21st Dec 2007, 20:37

I have a 2001 LS. Yesterday while in the parking lot all my windows and the sunroof opened on their own. I was able to get them closed again, but now I am wondering if anyone else has ever had this to happen and what was the problem. And like everyone else that owns an LS, the rear window regulator needs to be replaced...again.

23rd Dec 2007, 21:57

Please read the manual that came with the LS; it has an option to open all windows and sunroof when you use the remote control.

27th Dec 2007, 22:19

I purchased a 2000 Lincoln LS, V6 when they came out and thought what a beautiful car; not knowing they problems I would endure later. It started with the window regulators. The dealer fixed the first one, because it was under warranty. Then the overheating situation occurred. The dealer said it was either the cooling fan motor or the cooling fan pump. I took my chances with the pump, which corrected the overheating problem. Then there was the lug nut problems. Finally, the car would not start one day. After several attempts to jump it, replacing the fuel filter, spark plugs (two which were coated with oil), and a fuel pump, the problem turned out to be a very weak battery and a fuse (for the fuel pump) located in the trunk. Now the engine light stays on and it idles rough. I don't know if my wife had gotten bad gas or what. She knows it takes 91+ octane or higher. I'm going to try fuel injector cleaner. Count me in on the lawsuit.

Skip at bodywise1on1@aol.com.

12th Jan 2008, 10:37

I have a 2002 Lincoln LSE. After reading the posts on this site for 20 minutes I realize my husband and I are wrong in saying we got a lemon... the Lincoln LS is a piece of garbage! When we got the car it was only 1 year old and had only 20K miles on it. We have experienced so many problems with the car that I have my Lincoln dealer stored in my cell phone by his first name! I am there on a monthly basis for all the things listed above.

1. Fogged headlights

2. ABS light on

3. Hot air pouring out when AC is on

4. Worn out brakes and rotors x 2 in less than 1 year!

5. Check engine light on.

The best was 6 months after getting the car one of the tail pipes was kicking exhaust up into the back bumper and melted the bumper to the car. The insurance adjuster said in 20 years of business he's never ever seen something like that happen to a car. He coded it as 'spontaneous combustion'. The car literally caught fire and started to melt!

DO NOT BUY A LINCOLN LS under any circumstances!

14th Jan 2008, 12:46

I am on my second LS and I LOVE these cars! Not one problem! Smooth ride, great comfort, and nothing has gone wrong thus far! I had a 2000 brand new, owned it for 7 years, just bought a 2005, and we love it just as much! Not one major problem, just normal maintenance. So not everyone has these problems with this car!

14th Jan 2008, 15:58

To the poster who loves his car and tells us it's because we bought a used car??? OK, I bought my 02 brand new and I agree it is a piece of ****.

My car only has 53k miles and the ball joints are bad??? I am a work at home mother of five and I don't race my car around. How in the world do ball joints go bad at 53k???

Sounds like a quality issue to me. I have to turn my heat up to 90 to get it warm, and then I can't kick off the warm air, so have to roll down my window. They are telling me it's a problem that they have to remove the dash for and keep my car for days. It's not under warranty, so no car to drive for me, so I can't take it in. My life doesn't stop just because my car does...

Over the summer the car was over heating and the Lincoln dealership tried to charge me 1500 for a repair that I ended up getting done for less than $200? Shame on the dealership for ripping people off.

Would be interested in a class action on the ball joints wearing out WAY before they should. Quality issue big time. If anyone gets one started, count me in too.

17th Jan 2008, 15:16

My fiance and I are at a loss. His 2001 LSV8 fell into the recall notice regarding the suspension/front control arm/ lower ball joint of Nov. 2000.

My fiance is a lifetime lover of cars and engines and has even built several engines. Needless to say, he takes care of his car.

On an inspection several months ago, he noticed that his ball joint suspension was looser than usual. (He's always had to tighten it anyway- no big deal - he thought) After several attempts and runarounds with Ford, he had no choice, but to drive it anyway, until he heard back from someone who would actually help him.

The problem lagged without any offers to repair the car as the recall stated it would, until 12/29/07 when we spun out of control on I40 going 70mph. We glided into the median grass area, thanks to his top notch driving ability. But I've never been more scared in my life. We were lucky.

Even upon report to Ford, they still won't fix the ball joint. We're young people trying to start a life and can't afford nor should have to fix this.

We're now one less vehicle.

I'm tired of the runaround and am looking to find an attorney willing to talk with us about a lawsuit, preferably class action.

After reading the comments here, I'm convinced that there is sufficient evidence to file such if there is not one already in action.

Our lives were endangered and we were treated as if they didn't matter to the Ford company.

We have multiple documentation of our struggle, including documented letters to the Attorney General of NC.

Anyone with information I can use, especially an attorney to contact, is welcome.

I just happen to work for the local paper, circulation 100,000. I need help guys. I refuse to let these people get away with this.

Hickory, NC.

20th Jan 2008, 19:20

I own a 2000 Lincoln LS with 80,000 miles. Here is a list of all problems:

Foggy passenger headlight.

Ball joint replaced.

All 8 ignition coils replaced.

2 window regulators.

Check engine light never goes off, no matter how many sensors you change.

4 O2 sensors.

Airbag light stays on.

Heat blows out of driver side vents when the A/C is on.

Exhaust only comes out of passenger side.

I had so many problems that I can't remember them all. I'm not saying don't buy American, just don't buy Ford.

21st Jan 2008, 14:37

Wow, I thought I was the only one with these problems. I have a 2000 LS that also had three window regulators replaced, the heated seats don't work, the cigar lighter won't work, the tail light bulbs go out frequently, and the check engine light stays on. This was my "dream car", but now realize that my wife and I will stray away from Lincoln going forward. Also, is anyone familiar with the sensor that monitors engine temp? It's cold here in Wisconsin, but my heater will blow out cold air when I have the heat on. This started a month ago and can't seem to figure it out. If I turn the heater off and then on again, the heat will work. It's like electrical voodoo that the LS's are cursed with! Has anyone had the heated seats go out on you? If so, was it the actual element or just a fuse? Thanks.