14th Jun 2008, 12:35

Like I have said before the Power in Both Automatic Tip Tronic Mode it feels gutless compare to the Citroen. I was side by side with my brother him in the Mazda and me in the Citroen and I bomb passed him. Mazda really should have givin it a 1.8i instead like the Vauxhall Astra.

9th Jul 2008, 18:58

The 1.6L engine is perfect for turbocharging. They make just about 300ps without changing anything inside the engine. That engine just LOVES turbo.

4th Aug 2008, 21:09

I love how you guys get stuck with a crappy 1.6 while us Americans get a 2.3L 160 HP engine that goes like you won't believe, but then again it is supposedly our Euro Ford Focus, because our American Ford Focus is cheap econo-crap.

29th Aug 2008, 16:02

I had the Mazda 3 1.6 L for almost 3 years now with 40,000 KM, and I have not noticed any mean bad point compared with other cars in this category it’s perfect so far..

12th Sep 2008, 10:44

I have a Mazda Speed 3 5 speed stick and your Citroen or Renault won't even come close as far as power. Plus they only last for 3 years. I've had my car for 3 years and I never had a breakdown problems. I just the occasional oil & filter change and the recommended maintenance. :-)

12th Sep 2008, 10:53

Yeah, the standard engine stock in the US is 2.0L~2.3L; not 1.6L. I mean the auto Tiptronic is not as good a torque converter, but with the manual transmission, you can feel the power of the engine. The stock Mazda 3 2.0L is not really for racing or performance, but designed as an everyday car. The Mazda 3 is a well-built car, and I recommend it for everyday driving. My sister has one and its saves her a ton on gas. I have a Mazda Speed 3 (by the way) and I get 263 HP @ 5500 RPM with 280 peak torque (lb-ft) on stock. I added other performance parts so it probably makes close to 300hp; well, it's overkill for everyday commuting! I like to have a 4 banger with 280+ HP and a Bose stereo.

11th Oct 2008, 10:22

I own a UK Mazda 3 (face-lifted) 2.0 Sport. I've had a loan of a 1.6 TS2 and was disappointed with the engine.

The 2.0 has a really peachy engine. I was a bit surprised how lumpy the 1.6 was in comparison. It was a hire car so these tend to be abused. Its not a patch on the 2.0.

As a whole owning a 3 is painless, it works, is cheap to maintain. Only the lack of dealers is a pain.

If you want real performance then its the 2.3 MPS with 256 BHP!

29th Dec 2016, 03:04

Why do so many people judge a car by its acceleration? This car is about its sweet handling and smooth engine. I love mine. OK, maybe it isn't the fastest car around, but it's fast enough and (more importantly) it's fun.

29th Dec 2016, 21:52

That's because many people actually NEED a car to accelerate, not just cruise - which all cars these days do very well. Try following a large, lumbering truck or van (or a car pulling a boat) on winding 2-way hilly roads for a very long time, hampering all visibility ahead, and once a passing lane comes up and you see a sign that the lanes merge again in 200m, you want the car to GO.