10th Feb 2012, 21:55

My Town Car is a '96, and it has a full length black cloth top with opera lamps and limo-like back window. Also the top completely covers the skinny vertical quarter window. This, along with a black body and interior, makes the car look really sharp and elegant.

The '98 and beyond TC's don't really look that great with the tops, unless it's a triple color combo.

1st Feb 2013, 16:26

The value of a 1991 Lincoln Town Car Presidential Edition is difficult to appraise, due to the fact that it is an aftermarket conversion of a regular TC. Factors involved are what factory options are on the car in addition to the Presidential Edition add-ons. If the car has less than 100,000 miles on it, you can pretty much forget the basic appraisal value due to the rarity of the car.

Based on my own 1991 Lincoln Town Car Presidential Edition, which has less than 100K miles and has been well maintained, with most everything that likely failed and repaired. If the interior is excellent and the outside is flawless, including the air ride suspension, the current collector market value for these diamonds is between $10,000-16,000, depending on where you live.

My advice is keep it, maintain it and drive it. You can put 300k miles on these cars with reasonable care.

The comfort and great gas mileage can't be matched by any other luxury car.

2nd Feb 2013, 23:55

"My advice is keep it, maintain it and drive it."

^This! Sure beats making car payments.

28th Aug 2014, 04:11

My Uncle also has a 1996 Presidential Lincoln Town car. He went through the car wash, and one of his rear outside roof opera lights came off and was lost. Would you know a dealer where we can get it replaced?

29th Aug 2014, 03:22

The same thing happened to my '96. You will not find this item at a dealership. You have to go to a local auto upholstery shop that specializes in replacing these tops, and they usually have an after market supplier who provides the cloth, trim and lights. Some items may not be the same.

The reason for this is, cloth tops were not factory installed. Most were either ordered this way, or with others, the dealership had them installed.