30th Oct 2011, 10:07

What is so hilarious about it? Just because you don't like these cars, and many other people appreciate it, seems to really bother you. If it does, then please take your comments elsewhere. because Town Cars may be discontinued, but they will be around for a long time. Deal with it.

31st Oct 2011, 13:39

Yes, but in the full sized cars, you can actually see the hood when you are driving. I haven't seen a hood or hood ornament when driving in decades!

I may have to mount a rubber duck on a stick...

31st Oct 2011, 15:27

I can see where this guy was getting at by citing the improvements of today's cars. Efficiency and safety certainly have improved. However, I can also see where the Crown Vic supporters are coming from. Crown Vics are extremely tough cars. With a solid rear axle, a full frame and big V8, they were the last of an American icon.

I'm more for letting people drive what they want to drive, rather than trying to convince them to switch to something new and "get with the times" so to speak. That being said, I would never purchase a Crown Victoria for myself. I've driven them, and while they are very comfortable, the V8's are a bit underpowered and the handling... well... it's non-existent. Just isn't the car for me, but to each his own.

31st Oct 2011, 15:34

Good point 10:07. If you dislike these cars so much, then what are you doing looking at this in the first place??

31st Oct 2011, 20:03

My family drove Town Cars from 1984 to 2009. We then switched to the MKZ (Ford Fusion with 10-grand tacked on for ego). Every Lincoln we owned was absolutely flawless. Much smoother than Mercedes, much more reliable than ANYTHING. Yes, the world has changed and big cars are no longer practical or desirable, but the Town Cars were among the best. J. D. Powers chose Lincoln as the world's most reliable car brand. It's an honor very well deserved.

1st Nov 2011, 13:23

Yes - because seeing the hood is super important. Much, much better than having to see something annoying - like the road...

1st Nov 2011, 13:27

Why? Because there are a lot of misinformed comments on here, such as the old-fashioned and technically incorrect assumption that a bigger car is automatically a safer car. That, and the belief these big bloated cars from the 90's - early 2000's are works of art, when in fact any car from the 50's-60's makes these cars look pretty lame. I say this as a car enthusiast, and as someone who owns a REAL car, a '55 Mercury. So if people want to gush about oh-how-great these outdated boats are, then it's just as fair for others to disagree.

1st Nov 2011, 18:54

Equipped with the same safety equipment, larger vehicles always provide more safety than smaller cars. Not even Japan has succeeded in repealing the laws of physics.

2nd Nov 2011, 13:32

Who said anything about cars from the 50's??? That era of beauty was dead when that decade ended. Also, coming from an "enthusiast" who says they own a 55 Ford, Mercury or whatever it is you have, owning a full-size car like that, one should appreciate the full-size Mercury's or Lincoln's of today, because these cars in a way still represent cars from the 50's on how they are built.

2nd Nov 2011, 16:11

Well 13:27, you are right that we are all entitled to our own opinions. However, which car most closely represents the "real" car that you claim as the '55 Mercury. I know I like cars like the Lincoln Town Car, Cadillac DTS, and Buick Park Avenue, because they still represented some of the qualities that made Detroit famous for building cars. Remember the term "Detroit Magic"? Well I don't really think that term applies anymore. It came out of a time when American cars were BIG, had "boulevard rides", and had styling that was distinctive and attractive. It is sad that cars have been relegated to appliance status. Until Detroit tries to appeal to our emotions with the automobile again, I think we are in for some pretty boring and cheap cars.

3rd Nov 2011, 11:43

Sorry - but I think few if anyone under 70 would call any of the full sized American cars from the last 30 years or so, anything but stylish. There's a very good reason these are no longer manufactured, and the reason is that they were basically big, bloated, puffy looking cars with crappy plastic interiors. You will never see any of these at future car shows. There was a time when yes - big, beautiful cars is what Detroit made. But those days passed a loooonng time ago, and even hinting that something from the 80's, 90's and 2000's has the same allure, style, and charisma as anything from the 50's and 60's is a joke.

Lastly and once more, using simple logic to assume that a big car will always be safer than a smaller car is lacking in any scientific, factual basis. Size has zilch to do with anything. If we're gonna' go there, then in that case I reckon a 1930's Packard - which were in comparison HUGE cars compared to even the biggest of the big cars from the 90's would be safer... right? Sure...

The technology, frame design, metallurgy, and so on are EVERYTHING, and most of today's small and mid-sized cars are every bit as safe, and in some cases safer than any of the full sized cars. This is not even an argument, because safety data and reports basically proves this anyway. But I'm sure people will still argue and try and claim that this is wrong. Just the same as someone saying that a bubbly looking 90's car is a work of art to behold.

Anyway, let me know when some of ya'll get big thumbs-up and smiles in your 2000's boats, because it ain't gonna' happen. Meanwhile I'll keep driving my real car, which always gets thumbs-up, because people appreciate the fact that it actually IS a work of art.

4th Nov 2011, 13:00

I believe I have told you before that my 96 Town Car gets thumbs up and comments all the time on how sharp and elegant it looks, due to the triple black color combo. Also, I am 34, and always drove full-sized cars, and many others in the same age group appreciate them.

And for the last time, you are out numbered on this thread with your opinion, so please take your negative comments elsewhere, it would be greatly appreciated.

4th Nov 2011, 17:43

Yes - I guess I am clearly outnumbered on a post that is filled with the select few people who think 90's full size American cars are beautiful. Then again, these cars are no longer made, and design and technology moves on. Nuff' said.

4th Nov 2011, 18:58

Sorry, every full-size car can't be a replica of the 50's, which again has nothing to due with the cars on topic.

As far as cheap plastic interiors, we are talking about traditional American posh comfort, and not the Tupperware interior you find in a Toyota.

You have made it abundantly clear that you are not a fan of these cars on topic. Who cares! I myself don't like these so called midsize and compacts that are being produced today, that look like they were assembled in 5 minutes with a screwdriver, but yet I don't go on other threads and rant about them. Why? Because I don't give a rat's ass about what somebody else drives, especially people whom I don't even know!

So leave it be already, you enjoy your 55 Ford with a Maaco paint job, and let everybody else enjoy what they drive, instead of trying to start a warfare on a website.