1992 Mazda 323 BG GT-X 1.8 turbo from Australia and New Zealand


Has sent me broke


After owning the car for two years I would have to say that every single mechanical component has had to be repaired or replaced.

Just off the top of my head:

Radiator tank (very common)

Head gaskets at 91000km, 138000km, 144000km

Turbocharger (X2)

Water pump

Burnt exhaust valve

Gearbox collapsed internally at 135000km needing rebuild

Warped engine block at 145000km

Air conditioning died at roughly 110000km.

And that's all I can think of for now...

General Comments:

I previously added a review of this car to Carsurvey 2 weeks after purchasing it. At that time I was quite annoyed at how I was being forced to fork out a large sum of money for a head gasket replacement! Little did I know that it was only a sign of things to come!

It really is a great car when it is going (hence why I haven't gotten rid of it yet). The performance and handling are pretty impressive for standard and tuning potential is awesome, but has cost me over three times the value of the car just to keep it on the road. At the moment the car needs a full engine replacement, as the current engine warped due to head gasket-related overheating. These engines are notorious for problems after overheating, so a second hand engine is probably a better rather than rebuilding an old engine.

If you buy an AWD example that has not had a rebuild, expect a large repair bill when bearings start collapsing internally. The gearbox will get you either by abusive driving styles (dropping 2nd gear) or just everyday wear and tear (as mine did)!

I find the Ford/Mazda dealer is hellishly overpriced and offers poor customer service. Luckily parts are widely available for the turbo models in New Zealand, unlike Australia.

I have given up on this car as a daily driver. I've been forced to buy a 1980 Lancer to get me to work everyday! Next: the project begins to turn the Mazda into a customised show car!

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Review Date: 24th April, 2003

1992 Mazda 323 F GLX 1.6 16v from Poland


Pracitical five doors car with pop-up lights


I was the 4th owner of that car. The car had also accident before I bought him.

- small oil leak from engine (was when I bought him).

- central lock (result of that accident I think).

- problems with first gear.

My Mazda never let me down... always were ready for a ride. Also pop-up lights never failed.

General Comments:

Great handling. Great stiff suspension, but not "hardcore". Problems with high curbs. I drove this car really fast and "hard" but anyway I write this: joints aren't durable.

Engine is very nice. Power from lower range of rev (full power - 3200rpm). So you haven't often use gearbox. But it isn't sport characteristic I think. 1.6 16V is really good and fast (10.2 to 100km/h) but not so fast as body looks : (

Interior is very gray. Seats have great handling, but after long ride I had problems with my back. Good low position behind the wheel. Like in sport cars. In summer driving without air-condition isn't nice. Upholstery also isn't durable.

How car looks on street? In my opinion this is car with soul. Do you know another car with five doors and pop-up lights? With big trunk? Now this car isn't something speciall... but after some years... who knows? I really liked this car. Car with soul, fun to drive.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2003

2nd Dec 2005, 05:05

Greetings from Bulgaria!:) I have 323f pop up lights 92 Mazda. I brought it from Germany before few weeks for 1500 euro with the insurance and everything.It`s on 186 000km and the car is real great. I made on it only 400km for now :) Today or tomorrow I`m gonna change the motor oil. I try it on 250 km distance in winter and cold weather (from one side of the country to the middle :) ) and it`s a real great car. I wish you very happy time with you 323f.And take care of it.