7th May 2003, 09:29

I have a 1992 Town car Executive Series that has made me very happy. I paid 1000 for the car and love it. I replaced the air suspension system with a coil spring conversion kit and had the oxygen sensor replaced. The car rides like a dream. Town cars are superior to all other big body luxury cars.

27th Aug 2003, 13:41

I must first admit that I love the Town Car. I have owned three and have also owned a Caddy, a Mercedes, Olds 98, Opel Commodore and a Buick 225. Suffice it to say, I love big cars and my Lincoln by far is the best. My fist 1976 Lincoln had no problems with it at all. Sold it before going to Germany. My 1991 Executive had Trans problems, replaced the engine at 180k, has problems with power seat, and replaced the entire Air suspension system. That suspension system hurt! I swore off Lincolns for 2 years, but bought a 1994 Executive and low and behold the trans stared acting up 3 months after I got it. Turned out to be a switch on the trans. Then the rear suspension sat down on me. I took it back to the same place I had the 91 repaired, but this time they installed a coil spring shock system in the rear and I cannot tell the difference. Instead of thousands it cost me $186. I have 114k on this one and I intend to drive it until the wheels fall off. To me nothing I have driven beats the ride of a Town car.

31st Aug 2004, 21:01

I own a 1991 Lincoln Town Car, Cartier. Presently, I am having trouble with the A/C. What should the temperature reading be of the air coming from the dashboard vents when the a/c is running on max? I get a reading of around 50 degrees in hot weather. My garage mechanic tells me this is the best it will do. He said all components are in A-1 shape. I live in Arizona. When I first take the car out in the morning the temperature will read 40 degrees. After standing in the hot sun with temperatures at or around 105 for several hours, the temperature coming from the vents will never go below 50. HELP!

27th Nov 2004, 16:16

My mother now owns a one-owner 91 Towncar, given to us by the family of the owner after he passed away. This car is immaculate, and doesn't even come close to hinting at the fact that you're driving a 13 year old car to anyone, inside or out. The only thing lacking is power, Ford has always made the mistake of putting small engines without enough torque into their large luxury cars.

Great cars overall, but if you're looking for luxury and performance, definitely look into buying a 94-96 Buick Roadmaster or a 94-96 Cadillac Fleetwood, (and some 94-96 Chevy Caprice, the LT1 model came with dual exhaust).

My 94 Roadmaster will put the Lincoln to shame in terms of performance. Gas mileage is the same, but I prefer the Lincoln for looks, it is really a lot prettier than the Roadmaster.

19th Jun 2005, 15:02

I just recently bought a 1991 Lincoln TC Cartier Edition. I admit it has its share of issues (radio doesn't work, noisy fuel pump, rear windows don't roll down), but when you look at it in terms of ride, there are very few cars that can match it.

I recently drove it from Dallas to Houston and averaged 22.5 mpg - what other car of that size is going to get that good a gas mileage figure? I have owned 2 Lincolns in my life (the other was a '85 Lincoln Town Car) and I would purchase another one. The ride is so smooth - you actually hear the bumps more than you feel them. For anyone who is considering a good, solid, comfortable used car, you can't lose with a Lincoln!!!

1st Nov 2005, 11:10

I have a 1995 Lincoln Town Car that has had nothing, but problems since I've bought it A MONTH ago. Transmission went (which I knew I had to replace) and then I needed a water pump, fuel pump, fuel filter, heater core, EGR system (including valve, tube, etc.), starter. This car is horrible. I used to have a 1992 Cadillac Sedan DeVille that ran better, got better gas mileage, and only had a few wear-and-tear problems with it. Unfortunately, I was broad-sided by an 80 year old man doing 40 in a Chevy Caprice and totalled my Caddy. He ran the red light. This Town Car not only rides horrible, but drives horrible. When I first got it like the first couple of days it was great. Then the dreaded CHECK ENGINE light came on and that's when everything went downhill from there. I'm glad, however, to see you are having better luck than I am. I am very disgusted with Ford and always liked GM better. Good Luck.

28th Nov 2005, 12:02

If you knew the tranny had to be replaced why did you buy the car? Obviously, the car was POORLY maintained. I have a 95 and all it does is run great. The only problem I ever had with that car was the added alarm. Not the factory one. So what did I do--- I RIPPED IT OUT--- and have not had a problem since. Also this car gets GREAT gas mileage compared to my 97 it gets 16 to 18 in the city and 24 to 27 highway, compared to my 97 which mileage stinks for some reason. And guess what the manifold has not gone yet in the 95 with 146,000 and still goin' strong. If you treat LTC's well they will run great! About Fords, they are really QUIET and you never know if something is wrong till it happens GOOD LUCK!!

17th Jan 2006, 16:25

I just took over my mother-in-laws 1991 Lincoln Town Car.

It has just 42K on it. I also have her original paper work on it, she paid 35K for it brand new. It is white with a black cloth roof that she just had replaced. The first top had a presidential seal on it. The new top has just the Town Car logo. All I can say is wow, what a ride. The interior is show room condition.

10th Mar 2006, 12:21

Forget about your ford corp junk go buy a diplomat or fifth avenue 80-89 and you lot will never look back.

4th Jan 2007, 14:44

I own a 95 Lincoln Town Car, Previous one was an 85 with over 300,000 miles on it. This one only has 168,000. Other than the egr clogging once and kicking on the check engine light the car has been flawless. Until now, the air suspension is shot and I am going to install coil springs in this weekend to replace the air suspension completely cost 60 bucks and one hours work. Body and interior are still beautiful and I average 20mpg. Keep your small cars and I'll keep driving TC's almost forgot had to replace 2 headlights, a battery and 4 tires.

2nd Jul 2007, 15:19

I am considering purchasing a 94 Town Car with 71000 elderly owned miles. My question is this, when the rear air suspension goes out, is it a gradual thing or a totally complete failure?

9th Jul 2007, 09:46

We own a '98 LTC and we lost the air suspension in it. It was gradual; I imagine it took over one year.