24th Jul 2007, 21:26

2001 Lincoln LS Sport V6 with 157,000 miles...

Yes there is some hope... my LS looks so good my son calls it a monument! I purchased the car new.

I have had the normal issues, rear window regulators- first month I owned the car, tires, spark plugs at 100k, and am on my fourth set of brakes.

At 156,500 the plastic water expansion tank cracked and the car overheated. Hopefully this is not, but I know better, a sign of things to come. However the car has and still is a great machine and has been a pleasure - I guess I was pretty lucky.

Just thought I'd share with everyone...

28th Jul 2007, 09:44

Lincoln LS 2000 (Ford/Lincoln = awful expensive experience) this car looks good, but issues with the passenger side window regulator, it just dropped into the slot.

Other problems; airbag lights came on, transmission problems, a/c problems blows hot air, constant oil burning smell coming into the car, replaced that t-tronic part - never used this cuz I am afraid it will break, and sure enough it broke anyway.

Overall, it looks great, but it's a money pit. DO NOT BUY THIS CAR. Just check this forum; the list goes on and on with negatives on this car... awful awful awful..

28th Jul 2007, 10:16

Own a 2002 LS - thankfully, no where near the problems that many have indicated here. It seems the 2000s were very problematic.

Only problem on mine that is recurring is the air bag indicator light is on now. My mechanic says there is a wire in the steer wheel that is likely broken. If I don't mind the light and the possibility of the airbag not functioning, it's not worth the repair.

Minor problems aside, I have driven the car up and down the coast of CA. Let me tell you, the car has been completely reliable. I'm glad to know that other drivers out there have had theirs up to 130 mph, too. No lights bells or whistles went off when I reached that speed, but my mind and body were a little overwhelmed, so I backed off.

Other than attracting CHP for minor speeding infractions, the car has been a real jewel. Plus, I bought it used w/17K miles, so saved $20K from the sticker.

Anyone interested in an extremely well maintained 2002 LS w/under 100K miles? Send me a note: craigsnider@yahoo.com.


1st Aug 2007, 23:49

What a nightmare!

I've had my 2000 Lincoln LS for just over a year, and though I have not had any of the window problems everyone seems to be talking about. I have had many of the coil, spark plug, and brake problems. I bought this car used with 50,000 miles on it. I've put about 20,000 miles on it in a year and a half. I've spent roughly $3000 dollars on miscellaneous problems that everyone else has mentioned. I can feel my A. C blowing infrequent gusts of cold air, so that's probably about to go. Also, the windows do seem to be weakening as well. I actually stumbled onto this site while researching why my airbag light is flashing then staying on. Probably have to drop another grand or so on that. The only fun I've had since I bought this car has been reading everyones postings, and seeing everyone else is going through the same problems. At least I'm not the only one, and I am so down for a class action lawsuit. Please let me know of any updates:connorappraiser@aol.com thanks.

6th Aug 2007, 05:56

2002 Lincoln LS V8 88,000 miles. This car has been up and down and across the country many times over. The ONLY problem I had was a bad thermostat. I read a comment in here about it being a slow vehicle, well he must use crappy gas or something. I put on a magnaflow exhaust and a cold air intake. That lets the car breath excellent. I have never lost to a mustang gt. The exhaust note coming out of the mufflers when I get on it is sick. I did have the exhaust done without the resonators they are just extra weight and restrict the exhaust. I live in Tucson and when I drive to San Diego I get 30.3 mpg if I stay under 90. I had the car up to 140 mph no shakes or shimmy's. Maybe I got lucky I don't know, but I love this car and plan on buying another the 2006 since it was the last year of production. I also have an 2004 LS V8 11,000 no problems in that one either, but maybe time will tell. By the way I really don't like ford products, but the 2 LS's that I have are great.

17th Aug 2007, 04:56

I have a 2002 LS Sport with the SST shift and 65k and I love it, only problem I'm having now is my Check Engine light is on. I think my O2 sensor is bad cause I let someone drive my car and they put cheap gas in it. It was misfiring and running rough so I put some octane booster in it and high octane gas and now its running better, but my check engine light is still on. When I get on the high it sputters a little.

I love the car, I have a little fogging of my left head light, but its not bad yet. Besides that it has 15% window tint, 7inch flip out dvd/radio in the dash. 3 kicker 10" in the trunk with a 2000 watt amp.

Any help on the O2 sensor?

9th Sep 2007, 20:05

Just bought an 04 LS with 24k miles on it. Car looks sharp & drives well so I buy it. Next day, got this big winding noise coming from under the hood. Gets real bad when I turn. Gets worse when I turn real sharp (like pulling into a parking spot). So I figure the power steering pump. Pop the hood, look at the pump and follow the line up to the reservoir to find the power steering fluid bubbling (or boiling?). Now is that normal??? lol. Probably gonna return the car since it's within the 3-day money back guarantee thing.

12th Sep 2007, 13:33

My wife and I purchased a 2001 LS V6 in 2003 with 17,000 miles on it, and it has been a good car with exception of some of the same issues that you see here.

For instance the passenger headlight fogged up, which I fixed by "venting" the housing.

Both front window regulators had to be replaced within 1 week of each other about a year ago.

The third brake light burns out almost instantly after replacing it.

Now at 60,000 miles we are having an engine overheat issue and air conditioning problems. I've been told by my mechanic (a very close friend) that Lincoln has a T.S.B. (Technical Service Bulletin) for the fan motor on these cars (2000-2003). It is a hydraulically operated fan that works off of the power-steering pump and it either doesn't kick in or is intermittent, here is a website that describes the nature of this problem and it's corrective action.


I can also tell that it is time to change the struts, and that will bring light to a few other issues like ball joints and tie rod ends. It's really a shame that Lincoln has let their quality get so poor.

Overall the car is beautiful and drives very well, but it seems that we might be reaching the "nickle and dime you to death" period. Money is very tight right now, and we aren't sure if we should get rid of it and go import, or fix it and run it into the ground. Any suggestions?

Best of luck to all, San Diego Sean.