28th Dec 2012, 16:34

Actually the newer Tacomas aren't so "compact" if you've seen one in person. They're pretty roomy inside too.

That comment was pretty on topic though aside from the Tacoma stuff; you should read it some time.

28th Dec 2012, 16:39

Unlike a Tacoma, a Town Car actually has what amounts to a frame underneath, and not toothpicks. And unlike a Tacoma, I haven't seen any Town Cars break in half.

28th Dec 2012, 16:53

My nephew is currently the designated caretaker of our family's 58 year old Pontiac. The car is original except for the paint. The body is flawless without a spec of rust. The interior is totally original and unrestored (seats were covered with after-market covers in 1957 to protect the original upholstery).

If properly cared for, older cars will last an incredibly long time. At a local car show last summer I talked with an elderly gentleman who had a totally original (except for the seat coverings) unrestored 1925 Ford. It had the original black paint, which was of course, a bit faded. His grandfather had bought the car new in 1925. The car still ran well and was driven to the show. That is really amazing.

28th Dec 2012, 18:13

Thank you 8:36, I don't think any of us are interested in this gentleman's Tacoma or his brother's Avalon, or even his '55 Mercury that must be in the Book of Records for being the longest passenger car.

Back on topic, I agree with a previous poster that the Town Car seemed to be cheapened up over the years and the ride became a lot less "supple". I test drove a new one in 2010 and I found that my 2005 Park Avenue had options on it that were not even available on the new Lincoln, and it rode more smoothly. I ended up going with a Lucerne that was about $16-17 K less that rode just as good and had nice features like a sunroof and back-up sensors that the Town Car did not offer. I had that car for 10 months and decided I didn't like it either.

I am now leasing an Enclave, which I like, but still miss my Park Avenue. I wish Detroit still made "real" American cars instead of these new wannabe imports.

29th Dec 2012, 06:48

For someone to come on a 70s full size domestic car review, commenting on a mini import Toyota pickup, baffles the mind.

Lastly, the '55 Mercury, was it inherited, as it seems you hate domestics of all makes and years?

If you have had one new Toyota for 20 years, how can you even begin to comment on any new domestics within the past 5 years? I have owned both new import and domestic models in this time frame. I feel my comments are more based on real life experience. Note these were one owner purchased new. Not old hand me downs with a new vehicle purchased afterwards.

29th Dec 2012, 10:47

I did read it, along with many others who agree it's off topic, and are getting ticked off.

By the way, the Tacoma they own is a 96 model. It wasn't until a few years ago (newer ones) that they had "roomy" crew cabs. I know because I have seen them "in person!".

29th Dec 2012, 12:20

"Lastly, the '55 Mercury, was it inherited, as it seems you hate domestics of all makes and years?"

When did that poster ever imply that he hates domestic cars?

29th Dec 2012, 17:13

I must defend the right of the Tacoma owner to comment on any site he chooses. There is no rule that we have to own the car being reviewed, and everyone is entitled to express their opinion and offer whatever facts and observations they feel support their statements.

With that said, I must agree that owning one well-built imported truck from two decades ago does not make one an authority on either domestic or imported vehicles. Even Toyota officials have conceded that the quality of their vehicles has dropped over the past decade.

I have owned and driven both imports and domestics over many years, and I have seen nothing to convince me that imports are, or ever were, superior in any way to domestic vehicles. There is most definitely no comparison between a rugged and solidly built land yacht like the 1978 Lincoln and ANY import, including Mercedes or BMW (both of which my family had owned in addition to Lincoln Town Cars). No vehicle short of a Bentley or Rolls Royce compares to the old Lincolns in pure decadent luxury.

30th Dec 2012, 08:53

Has anyone yet to hear any positive comment on the 55 Mercury? It has been owned for 20 years. There must be something to keep it so long. In each and every comment involving it, you see the pollution, frame, safety issues and so on. And praise over the Toyota that they had since new. I don't get it. I have worked extremely hard for my cars. Open the door and see a 50s classic that you bought; there has to be some appreciation. Or is it an obligation on a car never appreciated?

My cousin got a beautiful Challenger that he got for college graduation in the early 70s. He still owns it today. His dad has passed. He has a passion and it's more pronounced today. Maybe warm fuzzy feelings are not bad. The problem is the temptation comes up many times with the family and economy to sell. The car is very valuable today. It is a great car to drive and take to shows. I applaud people who keep their cars.

I have a friend with a GTX he has had since he was 17, and he's now in his 50s. I never hear about crash tests and pollution levels. It would be truly nice to hear why this 55 was kept and some positive comments on it. Am I alone in this thought? I agree it's not a Toyota at least.

30th Dec 2012, 16:49

That's not what I meant. His comments are like a cat owner bragging about his experiences on a German Shepard thread. The bottom line, his comments are increasingly irrelevant to the main topic at hand. The other thing that gets me is that he talks down to us like we're idiots. Does such a person deserve defending?

31st Dec 2012, 08:39

Go over to the Toyota threads with over 250 comments.

31st Dec 2012, 10:24

My issue as well. It's one thing to critique specific models with valid ownership experiences. Where it becomes negative and a put down, is when we hear his comments such as good ole boys, big honkin' trucks, warm fuzzy feelings and the like in the case of domestics. If someone honestly works blue collar or not, that is uncalled for. I am willing to go from a white shirt to getting my hands dirty in the course of the day.

I have owned imports and currently have new domestics. This is a 30 year old plus Lincoln review. The last thing I want to read is a vehicle so far apart in similarity. It's one thing to not care for a specific model. Where it's unacceptable is when you put down who owns one. For whatever reason, some feel there is some sort of cachet with owning an import, however basic. Sometimes people need to put others down to bring themselves up. I hope it remain on topic. A full size luxury domestic car.