1995 Lincoln Town Car Executive 281 modular V8 4.6L from North America


Speed, comfort, safety; a great car


Rare case of brake line corroding.

Mechanic broke the power window line that raises it.

So far nothing else, but waiting to see what else has been sabotaged.

So far just basic maintenance.

General Comments:

210 hp doesn't seem like much, but it makes this 4000 lb car fly like a rocket.

It's like sitting in my living room.

I don't like the electronic throttle or rev limiter, but I must admit it has gotten me 24 mpg highway. I get 10 mpg in the city because I never turn the A/C off, plus I leave the engine running a lot. I've gotten 15 mpg when I don't leave the engine running when I'm parked.

I don't like that it has 4 catalytics with sensors, and I also don't like fuel injection; I prefer old school ways.

Aside from not being carbureted, I am very impressed and I love it.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2007

1995 Lincoln Town Car Executive 4.6L V8 from North America


Luxurious comfortable and reliable car


Driver's side window does not roll down anymore. Motor was weak when I bought it. Luckily it's gotten stuck in the "up" position.

A/C does not work. Don't want to get it fixed.

Outside temperature gauge is temperamental. Works on hot days and shows the correct temperature, but otherwise readings are wrong.

Leaking oil and fluids. Need to add a quart or two from time to time. I have not figured out how much is leaking per month.

Door storage covers don't stay closed for passengers. Springs open after a minute even if closed.

Driver's door pull handle broken. I open the storage compartment in the door to pull the door shut.

Windshield wiper motor died last weekend.

General Comments:

Coming from a Toyota Corolla, this car's super comfortable. It's so nice at this mileage, can only imagine what it must have been when it was new.

I love the keyless entry touch pad. I can leave my keys in the car itself. No problem with getting locked out (happened a couple of times with my Corolla).

Gives you a feeling of safety and makes you feel relaxed while driving.

Handling is not that great, you need to keep a close eye on traffic to prevent last minute maneuvers.

Not so great in snow either. Last winter I drifted across two lanes while trying to stop for a red light. Spins out quite easily, but that could be because I am still not used to driving a rear-wheel drive boat. The Corolla was very predictable in snow.

Gas mileage is currently at 15 MPG. The mileage on the digital display is not accurate. It shows some 4 MPG above what can be calculated. I got 300 miles on a 20 gallon tank fill, the display showed an average of 19.4 MPG.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2007

1st Sep 2007, 10:40

Update, 9/01/2007.

I had a knowledgeable friend look it over and we both confirmed there were NO leaks. The engine is also burning very little oil if at all. The service center must have messed up the last oil change which is why I ran out of oil well before the scheduled change.

Happier now with my Lincoln, only cosmetic and A/C issues which are not bad for a car with 180000 miles!

4th Nov 2007, 20:55

I am the original reviewer. Just wanted to add that when I tried the driver's side window, it worked! I guess it just does not work in warmer weather, probably something getting jammed up inside.

So glad I did not have it fixed during the summer, although it was a bit uncomfortable. It's so nice to have the feeling of something automatically fix itself.

1995 Lincoln Town Car Executive 4.6 liter V8 from North America


My Lazyboy on wheels


My alternator needed replacement recently.

EGR valve needs to be replaced, a common problem with these cars I'm told.

Ashtray lids in the back won't close.

General Comments:

What can I say, this is my favorite car.

Sure, the Cartier series is packed to the moon with options, but the Executive does just what it needs to.

I purchased this car used from a livery service at 212k miles. 5 years later it has 222k.

With all the miles, the leather seats are doing excellent. There is a small hole in the driver's seat, but nothing too bad.

All I've done is replace the alternator, the battery light was on and on, but a Lincoln forum that I'm on helped me very much. I'm not very smart when it comes to cars, but Lincolnsonline.com is a very helpful place for any Lincoln owner.

My car is black on black. Yes it gets a little hot in the summer, but the automatic climate control works great.

Everything on the car works, except for the ashtray lids on the rear doors, I'm sure every owner of a 95-97 Town Car has this problem. For those who wonder why, either the spring breaks, or the plastic that holds the spring breaks.

The car handles good, unless you take a sharp corner. It could go a little faster, but it's not a racing car, it's a Sunday church and dinner car.

Many kids are starting to get these cars and turn them into low riders, I'm not really a fan of that, I like them original, but to each his own.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2006

3rd Sep 2008, 14:30

I have a 1997, but also the ashtrays on the rear doors remain open, and cannot be closed. What causes this?