22nd Feb 2008, 20:40

Oh and to the person above asking about the tranny flush... you definitely should consider getting a transmission service every 30k or so. Mine was in desperate need of one... had some clunkiness between park and reverse, and park and first, the service will clean that right up. I would take it to a good mechanic though and not some crappy EZ Lube who thinks it's just a "flush"... there's more to the service than just that, lots of other parts should be inspected.

24th Feb 2008, 11:14

Words on LS misfiring:

I'm currently working on a 2002 Lincoln LS 3.9 V8. It has the seemingly famous "misfiring" problem, when the engine is revved to 3000 rpm.

It had oil in the spark plug holes due to failed valve cover gaskets, and the OBDII said it had a misfire on #2 cylinder. I replaced the valve cover gaskets, put in new spark plugs, and cleaned up all oil soaked parts. FYI, the coil packs can be cleaned, as the rubber boots come off, and the springs are just pushed over an electrical spade connector in the coil. So I twisted the spring clockwise to remove.

Anyway, all was cleaned and put back, but I put the coils back in random locations. If the coil is really bad, the computer will find it again and report it. I reset the computer, and sure enough it found it again, only on #4 this time. So I figured it was a bad coil and replaced it. It did NOT fix the problem.

I've seen people posting that having oil in the spark plug holes will "short out" the coils to the cylinder head, causing failure. This theory does not hold (oil), as motor oil is non-conductive, and would not be responsible for the failure of a solid state, factory sealed electronic coil pack.

Not to mention that if they were all truly bad, the car wouldn't run at all. My car run great until the 3000 RPM mark, then starts missing.

I keep reading about dealers wanting to replace all the coils at once. Ignition coils don't blow 6 or 8 at a time, lets get real! In fact, I think the random misfire reports on the computer are false, due to the engine misfiring from lack of fuel, and it's tricking the computer.

In the old days of a single ignition coil and plug wires, this symptom could be caused by a faulty coil, failing under a load. The old test was to run the engine at night, and just watch the coil! If it had hairline cracks in it, you could see the sparks jumping from coil to ground.

The misfiring symptoms certainly act like a lack of fuel. Running great until higher RPMs, when it starts needing more fuel. Mine is failing just sitting in the driveway, revving the engine, so it's not a torque load on the motor, which is the "load" that would cause ignition coil breakdown.

The reported fuel pump or jet pump failure, causing low fuel pressure makes more sense, based on the symptoms I've described. In another blog, a guy spend weeks and thousands on this misfiring problem, only to find a bad fuel pump relay was bad.

Today I'll put a fuel pressure gauge on it and test with engine off, key on. then test with engine running. If readings are low, then it's likely a fuel problem. I'll go for the fuel pump relay first, and throw in a fuel filter while I'm at it. If that doesn't do it, then the fuel pump/jet pump.

If you try also, remember to DISCONNECT THE BATTERY before doing any fuel tank related work!!

I always recommend "stepping back" and thinking about the problem, and applying some common sense troubleshooting to any problem before listening to any dealer mechanic. Their answer is always "do everything" and see what happens.

25th Feb 2008, 11:20

Does anyone know how hard it is to replace the valve cover gaskets? I know mine need to be replaced and would like to try and do it myself.

1st Mar 2008, 22:53

For the question about the valve cover gaskets; if you can change spark plugs, you can change the valve cover gaskets. Just mark all your vacuum lines. It took me some 2 - 4 hours.

5th Mar 2008, 15:28

2002 Lincoln LS V8 64,000 miles.

1) Since purchased in August of 2005 several repairs of engine misfires.

2) Both front windows bad regulators and motors.

3) Alpine audiophile 6 disc changer faulted twice.

4) Left rear brake light faulted once.

5) Third brake light faulted twice.

6) Driver side rear door jammed close.

7) Oil pan gasket leak.

8) 5 Beeps a set for 5 sets every time I turn the car on. I have been told by the dealership today this is due to 3 faulty ignition coils and to replace all 8 because the others will fault if I do not. Also the dealership said that I should not use aftermarket ignition coils because that just opens and I quote "a hole new bag of worms". Like 800 and some odd dollars to replace.

9) Creaking noise coming from the brakes and suspension.

10) suspension seems extremely loose.

11) My car has also just completely shut down while moving three times.

12) I have also had the interior light dimming problem as stated in earlier comments.

13) Also an outside mechanic informed me that my tie rod ends were going bad.

Does anyone have any advice on what can be done about all these problems I have had with my vehicle.

12th Mar 2008, 16:09

I too own a 2000 Lincoln LS (V8) and continue to have the overheating problem. Paid $13 for a new thermostat; took 15 minutes to replace as well as a new water pump; $90, and it took 1 hour to replace.

Followed the manufacturer's guidelines to bleed all the air from the system and it is still overheating. I have done everything by the book, and re-done and re-done; still overheating.

I truly recommend to car buyers that this model of car is an absolute lemon through and through. Many many many more problems that I won't go into, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out the overheating problem. Absolutely no leaks anywhere of antifreeze. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated...

13th Mar 2008, 19:45

Also had the "reduced engine power" and "check engine temp" in January. I replaced all the plugs and it was fine for 3 weeks. Then it happened again, this time realizing that oil was on the plugs, so I guess it's the valve cover gaskets. I also just started smelling oil yesterday. I'd like to replace them myself, does anyone have any recommendations or website references with step by step directions? Also, to top it off my rear passenger side window "almost" rolled up, but not quite, so I get a whistle on the highway. Does anyone know if the regulator or track is rivited or bolted onto the door? Any help would be appreciated. Also, any idea how to fix the heated seats and get the air bag light to turn off. I know that nobody has had these unique problems, but thanks for any help!

17th Mar 2008, 13:13

Have experienced some of the same problems on my '01 Lincoln LS as everyone else seems to have on this site.

The car stared driving, or I should say floating all over the road. Went to the Goodyear thinking it was a tire issue. They showed me the problem, stating they have never seen this happen. The locking nut on the lower ball joint had backed almost completely off. They checked, and found a recall 00V359001. It deals with ball joint fractures because the locking nut had become loose. I contacted the dealer and Ford; both said the problem was vin number specific, and mine was not covered. Same nut, same problem, but Ford refused to resolve the issue. They did not care that I had planned to buy another Lincoln, or that I had purchased three other Lincoln before the LS. Yes, all cars have problems, but when I told them they lost a valued customer whom would never own another one of their products, they did not seem to care. No wonder Ford continues to see a declining market share.

Good news: I contacted the National Highway Safety Administration Auto Safety Hotline and filed a complaint. As I understand, if anyone experiences the same problem, and reports it to them (NHSA) they will take action. ie: Given, the existing recall, and problem with the lock nut, another complaint and the NHSA notifies Ford, and they are responsible for the repair and will have to reimburse me, or anyone that has paid to have the problem fixed. If you have, or end up having this problem with the lock nut on the lower ball joint loosening, PLEASE, call the NHSA (1-888-327-4236) and file a complaint.

The repair cost is in excess of 1000.00 dollars, and failing to fix the problem could lead to a very serious accident. The only way to make a company like Ford take action is to be pro-active and to take action ourselves.