2004 Mazda 3 Hatchback 2.3L from North America


Good looking, but definitely NOT reliable


Within a week of owning the car, the AC went out. Horrible timing, because it's the middle of the summer, and it's like 100 degrees outside!

Then on the way to the mechanic, the engine starts smoking. Nothing on the dashboard said anything was wrong with the engine. The temperature of the engine was normal. The mechanic said it could be due to the alternator. Now need a new alternator.

Both problems happened within 500 miles/1.5 weeks of owning the vehicle. Carfax had a clean history of the vehicle as well.

I don't know why all these problems started within just 1.5 weeks. I drove the car like how my grandma would drive. When we test drove it at the dealership, everything was fine. It was fine for a week before this all started...

General Comments:

The only thing this car has going for itself is that it looks good. Both inside and out. But Mazda and the dealership really let me down.

Not only is the car unreliable, the dealership is now avoiding my calls. WTF!?!

Can I return this car back to the dealership? I've only had it for 2 weeks now. It's just been sitting in the driveway and I'm now back to driving my parents car :( BTW I live in Illinois. Is there a buyers remorse law here? I gotta do some Google searching I guess.

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Review Date: 24th July, 2011

25th Jul 2011, 11:05

Sounds more like a shady dealer than the car itself. These cars are normally very reliable, so more likely than not, it had been abused by the previous owner (s). And for the record, a smoking engine is not caused by the alternator. If it was your alternator, the car would not run as the battery would be drained very quickly. It clearly sounds like you have been taken.

25th Jul 2011, 15:42

Wow - it truly sounds like the problems that you are facing with this car are annoying, and in some cases, can be severe! Making for a downright unpleasant drive, nonetheless. Anyhow, as for returning the car, in Massachusetts we have a "Lemon Law" that allows the owner to return his or her vehicle if there is a major issue within thirty (30) days of initial purchase. I would imagine that something like this exists in your state.

I did some research, and based on the state you live in, which was Illinois I believe, and came up with this: http://www.illinoisattorneygeneral.gov/consumers/lemonlaw.html -- Those are some guidelines from the Illinois Attorney General's office about the Lemon Law that applies in your state. I am not sure if it applies to New cars, but it should.

Hope this helps!

2004 Mazda 3 GT 2.3 gas from North America


The Mazda 3 GT is generally a good car


Replaced both front bearings at 190,000km - not at Mazda dealer - Cost 400$.

Replaced transmission speed sensor at 200,000 - wasn't shifting into 2nd gear when the weather was wet or humid - replaced myself - cost of sensor 67$ at Mazda dealer.

Replaced rear door glass - Due to break in - Cost 220 with installation.

Replaced front right shock - did it myself (in 2 hours) - Cost 90$ at Canadian tire.

General Comments:

I find that the Mazda, is generally a great car.

We own the GT 3 Model, very quick for its class and economical.

We bought it used, and had it for over 3 years now. Until now we only replaced a few things. And it is starting to show some rust on the rear quarter panels as well as the trunk hatch. Otherwise, very good.

I would definitely buy another Mazda.

I have previously owned a Audi A6, now with that vehicle there was always a problem, I would have to put down minimum 600$ every 3 months. Not only that, it was so expensive on the labor and parts, was it ever gas hungry; 13 L/Highway - 15L/City for a 2.8 engine. Officially the worst car ever made!!!

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Review Date: 11th February, 2011