2010 Mazda 3 Sport 2.5L from North America


Thus far, I am pleased with the car, the deal, and the decision to buy a Mazda 3


Nothing has broken on the car as yet, and after 5K miles everything is holding up nicely. I will try to post further updates and info at service intervals and as the miles accumulate.

General Comments:

Rides/drives, handles, and stops well. Cruise control maintains speed well, even going up hills. Interior is comfortable and well thought out, if not spacious. Hatchback is great for cargo. The big front-end grin is wearing on me, and looks better with darker colored cars. It is the best car overall in its class, and arguably the best looking.

The only issue (s) I've had with it concern power chord (s) getting stuck in the accessory outlets. Mazda is aware of the problem, as it has been documented and experienced throughout the country. After some "negotiation" with dealer personnel, it took more than one appointment to fix the problem, albeit under warranty.

Newer 2010 3s don't come standard with blinkers on the mirrors and footwell, etc. lighting anymore. That's too bad because it really sets the car apart and adds a touch of class. Still a great car value though. Mazda deserves the accolades it gets on this and some of its other cars.

Other nit-picks: gas mileage could be better, coupled with a little more power from the 2.5L engine, clutch feels numb, all black interior, fuel filler door on passenger side, no coolant temp gauge. Overall a fine car though, especially for the money.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2010

10th Jun 2011, 21:26

UPDATE 1: Well, I'm just now up to 15K miles (3 oil changes and tire rotations) on my Mazda 3. Except for the electrical outlet issue mentioned in the first post (which was corrected under warranty by the dealer), I’ve had no problems to date. Average MPG has been around 25, and no noticeable oil consumption.

The TPMS doesn't give the actual air pressure in each of the tires, just lets you know whether the pressure is low, generally. So it's left to the person to figure which tire (s) is/are low, if it's not obvious. So, there’s definitely room for improvement there. The TPMS is pretty sensitive though, so optimal pressure level should be more or less maintained.

So after 15K miles, I remain satisfied with the car and ownership experience. The dealer sent me a letter and an email on the 1 year anniversary of my purchase. I thought that was pretty cool too, and we've bought a few cars from them over the years. And again, I will try to keep posting updates periodically, as time and the miles pass.

2010 Mazda 3 GS 2.2L from North America


Great quality car!


We noticed condensation in the tailights. Dealer looked and ordered a new tailight immediately. They told us it was a known design flaw.

The windshield has cracked, not on the outside.. On the inside. Possibly from the car settling. Hasn't been replaced yet.

When the windows are up all the way, it causes some speaker distortion. We're bringing it in for its 16000km oil change/service and it's going to get looked at.

Reverse can be difficult to get into... I've had to double clutch on several occasions.. Also going to mention this to Mazda.

The bluetooth for my iPod and cell phone is awesome, except for last night I tried to dial out and it tried to call "866541266593322551113"... That's not what I said! I had to laugh though...

The gas mileage is... not so good, compared to what we thought it could get, probably because it's still new.. We're even purchasing Supreme/Midgrade as it requests...

General Comments:

This car, is awesome. We bought this car in October 2009 and have not regretted it. The G5 had nothing on this car.

We purchased the car with an extended warranty to 100000km's and a 4 year 80000km maintenance package from the dealer. All oil changes, tire rotations, brake resurfacing etc. are included, so this car is maintenance free for 4 years. Which is awesome!

The seats are extremely comfortable. We haven't had any problems with this..

I used to own a 2000 Mazda Protege and it lasted me until 254000km's, and this car reminds me so much of it... just newer.

The build quality, is great too. I used to hate the chrome smile when I first saw the 3, but it's grown on me.

All in all, I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a good, quality vehicle.

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Review Date: 27th March, 2010