1995 Lincoln Town Car Congressional Town Sedan 4.6L V8 from North America


You want luxury, then you want a Town Car!


Well when I first got this car, the owner told me that he had dropped his second brand new transmission into it. Since I've had it, it needed a heater core, water pump, new fan belt, tires, and an air compressor for the air suspension.

General Comments:

It just goes to show you that these Ford products can definitely last you to almost 300,000 miles when you take care of the car. This car runs like brand new; there is no missing, no hesitation, no vibrations, nothing. It rides very smooth and runs like a Lincoln is supposed to run. I wouldn't give this car up for the world. Before this, I had a 1992 Ford Crown Victoria base model and decided to sell it because it was pretty bad in the snow. Even though I was a little nervous about the mileage on this Town Car, I realized that the $3700 I paid for it was worth it. And with the posi-traction, traction assist, and anti-lock brakes, this car moves great in the snow with its RWD. I am very impressed with this car and, since I am only 18, very lucky to own my beautiful land yacht that still looks like it came off the showroom floor.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2005

3rd Jan 2006, 20:29

Wow theres young people like me driving these cars I'm 20 and have my 92 Grand marquis before that I have a 88 town car it will run 300,000 miles easy with general maintenance. I think you paid a little too much for that car though.

11th Jan 2006, 21:36

Hi, I have a 95 and 97 Town, both are horrible in the snow, the rear just swings all over. You said that the car was great in the snow. What is your secret? Please tell me. I would really appreciate it since we get snow here in NYC from time to time.

1995 Lincoln Town Car Executive 4.6 liter V8 from North America


Lincoln is the king of smooth riding cars and the 1995 is a prime example of this


Cruise Control Buttons on Steering Column wore out and fell off at 220,000.

Driver's Seat Leather worn and cracked and opened up to sponge even though I used conditioner weekly beginning at 235,000.

Stock Radio On/Off Button will not shut off when pushed at 90,000.

A/C parts have been troublesome beginning at 145,000 and continuing to present where when AUTOMATIC is depressed, the unit blows the cold air through the defroster vents instead of at the passengers.

Brake System is now so troublesome that I have had all calipers replaced, gone through two master cylinders and still get a pedal that goes to the floor (even after bleeding). Have spent quite a bit of money on this facet of the car and have much less hair on my head after pulling so much out up to now.

Left front tie-rod went out at 130,000 and because local dealer required an appointment, took it to Midas. Now, it is going bad again.

Replaced water pump at 205,000.

Replaced trunk lid pull down motor at 155,000.

Replaced standard air filter with a K&N unit and now enjoy 3-5 miles per gallon more.

Replaced Rear Air Suspension at 192,000 (both bags and compressor) and this set me back over $1,300 but the car rides nicely again.

Replaced Platinum Plugs at 135,000 and had compression tested and all cylinders were equal in psi (mostly due to exclusive use of Mobil 1 Oil and Mobil 1 Oil Filters)

Have replaced the turn signal lever twice and the transmission lever twice due to wear since all the words had worn off from use.

For some odd reason, the Windshield Washer warning appears on the dash (since 260,000) even though the bottle is full.

Because there is a drain plug in both the transmission and torque converter, I never do a flush as this will strain the seals. I change this every 30,000 miles.

Replaced the Alternator at 207,000.

No motor or transmission rebuilds thus far.

General Comments:

K&N yields 32 mpg on highway at 51 mph without A/C on (26.2 with A/C on long trips). In town I get 22 without A/C on (19 with A/C).

Auto-leveling is marvelous. So is the traction control. I have driven in heavy snowstorms ahead of four-runners and Scouts and not gotten stuck.

While regular gas is just fine, Supreme yields better performance. However, at $3.39 a gallon, I go for economy and buy Chevron Regular or UnoCal Regular only. I only buy Shell if I have to (especially after the Sulfur damage the problems caused last year around here).

Am 6'8" and can stretch my legs out straight. Something I could only do in a previous 1994 Jag. The Town Car has room for six.

The digital dash is a joy to behold and on long trips at night, you can turn the intensity down and it looks as if it is floating in the air.

The computer on the dash has never let me down (as far as accuracy). I have gotten down to as low as 5 miles remaining before running out of fuel and never felt even a sputter from the engine.

People seem to think that it is a gas guzzler and when I beg to differ, they nod their heads as if I'm asking for directions in a foreign language.

Guess they can't accept that their sacrifice of personal safety in the name of economy maybe was too big a sacrifice. My how they missed out!

I love the stand up hood ornament and Lincoln really made a bad choice doing away with it for 1998-2002.

I love the look of the rear tail lights that are only on a 1995. The same light pattern is visible on the Town cars in the movies "Analyze This" and "X-Files: Fight the Future".

I have not had to do any major work on the motor nor the transmission as yet.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2005

12th Oct 2005, 01:11

This is a good review. It is expected for the engine to run 300,000 or more without a rebuild. Check out crownvic.net.

18th Apr 2006, 21:35

You should also rent "Grosse Point Blank", I love these cars too, my 95 exec is great with 222,222 miles and running strong!

14th Dec 2006, 23:39

I've owned a '95 Town Car Signature since early Oct. Will write a review after I've owned it longer, but I am very impressed and satisfied with it. Smooth ride, very smooth engine and drivetrain, comfortable and roomy, giant trunk. I've been averaging 20.5 mpg with about 70% suburban/30% freeway driving.

And, yes, the digital readout is accurate... right after I bought the car, it showed only 3 miles left until empty and I was able to make it to a gas station about 1 mile away.