2nd Nov 2007, 12:37

In 2003 I purchased the 2000 LS six cylinder with 34K and it has been good to me. It has 138K miles on it and my major issue is the Engine/Emission light comes on and off and now it stays on. I have treated the light issue by adding a fuel additive to remove water in the fuel tank. I have always selected a high octane fuel and now I use one with detergent (Shell) which did help for about 4 tanks full. I did also loose a bushing which held the rear widow from falling in the door. Yes, the wheel lugs are an issue. I’m glad they cost me about 5 bucks each so I replaced them all hopefully they will last 20 more tire rotations. Also the driver side interior door handle broke. I did notice my temp gauge rise over normal one hot 2007 summer day, but I not sure what caused it. I have already replaced the plugs, brakes at about 100k. Now I plan to replace the thermostat, PCV’s, fuel filter, trans-solenoid, water pump, ignition coil packs and anything else that could possibly go wrong…

26th Nov 2007, 16:52

I have a 2004 LS and it has 60,400 miles on it I just bought it from Drivers Way 2 weeks ago... Its going into the shop for the second time.. First time was for the left front wheel bearings, This time the Service ( (P) ) is on I assume means park brake. The other is the AC is only blowing hot air out which from reading all of this is prob the mixing unit is bad.

Drivers Way has been really awesome so far. I have a bumper to bumper warranty on this car till 100,000 miles I assume I'll be using it a lot. Good thing this isn't a daily driver.

Other than all that No issues or problems. It's a beautiful car and drives really well. I Just took it on a 1100 mile trip and it was a pleasure to drive.

Up until this car I only drove Chevrolet... This is putting a bad taste in my mouth for Fords...

30th Nov 2007, 07:18

I have a lincoln ls 2000 with only 80,000 miles and it will not pass emission due to the catalytic convertor CRAP CODE... and the check engine LITE ON... the car runs fine and smooth and it IS STUPID to have to pay $500.00 just to get repaired and pass emission. It does nickel and dime you to death...

2nd Dec 2007, 20:34

I've owned a 2000 Lincoln LS for about five years now. I have had to replace:

All four window regulators.

Heater coil.

Air conditioner blows hot air on the drivers side, and the A/C goes out after driving 50 miles.

Rear view mirror cracked.

Engine light came on; got a tune up and changed the fuel filter. May have to get coils, not to mention it does not pick up speed at times.

The clock on the radio is out, and the air bag light will not go off.

This car has 85000 miles on it and I will be finished paying for after Christmas, and will be trading it in because I can't afford the repairs for my so called dream car.

If you have a lawsuit count me in tessia2@aol.com

4th Dec 2007, 20:19

I have a 2004 Lincoln LS Black with black interior, and I have not had major repairs. However, I can say I have had the following problems:

1) (2) Sensors going out in the transmission

If the transmission is sticking, this is probably the reason.

2) I am very unhappy that for the price of these cars, they are made of plastic parts...

A. The emergency brake lever fell into the console.

B. The fuel, status, reset 4 button plastic piece of crap broke.

C. The back of the passenger seat broke. It is held together with plastic clips.

D. The seat adjustment on the side made of plastic also broke.

E. Headliner is held together with plastic clips; they are loose in the back above the rear window.

3) Car overheat light was coming on and Ford would not do anything unless they could see it overheating. Once vehicle is shut off, it magically does not come on again. I had it to the shop 3 times and they won't do anything...

4) Had to replace the seat track that was making a groaning noise.

5) Steering wheel makes noise; however, they are deaf and could not hear it.

6) Windows fell into the doors.

7) Sunroof drain pipe was not directed properly and started leaking water into the car. I may have a mold inspection as there seems to be a musty smell now, although they assured me there was no mold of course...

I extended the warranty until 100,000 miles. Needless to say I paid nearly $4,000 for nothing... the salesman told me it was the best warranty they offered; however they will not cover any of the plastic parts. Imagine that a vehicle that retails new for over $40,000 is made of nothing other than plastic parts that break.

This is a very beautiful car, but not made of quality construction. I agree there should be some kind of class action suit or recall for all these problems owners are having. If anyone hears of a recall, or information on a class action suit, please contact me via e-mail: shaw1104@aol.com

Funny thing is the Ford garage acts like I am one in a million people who have had a problem. I also do not like how when you pay to drive a Lincoln, you are stuck in whatever piece of crap Ford economy car they choose to put you in.

If anyone knows of where I may get some plastic parts or an alternative to re-attach the back part of my seat, please advise as the costs for the plastic parts is well over $500.00 Thanks for listening and good luck to everyone!

12th Dec 2007, 13:15

2000 Lincoln LS

1.) Regulators for the windows

2.) Door handles

3.) Valve cover gasket

4.) Ignition coils

5.) Thermostats

6.) Wheel bearings/ball joints

7.) Foggy headlamps

8.) Catalytic converters

9.) Drivers side heated seat

10.) Air bag light

11.) Windshield wiper motor

12.) + more.

I've had mostly all of the common problems as most LS owners. If you decide to buy one because of its nice looks, get rid of it before the warranty expires or else you might as well just add another $6000 to the cost.

I went from a Lincoln Mark VII, then to a Mark VIII, then LS. After the consistent problems with the LS, Lincoln just lost a valued customer. I will not purchase another Lincoln.

14th Dec 2007, 11:16

Everyone needs to call the National Highway Traffic Safety Admin. 1-888-327-4236 also call Ford to make a complaint 1-800-392-6673. This is the only way we can be heard and then maybe someone will investigate this. Make sure you have you vin #. NHSA wants to know why you feel it's not safe explain the lug nuts that door handle even the ball joint.

18th Dec 2007, 11:22

I have a Lincoln LS 2000 also, I have been thankful for this website to give the correct information of what is wrong with my car when something happens. Right now, my car is misfiring and I was told that I need a tuneup on it. That is expensive as well. I have had some of the basic wear and tear of this car. I'm interested in taking place in the class action lawsuit if one jumps off. Contact me at pamdestination@yahoo.com.