1995 Lincoln Town Car Executive 4.6 V8 from North America


Overbuilt, 2-ton car that gets 25+ mpg and is legendary in ride quality has been extremely reliable!


New alternator at 194,500 miles.

Driver's seat has worn through in two small areas.

Rear Air Suspension Bags and compressor were both replaced at 207,770 miles.

No other items have gone wrong on this car.

General Comments:

I feel really relaxed driving this car long distances. Rear Air Suspension with self leveling is a dream! Acceleration is brisk and hushed. I use only Mobil 1 Oil and Oil Filters. At 135,000 miles the spark plugs were replaced per the maintenance schedule and I had the cylinder compression checked: all cylinders were 165 psi. I have replaced no other items on this car than those listed in the above section. All controls work flawlessly. I have a large family and am pleased with the trunk's ability to swallow large weekend's worth of luggage for all. Gas mileage has been exceptional. While the digital dash accurately indicates the actual avg. and instant mileage, conservative driving can average 31+ mpg door to door on 300 mile trips at 68 mph. Best tank yet was 34.2 mpg. No tricks, only careful acceleration and looking 10 seconds ahead for road conditions to use the brakes minimally. Front brakes replaced due to normal wear at 91,200, 173,890 and 232,677 miles each time. Still on original rear rotors. Disk brakes all around with ABS is fantastic for this 2-ton vehicle. The traction control has brought me through severe snowstorms where only 4x4's were on the road. This car is rear-wheel drive! There are enough luxury conveniences in this vehicle that make it very difficult for me to even think about moving ahead with another brand. I love the manually adjustable steering resistance (3 settings), the digital dash display, leather interior, power trunk lid pull down, rear self leveling air suspension, 2-ton weight, 25+mpg average, commanding view of the road, and, of course, the front hood ornament is legendary Lincoln. The `98-`02's did not have a stand-up hood ornament. I did add a K&N Air Filter element for improved breathing.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2004

1995 Lincoln Town Car Executive 4.6L V8 from North America


Unsurpassed Quality


Driver's front window lift motor. ($73)

Passenger front window lift motor. ($39)

Accessory belt idler belt pulley. ($21)

Both rear air springs. ($212)

Driver front roll-bar link. ($36)

All four shock absorbers. ($85)

Passenger lower ball joint. ($117)

Fuel pump relay. ($5)

Four touring tires. ($280)

Routine maintenance ($260)

General Comments:

I have driven a seriously comfortable and luxurious 50,000 miles in the two years I have had this car. Mostly mountainous driving, averaging 23 MPG on regular gasoline. It is very reliable, and sufficiently economical, and powerful enough to provide entertainment. With regular maintenance, and considering the low initial used car purchase price, these are the way to go for affordable hi mileage commuting.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2004

1995 Lincoln Town Car Signature 4.6 Liter V8 from North America


A luxury land yacht


I have not had any mechanical problems with this car.

I do not like the locking lug nuts. They are a problem when the car loses its key.

In my family currently we have 7 Lincoln Town Cars ranging from 1990 to 1995. I have personally owned eight.

My heated leather seats don't work. They are about $600 each to get fixed.

General Comments:

Car has many options that are useful. It's a big car and with that in mind I feel safe driving it anywhere.

1995 Lincoln Town Cars all come with digital instruments.

Very good value all around!

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Review Date: 4th August, 2004

10th Aug 2005, 11:12

Sorry about your heated seats. I had a problem with an old car I had the heated seats worked all right. They did NOT shut off. Believe me it was HOT!! Just out of curiousity, how is your gas mileage on your 95? Mine has much improved since going from 93 octane to believe it or not 87 and no pinging.