it up. He also took the cat converters off so it really runs hard like a champ.

Currently I am noticing that the front A-arms need replacing. I need freon and front springs. I had to get a new Air Idle Control (by the way those things are tricky), but other than that the 1993 Lexus SC400 is a champion.

It is clear that LEXUS is out to dismantle Mercedes and BMW by making cars just as good if not better for a fraction of the cost.

Sincerely, a very satisfied Lexus Coupe owner.

26th Oct 2010, 15:37

I have a 1992 and have had EXACTLY the same problems; very few however were expensive. I now need that coolant reservoir with sensor and can't seem to find one.