1994 Lincoln Continental Executive Series 3.8L from North America


A luxury liner on wheels!


I have had the car less than a month and already have experienced some trouble. The car is a one owner and in very stable condition. Minor problems included the fact that the blower on the air conditioning has failed.

Also, windows on the driver, and right passenger sides have come off track. These are minor repairs and usual of cars that have the extra amenities that are used more than often, just because they are there.

Just recently I had the water pump to expire and the system overheated causing the heads to warp. I could have had the heads reworked for a significant amount cheaper, but in view of it all I decided to have a new engine installed. This way I know what I am working with.

Also, the leather seats on the front leg rest are begining to show their age and I am currently investigating ways to have them repaired without replacement.

General Comments:

This car is the essence of luxury! It reeks of style with refined elegance and just a hint of of the attitude found in a sports car.

The cabin is drenched in leather, (wine berry colored), trimmed in birds eye maple wood, power seating and power windows. Everything, but the chauffier!

The air suspension, although costly at times, is amazing! Bump? What bump? You actually feel as if your riding on clouds of comfort. I can literally pass mile after mile of road and feel the same as I did when I first sat in the car. On my trips back home to New Orleans, the roads there are ferocious! Bumps every three inches or so. I thought I was some where besides Louisiana! Bumps? What bumps?

The car it's self drives like a sports car. Handling is spectacular while the motor powerful! The hum of the mighty engine slipping from 0-60 in no time flat while you casually sip your morning coffee not knowing the change of atmosphere!

All and all, a luxury liner on wheels!

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Review Date: 25th October, 2004

7th Jan 2005, 09:29

Needed a new engine after less than a month ater he bought it?

Wonder how he feels about it now?

30th May 2008, 12:42

He bought it ten years old.

1994 Lincoln Continental 3.8 V6 from North America


A good looking and riding luxury car with some unreliability issues


The Air suspension failed immediately after purchase (used). The suspension was replaced with a new hydraulic system from a major aftermarket supplier at reasonable cost. Air suspension is a known weak area with Lincolns so this fix is recommended for cost, handling and reliability.

No trouble with head gaskets, transmission was done by previous owner.

Transmission (rebuilt) seals failed and were replaced. This requires removal from the car and is expensive.

General Comments:

Car is only adequately powered for it's size at 160 Horsepower. Highway fuel economy is excellent, not so good around town.

This car is very quiet and a superb highway car for comfort and ride. With the new suspension it outcorners some BMW's. All tune up and service parts are Ford stock items and not expensive.

I love it's classic appearance, leather interior and room for friends and family. I also get lots of use from the trip computer.

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2004

1st Mar 2005, 16:47

They failed immediately because used car dealers temporarily repair bad bags with fix a flat!!!

1994 Lincoln Continental Signature Series V6 from North America


Stay away, stay far away!


What has not gone wrong. Lets start at the front & work our way towards the rear.

AC compressor seized up.


Ball joints.

Radio would just shut off by its self.

Digital dash must have had a loose connection as half of it would just go dim & I would have to bang on the dash for it to lighten up.

Power window motors in front windows very slow.

Drivers side window kept falling off the track & I had to replace everything in the door.

Passenger side power seat motor was weak & very slow to move.

Transmission was starting to bang in reverse & shift slow in the cold weather.

The air suspension would loose air when the car was parked over night & the rear end would be sagging.

The power lock on the drivers back door did not work it just made a strange noise.

The rear brake pads wore out with no warning & I had to replace the rotors.

Its been almost a year since I traded this back in where I bought it I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot.

General Comments:

This was a great looking vehicle, with good power and decent gas mileage. However I have never had so many problems with a vehicle. Don't buy one, don't take it as a gift, don't even think about it. You will be sorry.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2002

24th Jan 2004, 15:21

A friend of mine bought a new Chevy Impala, loved it and had no problems with it.

I bought one just like his and had endless problems.

I now have a 96 Lincoln 32v 4.6, 83,000 miles on it when I bought it and have put about 10,000 more on it since and have had no problems at all.

What happened to you is probably what happened to me with the Chevy. I think some slip by for what-ever reason. Sorry you had the problems. I've not seen a bad one yet myself.