30th Jun 2008, 13:48

I have a 92 Continental. The dash problems can usually be fixed by removing the dash and re-soldering the pin on the board. The plugs pull and loosen the pins. I had problems with my oil pressure, DCL, temp, fuel, and it continually beeped. All fixed with a little solder.


30th Aug 2008, 05:23

Just bought a 1992 Lincoln Continental Signature with 192000kms at an auction. Never winter driven, kept in a heated garage, air suspension has been replaced with struts, passenger window does not work, power steering pump has issues, although these are minor problems that I will fix myself.

It's a great family car, used mainly hwy. driving, I put 50-60000kms on my cars a year, for $925 if it lasts 2 years I am happy.

6th Oct 2008, 11:34

Well I bought a 1991 Lincoln Continental.. it had 125,000 miles and I paid $600 for it. It already had blown head gaskets. Fixed that, and now there's a nice "KLUNKIN" sound in the right front end... my Check DCL light chimes at me once in a while.. just need to clean the contacts on the display..

Other than that, it's a great car. Rides nice, and before I bought it, it had done to it: rebuilt transmission, all 4 brand new air rides, both CV shafts replaced, and a bit more to the front end.

7th Oct 2008, 19:46

Please explain to my husband and I (who are not good at fixing cars) how to stop that constant beeping! We just want it to stop - cheaply! We are hoping we can do it ourselves to save money, not to mention, you can't find anyone to do it for you. It has been going on for 2 years... going crazy. Where is the place that was mentioned above where you just "unplug the chime under the radio". Sounds too easy to be true. Please give us step by step instructions if you could! Email us at mke1031@yahoo.com!!!

28th Oct 2008, 21:22

I have a 94 Continental. I love it. Had problems with the air ride... got tired of it so I replaced it with standard strut assemblies ($500 from strutmasters.com, who also sell parts for the air ride too). My DCL won't shut up... still trying to fix that. Cleaned it once (and it was silent for a little while), gonna try cleaning it again.

Only problem I can't figure out is why the blower motor won't shut off when the car is running. (stays on high all the time also). Did notice the fuse for the blower motor is starting to melt a bit. Any suggestions? Email me at froggyknh81@mchsi.com.


11th Dec 2008, 04:58

Well, I am another owner. I have had water pump, alternator, battery, radiator, fuel pump, ignition modular, rotors, brakes, tie rod ends, wiring, transmission, tires and a lot more. I have put almost $7,000 into this $1,000 car.

Last year it was parked more than driven. But I am so far in it, there is no turning back.

I now need a window regulator, mass air flow and speed sensor. Oh and don't forget the wheel bearings. That's hopefully it.

It's good to have a good mechanic that knows what he is doing. A lot of work was done by a mechanic I know, so I saved a lot of money in labor.

I still love the car although it does not have air suspension (the previous owner converted it), it rides not bad. You need a lot of patience and money to keep this car. I have none of that.

If you are gonna buy this car, I say "No," unless you want to break down a lot and you have a lot of money to play with.

Real quick, I noticed that the wiring to the alternator is not good. I went through 4 alternators this year. I finally found out which wire was blowing my alternators. It is trial and error with this car.

22nd May 2009, 19:32

I really like this car. I always wanted one. Now I need some shocks or struts. That is the most costly thing I may have to replace but first I will try the Air Suspension Compressor. Strutmasters.com says there may be leaks from the springs or other place, so replacing the compressor may just work for a while. Or get it changed to non passive. After I see that it works with the compressor, I may trade it off if I can.

The DCL light warning comes on all the time. I have got used to it as well as the false low oil warning. I just don't know what will go wrong with this car next. It is a nice comfortable ride, and everything else seems to work right. I have had the radiator fixed. Had I have talked to one of my friends before I bought the car, it is hard to say whether I would have bought it or not. They told me it would be expensive to fix. I did here the noise the first time I tested the car, but I got tired of looking for a car and could not afford a new car. Still again when I can afford a newer car, I just may replace it, but it is so nice, other than the back barely scrapping the pavement.

If you can afford to get it fixed, keep it. Still those that I've met that had one, do have more negative things to say about the 94 Continental. It's beautiful.

If you can tell me how to get the noise to stop, or if it is best to replace with non air passive struts, let me know. l7nj2@sbcglobal.net

19th Feb 2010, 12:50

I own a 1994 Continental Signature.

Thank goodness I didn't/don't have MOTOR problems, but I had minor issues around the motor.

Replaced all four airbags (2 at a time) front: $850, rear $500, both at auto shops.

Driver side window goes down slow, but a little window grease and it drops down like it's shot, and lifts up fine like wine.

Wipers/turn signal switch messed up. Got to turn the signal on (left or right) for the washer fluid to come on, or for the intermediate use of the wipers unless on low or high.

Heat/AC transmission is great. But, the oil chimer and the DCL chimer is a pain. How can I turn it off or take it out. It comes on at the most random time.

Other than that, I love my Continental at 148,000 miles.

28th Feb 2010, 17:28

I received a 1994 Lincoln Continental Signature for $75.00. The car was in great shape. Needed shocks, got them from Strutmasters for 500.00, spring shocks and the exhaust from cat back from Ebay, Walker exhaust for 305.00.

The car has 87,157 miles on it, runs great, everything works. Put the shocks and exhaust in myself. The car has been on the road for three months now, and still going strong. I will keep you informed if something happens.

4th Apr 2010, 02:46

I have the Lincoln Continental too. It's a 1991 Executive Series... I got it a 101,000 miles from my grandma, and right now it's a 111,097...

Since I have had this car, I replaced the air suspension to regular shocks and struts.. two front axles, the oxygen sensors, the wheel bearings, the calipers all 4.. brake pads, new tires, alignment, the motor mounts, the harmonic balancer, the serpentine, A/C compressor.

I got new headlight lenses and they look brand new, and I got it painted metallic black and I got the tail lights smoked.. it used to be light blue.

I'm still going to fix it up more because I really like it. What annoys me is the oil and the DCL light always blinking and chiming.

This car cost a lot to keep, because it constantly needs something.. but other than that, it is a smooth ride!!!...