1991 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series from North America


It has cost me a good bit of money, but I love it to death!


The upper and lower hinges on my driver side door had to be replaced at 120,000 miles (the door wouldn't shut it would hit the car siding)

The airbags/airshocks in the rear blew on both sides at 121,000.

The compressor that pumps up the airbags blew at 126,000.

The headliner was starting to fall down when I bought it, so I got a new headliner.

The paint on my bumpers is fading and peeling off badly.

The blower for the air/heat went out at 140,000.

All four power windows went out by 125,000. Even after getting the back right side fixed it blew again.

It eats up oil.. i usually have to put in oil 2000 miles after my oil change.

Leather seats are looking a little rough.

The shifter messed up at 144,000 miles, wouldn't go into park and it was real hard to get it into reverse and drive. It was just a loose screw.

General Comments:

This car is extremely comfortable and rides exceptionally smooth!

It has decent pick up and go for such a big car.

But I do wish it was a little bit more powerful.

Even though a lot has gone wrong with my car, I still love it.

Most of the things that have went wrong had nothing to do with the engine.

I've had very little engine related problems, it runs so great!

This is the best car I've ever owned. My last car was a 2003 Cheverlet Lumina, and it can't even begin to touch this car.

It is costly though. I bought it for only $1800, and I've put probably $5000 into it. It's definitely worth it though, most of the money I put into it was for cosmetic items, or things I wanted to increase my enjoyment (speakers, stereo, etc).

I will keep this car forever!

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Review Date: 13th August, 2006

4th Mar 2008, 09:32

Keep up taking care of it and it will easily make it to 251,000 miles like my car did.

27th Apr 2009, 08:41

How did you fix the shifter? What screw did you tighten?

18th Jun 2009, 22:44

What headliner kit did you use?

1991 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series 4.6Liter 281 cubic inch from North America


Made with pride on the American side


Within the last month, I have replaced the front and rear Universal Joints.

Rear brake lines.

Exhaust flanges.

Welded rear frame near the sway bar.

General Comments:

For a car that is 15 years old, it rides and feels like a dream.

The interior is very luxurious, with quite possibly the most comfortable seats made in that era.

Acceleration is more than adequate for a car of its size and age, and powered by a small V8.

Overall the looks are very tasteful compared to previous and even newer generations.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2006

1991 Lincoln Town Car Executive Editition 4.6L V8 from North America


This car is the elite automobile!


Top is kind of ragged.

Paint is starting to chip.

The leather is cracked in some spots.

The odometer was broken when I got it.

The rear door lock actuator is broken.

The stereo doesn't work, but plays cassettes.

The clear coat is starting to wear.

General Comments:

The car is overwhelmingly large and comfortable!

The seats tend to be very comfortable especially on longer trips.

The smaller size V8 really pushes the car surprisingly well.

Its handling and performance are like that of no other car I have ever experienced.

Its power and speed are very handy when it comes to open highway driving.

I only paid $850.00 for it and I consider it a steal.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2006

1991 Lincoln Town Car Cartier from Germany


A great American car!


Nothing yet, but had to glue electric fittings (power windows, power lock). Windshield wiper only with one speed at 70000 km. Don't know about earlier troubles.

AC fluid needed to be changed as German environmental standards require different one.

General Comments:

Great car, supreme cruising, super comfort and space especially compared to normal European "dwarf" cars.

Much admiration and many turned heads due to grand looks.

Surprisingly fuel efficient (11l/100km or 20 mpg approx.), parts a bit difficult to get in Germany.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2005