7th Feb 2004, 02:28

I also have 94 mazda 121 what sort of things can you do to it? How big can the wheels be.. any thing you can tell me about the car would be good thanks.

18th Feb 2004, 10:17

Sorry I meant 185 wide 13"

thanks again


8th Apr 2006, 02:35

Hi, I like my 121 Mazda too, but its fuel consumption is pretty bad - 9km/litre. Any way to improve it? Mine is an auto 1323 cc. I also like to know about parts and modification tips? Email me @ globiznet@gmail.com... Thanks!

8th Apr 2006, 10:36

Well, one thing to keep in mind is that traditional automatics will always reduce mileage in any car, especially four cylinders.

What is probably happening is that you are stomping on the gas (I would) to accelerate each time since the it takes a while (versus a manual) for the car to respond. Plus there is the added weight of the automatic mechanicals.

All this will reduce fuel consumption.

17th Apr 2006, 06:35

Hi, another solution is to clean the carburettor. However you should have this done at an approved Mazda Mechanic or else (if you are from Malta) you should take this car to Gasan. Make sure that the tyres are inflated at the right and accurate level, and also make sure that the Silencer does not have any leakages. Silencers are easily repaired, and a complete silencer should not cost more than Lm 25.

29th Apr 2006, 12:17

Hi, thanks for your feedback. Do you know of any known workable mod that I can do to the 121 to help reduce fuel consumption? I don't fancy more power to my 121 but I want to save on fuel instead. You can reply to globiznet@gmail.com. Thanks.

17th Dec 2006, 20:46

I have a Mazda 121 Bubble 1995 Auto and it is a fantastic first car. I say this as it is very fuel efficient, is easy to drive, and have had no problems with it thus far.

9th May 2007, 05:16

I have been driving a 1994 bubble (1500cc manual) for about 7 years now and have found it a great little car -- fun to drive and a great turning circle!

Fuel efficiency has been about 8L/100km for short trips (variable traffic), and 6.5L/100km on longer trips (freeway). The best I've ever done is 600km on the 35 litre tank.

14th Sep 2007, 03:11

I absolutely love the 121. Have 1500 auto (1994) liked it so much bought second one (1995). In a world full of "gimmicks" the DB 1052 has simplicity fused with technology, economical and so forth. Auto is perfect around traffic jams, but also has long legs for highway driving. Practical, easy for spares and also ground clearance with short wheel base means both of them get plenty of off-road and rough country driving.

I find that the 1994 model a little more highly tuned - has anybody else experienced this? Also good idea to keep an eye on rubber boots around C.V. joints.

11th Jan 2008, 04:12

Is there a way to make it sporty on a low budget??

22nd Jan 2008, 21:16

I have a 94/95 Mazda 121 1.5L, I have put crome rims on it, as well I have also, put in interior neons and under car neons (both blue), it makes to car look cool and sporty. I was just wondering if there is any where to get body kit parts for my car, I live near the city area of W.A.

26th Mar 2008, 00:04

Yeah, I wouldn't mind knowing about where in QLD that I can get kits for the 121 to make it look a little less like a girls car. I have a 91 and I love it to bits. I would like it a little bit more, however, if I could keep people from throwing things at me for having a 'girls' car.

12th Aug 2008, 01:15

I would suggest that anyone looking for "body kits" to make the 121 look less "girly" is seriously barking up the wrong bush.

Same to anyone looking for "mods" for more "power"... Uhh single-point fuel injection and a low-compression, 54kW engine will only take you so far.

Have any of you ever bothered to time the car to 100km/h/60MPH? I have; my grandmother owns a '95 1.3 SPFI manual and I thought it'd be a hoot.

It was.

15.5 seconds.

19th Oct 2008, 03:23

Can anyone kindly tell me where can I find a spoiler for my lovely 121 in Perth, WA? Either from Mazda or 3rd party is OK =)

My e mail is king_lun_999@hotmail.com.

13th Dec 2008, 19:27

I'm considering to buy a mazda 121 as my first car. Would you think it's a good idea?

17th Mar 2009, 16:36

Hello, I have a 121, but I want to make it much faster, it's a 1300cc, 52kw. If I can b performance parts for this car, let me know where ;)


19th Mar 2009, 20:01

Hey, I own a 121, only on my P plates. As for the speed of them, it is deceivingly quick. Great to have fun in. I would definitely recommend it for a first car, and the best way to get more power out of it that I can think of is to find a rotary and fix it up. Modify that, and because of the light weight, you will have no problems beating just about any car.

2nd May 2009, 02:01

I have a Mazda 121 bubble 1.5L 94/95 model, If anyone has any contacts or advice on body kits, please email me baa_baa_rainbowsheep@hotmail.com

10th Jun 2009, 22:24

I bought a 94 Mazda 121 1.5L auto as my first car in 2004. It runs very well and is highly recommended as a first car. I still have it today and it's reached almost 300,000km and still going strong.

Highly reliable, no major faults, etc and I'm so happy with my car.

UNFORTUNATELY someone hit me from behind and it completely dented the rear bumper and pushed the front bumper out, breaking the front lights and tearing a hole in the radiator. It's a write-off and I'm very unhappy that I've lost my first and best car.

I think it's a pretty neutral car; it's not overly girly or cute. It can be quick and punchy when it needs to but also great for long distance driving.

7th Jan 2010, 12:57

I'm pretty sure the Mazda 121 was designed as a girl's car, but that's a minor point, the car is very light, and as it was previously said, 53kw will only take you so far, but it does depend on what you're looking for, and how much money you have to spend.

I have a db 93 manual bubble, and so far I have the following plans;

1. Replace the stock air filter with a short pod filter (you do notice power gains from this, and it costs less than 50 dollars)

2. Replace the carbie with a higher flow model eg 32-36 Webber. This costs more and involves more work, say $300?

3. A stage 2 or possibly 3 cam and shaft. I'm doing this because the 121 has great early power, but sucks later on, costs say 250-500 depending?

4. And to make the best of the top 3 mods, the most expensive but most beneficial would be a better exhaust system i.e. extractors and cat back. The 121 exhaust twists and makes it very hard for the engine to breath at all, but a more free flowing exhaust will increase performance, and also increase fuel economy!

Bubbles rule, even with my stock bubble I took a WRX off the line. Granted he soon out did me once he got past his turbo lag... still imagine higher rev capacity later on, oooo it would be sweet.