2nd Feb 2008, 23:34

I bought my 2000 Lincoln LS V8 Ultimate with 36K in Feb of 2004 and have only had minor problems. I had the known problem headlight replaced for clear corner lights by a guy in Pensacola for $80 and they look better and have been perfect. I did have to replace the driver side heated seat element for around $100. Haven't replaced, but have had just the top of my rearview mirror un-tint? Other than that, not any fixed problems... just a lot of weird things. It now has 85K and runs like a champ and still looks great. Here are the problems, and hopefully some of you with the major ones can tell me if these symptoms lead to anything big:

Like others it feels like it is missing either the engine or the tranny at around 40mph and I have to almost gun it for it to come out of it. Happens a lot at exit ramps when cornering and trying to accelerate.

My sun roof will randomly not close all the way and I have to "inch" it up by pressing the button and letting it start to move inches until it actually closes.

My interior lights will randomly dim... all I have to do is toggle the switch and they go right back.

My overtemp came on a few times in traffic... I thought it could be the thermostat not telling the fan to come on, but then randomly, it never came on again after a week.

Sometimes, I think if I park on a hill without applying the parking break first, coming out of Park can be a hassle. Seems like the tranny gets "stuck."

Every now and then the transmission shift is rough... only happens randomly and not often, but feels like the car gets kicked in the nuts.

Like everyone here, dealing with problems, but still love my car!



7th Feb 2008, 07:04

2000 Lincoln LS V8.

Same issues.

- Ball joints.

- Heated seat.

- Sway bar.

- 3 Window regulators.

- 8 ignition coils - figured out how to fix them myself. Check out http://www.lincolnvscadillac.com/tech/Lincoln-LS/Coil-Replacement. This is a great webpage. Saved me money. Easy to replace. The funny thing is when I went to purchase some ignition coils, the guy at the parts store laughed at me and said we can't keep these in stock!

- The little grille piece on that falls out while you drive. Doesn't come painted, so now that it is gone again, I am not replacing it.

- Getting the oil smell now. Sounds like valve covers. Also my catalytic converter code is popping too. How much for both repairs; anyone know??

15th Feb 2008, 10:51

I was the owner of a 2000 LS V6.

Went through most of the problems mentioned above.

I usually buy a car and will keep it for 10 or more years.

However, this was such a problem-related car that I got rid of this piece of crap after only three years.

Note: I drive over 38,000 miles a year. In the three years I owned this car I only put 20,000 miles on it, (6,667 mies a year). Every time I drove it something went wrong, so I was afraid to drive it. After fixing the last problem, and getting it to the point where everything was finally working... I dumped it.

Note: I also perform my own maintenance and repairs; however, many of the parts required to fix the problems are ridiculously high priced due to their design. IE: ball joints. You cannot just buy a ball joint worth around $25.00 like most vehicles, you need to buy the entire knuckle, for $250.00. You cannot buy just the wheel bearing worth around $17.00, you must buy the entire wheel bearing hub for $150.00.

As mechanically inclined as I am however, everything is packed so tightly into the engine compartment, replacing the expensive components is a nightmare. (Try replacing a simple item like the power steering pump).

I have been a loyal Ford guy for over 30 years.

I'm sick of the quality of Ford product and their refusal to back their product. (Not just with this Lincoln LS, but also on my Lincoln Navigator and Thunderbird).

No more. I bought a problem free Infiniti.

Don't wait for 30 years hoping Ford will improve.

They won't.

16th Feb 2008, 09:10

I am also an owner of a 2000 lincoln LS. I bought this car thinking that I would finally have a "nice"? car and that I deserved it for working so hard for many years. I have had more problems with this car than any other car I have owned.

I thank god everyday that I purchased an extended warranty for this piece of crap. Lincoln should be paying us to drive the LS. I have had more lost days of work and missed out on family things because of this car. Here is just a short list of repairs or problems I have had:

* Replaced 3 window regulators (2 went the same time)

* ABS light staying on (dealership doesn't even know why)

* I have replaced 4 tires on the front in 1.5 years)

* Check engine light staying on (even when car has been serviced)

* I have replaced 3 batteries in 1 year (all because the car sat for more than 1 day)

* 2 alternators ( dealership wanted to be safe) ha ha ha

* Replaced both ball joints

* Factory windsheld leaks

* Transmission has been in for service 3-4 times in 3 years. It still buckles and has jerky motions when putting into drive.

*I nterior lights turn on/off by themselves (dealership can't figure out why?)

I could go on and on, but everyone here knows what I'm talking about. I WILL NEVER BUY A LINCOLN AGAIN!!!

17th Feb 2008, 23:59

2001 ls v8

I have had my

Lincoln for a little under a year, The car over heats, the ball joints pop, the front right window came off track, and both rear door latches quit working so the doors were stuck closed. I checked for recalls, but there were not, for the windows or door latches and the parts alone are 150 each latch, but to open the door I had to destroy the old latch and motor and pry the door open I love the look, but the car is junk I wish I had checked in to Lincolns before I got the car.

Tim, Ga.

20th Feb 2008, 17:02

Enjoy my 2000 Lincoln LS. One problem though after 73000 miles is that the rear window will not stay up. Elec motor seems to operate with the up and down switch, however the window does not move except to manually push it up. How much money to fix at the Lincoln dealer, and how much money to buy the part. What is the best service manual to use for maintenance and repair. Thank you for your consideration to help me.

22nd Feb 2008, 20:25

2000 Lincoln LS V8 with 67k miles, bought in 2004 with 52k miles.

I knew there were a lot of problems with the 2000 before purchasing, all of them mentioned extensively here. I still made the purchase because come on, the LS is pimp! For the most part it's still running and looking great. Here's the list of issues I've had in chronological order:

1) Airbag light was on dash when I bought the car, faulty clockspring. Finally getting that part replaced right now and hopefully the light goes away. I hate dash lights. This is a very common part to go bad on the LS. Part is about $125.

1) Emissions light came on the dash a few months after getting the car home, had the error code pulled, culprit was an O2 sensor "operating below threshold". Didn't really trust Autozone so paid my mechanic $75 to run his diagnostic, he pulled the same code, lol. He didn't give me a definite answer as to what the actual problem was and I didn't want to get caught up in a costly trial-and-error repair process so I just let it slide and the light eventually went off (and came back on... and went back off...) still don't know what the issue is and don't care until I have to.

2) Brake light bulb melted into the passenger-side rear tail light. Impossible to take out, whole assembly needs to be replaced, $225ish factory, $125ish eBay. Also it was leaking moisture inside (like every other light on this car) so double-whammy. D'oh!! New one is on the way eventually. Another common LS problem. Some say it's bad voltage running through the electrical wires other say it's the moisture, whatever it is, there is no permanent fix for it unless you completely rewire your car and get all new lights. Forget that...

3) Inside door handle broke, what a piece of crap that thing is. Driver's side of course. Too late I realized I totally overpaid my mechanic something like $170 for part & labor. Found another person that would have done it for $60. D'oh!!

4) The dreaded thermostat. Getting my first replacement right now in the shop. Thermostat was sticking so the coolant was not properly cooling the engine. Received "Engine power reduced" and "Check engine temperature" messages on the dash off and on. Only $100 for the thermostat though so not a huge gamble, but I know this won't be the end of it. The cooling system in this car sucks.

5) Rotors get worn down pretty quick. I had new brakes & wheels put on three years ago and already rotors are at about 10% life. And the next most common LS problem, the rotor/pad squeak... anyone know of an aftermarket combo that does NOT squeak?? Cause even the factory stuff doesn't seem too great...

That's it... to me it's just the basic wear and tear of a used car that gets driven not too kindly sometimes... also realize you people bought a luxury car so there are going to be tons of electrical components, computer chips, regulators and cable harnesses and all that, all coming with their own unique issues. It's a difficult car to work on and count your lucky stars if you find a knowledgeable and affordable mechanic (or if you are gifted yourself, I'm not).