18th Aug 2004, 17:06


Do not buy the low end ones, get at least the base GT, the 2.3L. It has a better interior material and a lot more power.

22nd Nov 2004, 11:59

Does Mazda 3 has a 1.6 engine model? As far as I know, the smallest engine size is 2.0 which is for the I model.

20th Dec 2004, 18:44

Yes, the 3 comes with a 2.0 engine in the I model. The higher end s models get a 2.3 with more technology for power and refinement.

I've heard only good things about this car until I meat this review, and some of the things in here I don't believe. A cheap interior? For a car that's less than $20k, I think the interior is pretty upscale, in comparison to Corolla and Civic.

I was astounded to find that the 3 offers leather and navigation as options in the s models. I configured one myself with both those things, and the price was still less than $20k. This could be the sleeper luxury compact that gets 30 mpg+. Definitely my next car.

2nd Jan 2005, 04:47

In Turkey only 1.6 engine version is sold.

It's price is about 27.000 US dollars for a model has sunroof and AT.

10th Jan 2005, 04:23

I'm reading reviews from the US of late. The bottom end spec cars in the US don't seem to come with A/C standard.

Quite amazing... Down here in Australia (a warm country) A/C is considered a minimum. It's on the base model which in Australia, is a 2.0.

Mazda gave up selling their 1.6L engines here in Australia back in 2000.

We've got 5 Mazda's in our two families. I can only state that out of all the cars we've ever owned, the Mazda's reliability is second to none. My sister's 1985 929 is only now starting to have problems.

Australia is a country dominated by Japanese cars due to closeness to Japan. Selling a bad version of their car would have a hugh impact on their reasonably high market share here.

I took the Mazda 3 SP23 (2.3L) for a test drive here. The quality was superb for a car of its cost. I'd only just hopped out of driving the 2002 Mercedes CLK 430 just a short time prior.

Can't compare the two, but to be honest, the Mazda 3 far far better value and offered a ride practically as fun as the 205kW+ power V8 Merc.

14th Jul 2005, 03:56

I have a 2005 SP23 hatch in silver with the tiptronic transmission. By far and away, this car is one of the best cars I have ever driven. The car does everything right, with plenty of power and looks to die for. The interior is class leading and for a car of this price offers a level of kit that is hard to match. This car along with the other new generation Mazda's provide a very convincing argument for me to continue with the product into the future.

23rd Aug 2005, 21:25

I have marked the base review as poor and seems to be right because most of other correspondets have positive review - agree. Mazda is definitely one of the world leaders in this class today. We have two Mazdas @ home - no problems, a lot of fun, great value for $$$. Was thinking to buy new 6 but leaving in Canada think more about 4X4. Unfortunately all they offer is Mazda6 Speed -too expensive.

7th Sep 2005, 20:31

We just purchased the Mazda 3 GT with GFX option. It is the best car I have driven beside a porsche boxer. The price is great for under $22K. We love this car so much we keep fighting over who should drive which days. =)



9th Sep 2005, 05:03

I also did hear that acceleration is poor for 1.6L model. looks can be enhanced if you dress it up with side skirts, front and rear skirts and lof course with bigger rims if not it just looks plain. The look is okay, but if you look closely the car semm to be long, more of a station wagon feel after awhile. BUt adding these accessories will make it look better.

9th Dec 2005, 09:23

We bought a Mazda3 1,6, 3 months ago. It has now only 2700 km on the clock so I cannot say how powerful the engine is yet, since it still feels "tight". It revs very easily and it was tricky in the beginning to drive slowly. We got a special deal from Mazda with free Touring Pack because of 40 years of Mazda presence in Finland. Price, 22850 euros (cars have HUGE taxes here). They even put the GT model rear lights, the ones with the transparent plastic.

When test driving the car, being a passenger wasn't anything great, but behind the steering wheel, it felt SUPER! The steering wheel is very precise and you continuously get messages from the road. It feels you have perfect control, it feels like you are THE driver. I think an auto gearbox would spoil the dynamics of this car. The plastics are little dull and may look cheaper compared to german cars, but you know they will last forever and ever... and ever...and ever. The auto climatism works very well and the heated seats take about 3 minutes to warm up your soft behinds. The rear defroster is very powerful and even melts the outside ice! Not the best visibility and it has big dead ares when looking from the mirrors. Be careful when changing lanes! My only complain is the noise coming from the road. The summer tyres (205*15*55) are a bit loud and my winter tyres (195*15*60) with the nails on them are horrible on asphalt. I couldn't wait for the snow to arrive and silence the noise! In motorway with speeds over 80, it gets too annoying. The car needs some more sound isolation around the tyres. If your country has bad road surface and you are used to more silent cars, think about it well. The car is a relationship that lasts enough many years, so you want to be satisfied from it and not annoyed. Nothing makes noise, all plastics glued well together and it feels very solid. Doors are surprisingly light and close with ease, but they won't hit your feet on strong wind. I think the car is very good and offers more for the money compared to VWs and the rest. It also looks GREAT.

If anyone wants to ask me something, mail me at turogalos@yahoo.com.

18th Jan 2006, 11:00

My Israeli Mazda 3 (see first item in thread) is now a year and a half year old, mileage is 38000.

Overall its done reasonably well, its been reliable, although not as my previous Mazda's (I do smell the Ford influence here).

Performance has dropped of quite a bit, but the cars still in reasonable condition. It eats wiper blades, no idea why, and fails to start on cold mornings until I move the gear shift up and down the one (stuck isolator switch I think).

The CV joints were replaced under warranty and the front doors are starting to creak.

Interior looks more tired than it should, but I do have 2 kids.

Its my 4th Mazda, and not my best.

All in all, a fair car, but the cheapness of the materials are starting to show.