4th Oct 2007, 10:46

I'm a single mother and needed a good dependable car, I came across this very nice looking car a Lincoln Ls. I purchased it because I thought they lived up to there name. I trusted I would have a good reliable car well needless to say just like everyone else I too have experienced all the same problems. I now take the bus with my child in tow because my car keeps on breaking down. I live in Utah where it snows! Would anyone like to get some sort of law suit going? Feel free to call Melisa 801-688-1101.

9th Oct 2007, 13:12

I found this site while investigating an overheating problem. I must say this is the best car I have ever owned. Had a BMW before. Also a nice car, but not even close to this 2000 Lincoln LS V6 5 speed sport edition. I have only had two problems in five years and 50,000 miles. Had Rear electric window cranks replaced which Ford owned up to and replaced both free even though only one was bad. And now an intermittent cooling problem. I am amazed at how this car can keep running and not strand me even though it has a major coolant issue. My BMW had a new problem every 3 months and stranded me a few times, once due to a cooling issue when the plastic bladed water pump gave up the ghost. Kind of surprised a BMW would take this approach with the amount of mony they charge and the longevity they have making quality cars.

My current overheating problem seems to be related to losing water over time from a spot on the front of the engine and at the top. Seems like it is a radiator hose when it hisses, but I need to take the top shroud off and other stuff to tell for sure. Back twenty years ago when you had a bad hose, forget about going anywhere. I can go anywhere from 30 miles to about a 100 miles depending on how I drive. So that has me puzzled. Does anyone know anything about what kind of hoses they use and can you get them at places like Autozone. By the way where is the thermostat located? I may change that just to be sure it is not aggravating things.

16th Oct 2007, 17:20

Well I guess I should join the rest... I have had my 2000 Lincoln LS for almost 2 yrs now.. i have to say for the first year I had it only 39,000 miles on it, was a great car!! Now it has 93,000 yes I travel and do a lot of driving. Bought the car has a nice sporty, but luxury look to it. Forget all that I guess because now I am having issues. I have a check engine light that is on. I replaced both oxygen sensors and that was $500 right there. Did it help? Of course not so I went to my mechanic and he said that a possible coolant flush would help because the car is starting to overheat now as well. It only overheats after the car is running for about a hour or more then the temperature gauge starts to rise, and if you start using the air conditioner it even over heats faster. Any suggestions? Somebody mentioned the Water Pump is a major problem on these cars. Do my problems sound familiar? To be honest I don't have the time, money and energy to be putting into this car I just want to basically get it fixed and sell it!! But who is going to buy with a check engine light? Any feedback would be great also I am interested in this law suit that people are discussing. I am not all talk either serious about it. If you need anything from me please email me cwachholz13@hotmail.com I can provide receipts, whatever is needed.

18th Oct 2007, 20:32

I own a 2001 Lincoln LS V8. I purchased this car in 2004 with only 42,474 miles and for a great price. It currently has 68,667 miles. I don't drive this car everyday. This was my dream car; even purchased the extended warranty which expired in July of this year. I have since replaced two window regulators 1-rear driver side and 1-front drive side (covered under warranty) ; currently need to replace the front passenger side (not covered). I also have the pleasure of having the let the driver side window down in order to exit. I found this site while looking to see if there was a recall or something on these issues, but nevertheless, I guess I'm stuck. I really loved this car. I'll just keep driving my 99 Ford Explorer with over 165,000 miles and no problems and save my dream car for the weekends. I am so disappointed.

26th Oct 2007, 23:00

2002 LS V8 97K miles, 3rd owner, purchased with 94K miles May 2007. My AC was blowing hot air. The DCCV went out. Ford fixed it for free since it happen in the first week.

A month later, drove to NC from Ohio (500 miles one way), and when I got home, I started to notice white smoke cloud from tail pipe when starting. I have always put in 92 premium, but wondered what the previous owner put in. I had the oil changed with synthetic, and no white smoke since.

Now I notice a burning oil smell after driving for 10 minutes in town. It's when I stop or go through a drive up I can smell it. Don't notice with the windows up. Garage smells for while, then all goes away. Let me know what you think it may be.

At speeds of 70-80, my steering wheel starts to shake. Rotors?? $$$. Was told to get "Road Force test"; may go tomorrow. I am going to get it winterized as well, costing me 300.00 at Valvoline. I guess I have a leaking valve cover gasket to get repaired. I love this car. I have owned many cars and this is my favorite car ever. I liked my 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP, but that car was a lemon. I would have to say it was my next best car to drive.

My car goes into reverse rough (transmission?).

I hope to get the Lincoln MKZ or (Zepyher) next. I read Lincolns are better than Cadillacs. Opinions? Cadillac has a hot new car out, but not sure of the name yet. Saw it a few days ago. Small with back end up in air a bit (sharp!)

26th Oct 2007, 23:06

Just found out the Cadillac I was seeing around town and it is the 2008 CTS. That is a sharp car. Lincoln or Caddy? I have heard the Lincolns are better.

29th Oct 2007, 17:25

Okay ~ Let me join on in...

I have a Lincoln LS 2000... bought a few years back and the first year I had it the transmission went out. That was an experience in itself.

It took the dealer more than two weeks to fix the problem. Basically they did not want to shell out the money for a new or refurbed transmission, and then I was told that the inspector needed to check it out before going forth. Mind you all this was under the extended warranty purchased at the time of the car purchase. So that was fixed, and I have not had any transmission problems as of yet.

I have had the regulators both go out on both the driver and passenger side.

I have the foggy headlights, and not to mention the tail light that constantly goes out within weeks.

And as of today, my car is at the dealer with a code for a misfire and fuel injection... I was just told that four of them need to be replaced, and they still have not diagnosed the fuel injection problem.

I also have the intermittent noise when driving; not sure if it is the power steering - so here I am with you fellow owners encountering the same problems, and let me tell you the year of the LS 2000 I believe was the first year of this model - BETA TESTER- what fools we were.

Ford Corp needs to offer some type of recalls on their crappy models. and lord knows if we had a person who had a bad day on the assembly line...

I love the car, but can certainly do without the problems. I had a Toyota for 5 years and had a sensor go out. That was it. So I am now looking into the Camrys. I am almost done paying for the car, but when you add up the cost for the repairs.