23rd Mar 2004, 13:24

Sorry about your bad luck!!! My Lincoln Cont. / Sig. is a '94 with 312 thousand highway miles. This car has every option available at the time except the CD player (tape only). The only thing I have had to replace are routine Maint. Items / The drivers door power window twice and the "BUT" portion of the leather seats. Oh yeah, the windshield from road pitting. I repeat / I'm sorry about your luck, but "I LOVE MY LINCOLN"~~~~~

Frank Galor

Freeport, Illinois.

14th Aug 2004, 20:27

Sorry for the hard luck with the car. I have a '94 Continental and it's been pretty good. It has 85,000 miles and is in relatively good condition. I've done the usual replacement stuff, all four air struts (done myself, after market from http://www.arnottindustries.com, good prices!), rear brakes, etc...

Although I'm having trouble with the engine now. I'm having to pull the crankshaft and get it machined. One of the rod bearings keeps going out, yet the others are fine and not getting loose. Removing the crankshaft is a pain I don't want to go through again!

14th Sep 2004, 08:58


I also own the 94, a good looking car it is, I have had to replace just about everything. just yesterday the air struts went out now my car is scraping pavement. also the passenger side window went out, I had to manually lift the window back into place. on this day also we were replacing the lower-control arm. radiator, calipers, brake-pads, rotors, brakelines... and the sunroof no longer functions. oh yeah, the rear drivers side window has never worked since day one. it all started with a full tuneup. I purchased the car out of granny's garage, I hope that granny did not have this many problems. I now have close to $2000 in this car that I purchased for $1500 and I have the feeling that it is not going to end there...


5th Dec 2004, 17:54

I have a 94 signature Lincoln that I bought with 79000 miles on it. I have replaced the thermostat 3 air bags on the shocks 2 in back and 1 up front. Awater pump, front cover, air flow sensor, main belt in engine, and now ios idling rough and rocking back and forth at stoplights! It now has 134000 miles on it. I am afraid to see whats wrong now! But all the power things inside car work great!

4th Feb 2005, 12:06

I have a 1993 Lincoln Continental Sigunature that has given me a WORLD of problems. Less than a month after I purchased the car I had to replace the head gasket. 2 months later the air shocks went out in the front. I have since had to replace the passenger shock again. It has also had a new starter, 2 gas filters, a new battery, motor mount, and now it is leaking transmission fluid from the cracked transmision housing. The transmission housing is literally cracking apart at the seams. All maintenance is definitely performed on this car. It also has all sorts of odd electrical problems. Sometimes the oil pressure gage starts beeping and says that there is no oil pressure. However, I have had it checked and the oil pressure is fine. Sometimes, the temperature gage goes crazy too. It will have 2 bars on hot and 2 bars on cold. Half of the instrument panel went dim. The small motor in the trunk that lowers it once it is latched also burned up. The windows have also become extremely slow. When this car does run it is very smooth and comfortable. However, it is very hard to find a mechanic that will even look at mine. Every mechanic I have spoken to has told me that these cars are very unreliable. However, I can only account for my vehicle. Be very careful purchasing these cars. They take lots of time, care, and $$$$$$$$$$$$!

15th Jun 2006, 19:14

I just bought a 1992 lincoln continental, got it really cheap from the dealer wholesale lot. the car itself is in good shape someone fixed the air shock with regular shocks. the power stuff all works.. runs good for an old car with 167,000 but I'm sure someone has done some work to it. the dash blows fuses so the digital cluster goes out. but then it will come back on, I know that everyone says to stay away from these cars. but if the air ride is fixed and the little stuff is fixed then it should run OK. I think I got a good deal since I only paid 100.00 for it. I love the way the car looks.. looking to restore it.. thanks again good luck.

27th Jun 2006, 12:07

I bought a 94 Lincoln from a friend of mine, sweet lady who loved this car, but couldn't afford it any more. I bought it for 1500 for my son, I thought "what a bargain"! Well, the car was running pretty good once I changed out some fuses and the O2 sensors until the air ride failed in the front end. I got a low rider that scrapes the front tires now. The dealer said the compressor is bad and both front struts are bad, only cost me 1800 to get them fixed. Wow! I'm not going to spend more than the car is worth. I'll be using a complete conversion kit to replace out the air ride, then start looking for another car for him, maybe a little newer. I can't really complain about buying it from my friend since she explained that it was costing her some money to keep it going. Just thought I'd share some advise about these cars. If you think your getting a deal too good to be true, its proablly not.

28th Jun 2006, 15:46

I would rather buy a new Lincoln with payments probably not be worse off then these endless high cost repairs over an annual basis. I think people get caught up with a very cheap luxury car and then scramble for endless repairs and downtime.

14th Jan 2007, 07:52

I got a 94 Continental Signature and it is by far the classiest car I've ever owned.

The problems, well I've replaced the whole engine at 70000, wiper motor, brakes, rotors.

A mechanic said the air ride is going out, so I'm looking at like 600 for a spring conversion kit, but skeptical on how it will ride. If you have a spring conversion kit, let me know how it rides compared to the air ride.

I know I need to get rid of it, but I love this car way too much.

19th Jan 2007, 13:00

I don't understand how you can love a car with a blown engine @ 70k.

8th Feb 2007, 13:16

I own a 96 Lincoln Continental and since I am not a Ford fan it says a lot that I've had and kept this car since new. I usually have bad luck with Ford Products.

I'm in the process of changing out Low Ball Joints on this car and could use any pointers and advice to make sure I do the job right the first time. This car has given me very little problem since new an changing a part or two now after 130,000 miles doesn't seem bad.

I will also be removing the Air Ride system later this spring and replacing with new front springs and struts all around. Again if anyone out there has already done this transition I'd welcome any feedback and advice on the process and the results.