8th May 2008, 19:23

Maybe when you sell the car?

12th May 2008, 09:56

2001 Lincoln LS 3.9L v8 Sport package. I have had the ball joint problems. Now I am having radio, speakers, cruise, misfires, traction control, transmission, and fogging headlights. I fixed the ball joints by replacing front knuckle assemblies (since you can't buy just the ball joints, so stupid) and then all the other problems started at once. Here's the kicker. I have only had this car for 3 months when this started. It only has 120 miles on it in those three months because the piece of crap has been in the shop the whole time. Ford can get bent.. This is my second Ford ever and my last. I have owned GM vehicles for 20 years and NEVER had the problems with all combined that I have had with this one car. To be fair though, I owned a 94 ranger that was 100% trouble free. What a difference a few years make. GM FOREVER...

16th May 2008, 00:14

I have had my 2000 Lincoln LS for going on 3 years now, and have had to deal with most of the things that have been stressed in the last few pages of this bulletin.

I originally purchased the car through a trade-in for approximately 15k totally OVERPRICED! I'm over it. After taking it home I noticed that every time I geared into REVERSE, it would Jump, so hard and so far that I would have to keep my foot on the break while reversing in order to keep from hitting the car behind me. It was "off the hook"!

I fought with the dealership to replace whatever was wrong with that and assumed everything was A OK after that. Boy did I have another thing coming. Shortly after the air conditioner just stopped blowing cold. In the middle of summer mind you. After having free-on ran through my system in it worked like a charm, for about 30 minutes. I just gave up on that and was miserable throughout the summer.

That very same fall it started to over heat. Set me back 400 bucks to have some pump replaced.

I have cracked rims, I have my airbag light that's constantly illuminated.

I have my back 2 windows that don't roll down because of something inside the window jam is off track.

My rotors are warped and brake pads terrible.

No matter what I have been through in this car, it is really a great car when everything is going well. If I had the chance to trade it in or get rid of it, I would in a heartbeat, but being stuck with it I just had to make due with what I had and bite the bullet. Good luck to all of you who have been both blessed and cursed with the Lincoln LS.

22nd May 2008, 07:49

I have a Lincoln LS 2000 with 300k miles (yes, three hundred thousand) on it. Overall the car is superb, but here's what I've had wrong with it over the years:

1: New transmission at 150k

2: All window mechanisms replaced

3: 4 replacements of the cover under the engine - any knock on a curb loosens it

4: Rear speakers have NEVER worked

5: Heat blows out when A/C is on (driver's side only) - Cure: Turn temperature on driver's side to max for a few minutes, then bring it down... good for another 50 miles before you have to do it again. Problem is in the sensor, but you'd have to remove the entire dashboard to get to it - and see below

6: "Bling" on vehicle shoddy - chrome strips pop out; marque labels loose; front side lights pop out; headlight bracket broke; etc. All because of flexy plastic on front and rear. Cure: Gorilla glue!

7: Driver's door opening cable stretched and door wouldn't open - had to have entire mechanism replaced (considering the mileage, not really an inherent problem)

8: Couldn't get gas into tank unless at a trickle. Cure: after they replaced the tank (faulty tank sensor, the dealership said) it turned out to be a blocked filter! That was infuriating (and a good reason not to trust dealerships, as if we needed another).

9: And finally, car overheats - and the reason I bought a new car and gave the LS to my wife to run around town in. However, car is fine on long distance highway driving - it's only when it gets in traffic. To try and solve it I've had thermostat, electric fan, water pump, all the belts, central computer, all sensors and various peripheral pieces replaced, but all to no avail - I've also had the radiator replaced, the engine and (new) radiator flushed. The overflow (expansion) tank went yesterday - just blew a hole in it. But this is just symptomatic and not the cause - turning the heat on delays the inevitable when it gets that hot, but that's not really a "solution".

No, the over heating problem is caused by the electric fan not kicking in at full speed - it kicks in, but not at full throttle. This is a computer/ sensor problem (which regulates its turning on/ off and at what speed) and seems to be bad computer programming in the module itself. I say this because EVERY piece of equipment that triggers the fan (positively identified as the absolute source of the problem) has been replaced. Neither the dealership nor my very experienced mechanic can find any mechanical reason whatsoever for the problem - and I've spent a considerable amount or time and money to find this out.

By the way, when the A/C starts to blow hot, that's your first "alert" that the engine is about to overheat.

I'm afraid the only "final" solution is for Ford to finally admit that there is a problem and to address it accordingly. But as the car is no longer made, and they've long since "moved on" model/ design wise, it looks like we're going to have to live with it.

So, make sure the expansion tank is always full, carry a can of antifreeze (or water for emergencies) and don't hang around in traffic - just pull over and wait it out. The danger is not in the car just cutting out but in it blowing a weak spot (hose, expansion tank, radiator, head gasket) in the cooling system itself while over heating. Also make sure your belts are 100% good and tight (to spec) - replace them without hesitation if in the slightest doubt; and make sure the hoses (AND their clamps) are perfect, too.

And ALWAYS keep a weather eye on the temperature gauge!

Good luck!

28th May 2008, 13:37

I've had my '00 V6 Lincoln LS for about 5 years and it has nickel and dime'd me to death. I've replaced just about everything and right now it sits in my driveway as I'm waiting for new Catalytic Converters to come in to replace them.

I've had to replace:

1) Transmission - Would show an "E" and not shift anymore ($1500)

2) CPU ($800)

3) Coils

4) Rear Window Regulator (I had no idea that everyone had this issue)

5) Drivers side door handle (twice!!)

6) Back seat plastic fell right off

7) Front Speaker

8) A/C Compressor

9) Entire Exhaust - The catalytic converters rotted and blew through the exhaust ruining the entire system.

Plus many more that I can't think of off of the top of my head. I love the cars looks and handling and when it's running it's been great, but that hasn't been too often lately. In another month my loan is finally paid off and I can't wait to sell it or trade it in for something more reliable.