10th Jul 2010, 16:03

First up, yes the 121 was designed as a girls car, and secondly, there is no reason it can't kick some butt;

1. Higher flowing exhaust. Don't get all wrapped up on full systems, it will be too loud, trust me; remove the rear muffler to see what I mean.

2. Stage 2 cam. No one makes a cam for the b3 engine, so pull one off of a wrecked bubble and get it re-ground.

3. Pod filter. More air, easy as!

4. You could shave the head. The 121 has very low compression.

12th Feb 2011, 18:20


Yes, I love my 91 1.3i so much I got a 94 as well, my normal car is a HSV Manta 220i... yes 220 Kws of power, but love my little 121.

It's more fun to drive, now working in the fiberglass industry, am going to fab some new taillights and add YZF R1 headlights.

On the inside, would like to make a new center console so my gear lever doesn't look so long.

With the "girls" car looks... not true, just take some time look at it, repaint some bits.

18th May 2011, 17:20

Hey mate, did the 16" rims have the same offset as the stock rims? What was their width do you recall. 7"?

4th Jul 2011, 05:04

My Mazda 121 is a '94 121 1.5L.

It has some modifications; mags, blue under car neons, 2 inch exhaust pipe from the catback to the cannon muffler with a 3 inch tip.

It has no real good engine modifications. It does 350+k's on a single tank of fuel. 40L tank.

It has a custom interior paint job (purple and lime green) with a Momo steering wheel, JVC head deck with 2 x 6.5 inch, 2 x 6x9 inch and 2x tweeters on crossovers, and a 10 inch subwoofer and amp. (all fusion).

It also has a 12 inch sub also.

I also have four sound activated neons in the front of the car, and 1 plasma sound activated neon in the boot. It also has smoked tail lights.

Body kits for it can be done in any street performance shop nearby; it won't be a standard mould, it will have to be custom, because it isn't a standard car that would asked to be kitted up. I got quoted 2,500 - 3,500 for a custom kit with installation in Toowoomba.

2nd Feb 2012, 16:54

Hey, just wondering how do I put a pod filter on a 121?

16th Feb 2012, 18:29

I have a 1.3 Bubble used for motorsport.

Stripped out, slightly lowered.

R-spec tyres, and easily beats Alfas and MX5's on twisty circuits.

4th Nov 2012, 00:56

Hi. Can you tell me who quoted you $2500-$3500 for the kit???

8th Dec 2012, 22:48

Excellent advice! I love my 121! Can't find a body kit for it anywhere though...

8th Dec 2012, 22:52

I would also like to know how to install a pod filter.

19th Apr 2013, 01:21

Adding a pod filter will make no NOTICEABLE change in performance, and if tested on a dyno, will show a decrease in Kw compared to the factory cold air intake box. I would advise you just get a NEW filter, fit that to your air intake, and save your $ for an engine upgrade.

21st Nov 2014, 15:26

I own a 1994 bubble. Just respraying it this weekend, I put a set of Motavators on it... 195/45/16.

Looks awesome. Also had a red-back sports exhaust and a $1,200 stereo system.

Tinted the windows for $200.

Best car I've ever had, besides my HQ.

Ronson out...

17th Feb 2016, 05:34

I also have a Mazda 121... 1994 model.

My mags are 195/45/16... Motovators).

That's the highest you can go before you have to tub the underneath...