11th Feb 2009, 13:26

I am a 26 year old young man who is very much "old school". I currently own 7 Lincolns of the Mark series. That said, I speak to the gentleman who owns (or owned) the wedgewood blue Mark V "Cartier". I am sorry to say that you do NOT own a Cartier Edition Lincoln, you have a Wedgewood Blue Luxury Group vehicle with a standard Cartier Clock. ALL Lincolns have a Cartier Clock. Cartier Edition vehicles have special paint schemes (either beige/red trim or dove grey. No blue).

I have been raised on these old vehicles. My father purchased my 1979 Collector's Series Mark V new. I have a 71 Mark III, 72 Mark IV, 75 Mark IV 76 Mark IV, 77 Mark V, 78 "Wedgewood Blue luxury group Mark V, and my best girl, 1979 Midnight Blue Collector's series Mark V that was my late father's car. All cars are COMPLETELY original. AL Gore would LOVE my carbon foot print!!!

26th Jun 2009, 11:40

A yard full of old Lincolns... I'D LOVE TO SEE THEM ALL... if I see a Mark V on the street, I curse myself for getting rid of mine.

26th Jun 2009, 16:22


Well I keep them in a large garage that I had built behind my house (I'm renting, but when your uncle is you landlord and a contractor, then usually you have no problems adding to the property). But on real nice days I pull them all out and take up the circle drive just to have my own private car show. I had a bunch of my friends each drive a car and we drove them all to a local car show that is held here every 3rd Saturday last week end. I lined them all up from 71 to 79. I won best in show for my 71, best luxury for my 79 Collector's Series, best Ford for my 71 and best 70's for my 76. I love my Marks, and I won't be done until I have an example of every year from 1968-79. I will stop there because I never cared for the Mark's VI, VII, or VIII all that much. So if anyone has a 68, 69, 70, 73, 74, then leave a comment if you want to sell, I pay top dollar and you know by reading this that there is not a better home that they can go to.

Restore em' don't crush em.


10th Sep 2011, 19:09

Of course restore them, I am a Lincoln, Mercury, Ford fanatic. Screw this cheap ass junk today. My first car was a 1951 Ford V8 Flathead, that I still know where it is, since I sold it to my best friend.

I currently own a 1978 Lincoln Mark V, with the 400 m engine. The car is amazing... it needs a total restore as far as paint, but the interior is good to very good, and it is an Arizona car, so it is solid as hell.

What kills me about this Mark V series, is each door must weigh in excess of 100 pounds, and don't have any of this "worn door hinge, sinking door crap"... I bought this car in 1993, I still have it, I knew it was a keeper. Damn these cars look so cool... and reliability, is 95 percent with me... I have never serviced the air conditioning since I bought it, and the air will still freeze meat...