2004 Mazda 6 TS 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Class leader

General Comments:

The Mazda 6 has to be the motor industries best kept secret! I was in the market for a roomy family car; something which was both practical and something I could be proud to own and enjoy driving.

This car, unlike any of its rivals, seems to have it all. When you buy a car you normally have to make some compromises - don't you? Well, this car gives you the impression that Mazda have considered everything people want in a family car, and built it.

The looks are eye-catching, both inside and out. It has a huge boot and clever rear seats which fold flat, so that you can fit in the kitchen sink, and the bath if you want to. There's class leading legroom in the back, airbags in every direction and a top rated security system.

Other standard features include climate and cruise control. I don't have the optional BOSE stereo system, but the sound quality is still excellent. If you want it to, the volume will automatically adjust as your speed changes, to compensate for road noise. There is a bit of that, but nothing too excessive.

The seats are very smart and comfortable, and unlike many other family cars, actually do seat 3 adults comfortably in the back.

The steering wheel is fully adjustable for that perfect driving position.

If you're not impressed yet, you will be when you take it for a spin. I've driven many cars in this class, but this is by far the best in terms of handling. Seriously, you'll be searching for the windiest roads, because this car straightens them out!

The 2 litre engine isn't the pokiest, but gives a respectable performance.

Other reasons to buy this car include a modest insurance group, cheap to buy new, build quality and reliability, (Mazda were recently voted the most reliable manufacturer), and very low depreciation.

On the downside... this car isn't quite as cheap to run as Mazda would have you believe. It has a 64 litre tank which, on average does about 450 miles. I'm told that servicing isn't cheap either, although I've only had mine for about six months and have had no need as yet to go anywhere near a dealer.

The climate control seems to have a mind of its own! But it can also be controlled manually.

This is a car I'm proud to own. It looks good, feels like quality, and eats up time and miles. Even after a long journey you'll want to just keep driving.

In my opinion, and I accept it is just my opinion, unless you're looking for a prestigious marque, I don't know why anyone in the market for a family car would consider buying anything else.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2005

2004 Mazda 6 Wagon from Australia and New Zealand


The best car I have ever driven!


Absolutely nothing.

General Comments:

We love this car! The fuel economy is great, even in the city.

The paintwork looks fabulous with the metallic option.

We would have liked to have had leather as an option.

Only difficulty we have had with it has been in getting seat covers that are made to work with the side airbags.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2005

2004 Mazda 6 Sport wagon 3.0 from North America


Mazda hit it with this one


No worries so far, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

General Comments:

I've really enjoyed this car so far. Handles great and looks sharp. Exceptional in terms of cargo room.

Got a ride of an SUV because of gas issues, haven't really found that the 6 is much of an improvement in the city, but definitely better on the highway. Traction control and ABS is great for Canadian winters...even without proper snow tires.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2005

2004 Mazda 6 TS 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Great Looking Car, As Good As Anything In Its Class!!!


Small piece of trim at end of kick plate had come adrift (although I think I might have done that)

General Comments:

Wanted something a bit different from the usual Vectra-Mondeo brigade so went for the sporty looking M6 1.8TS Hatch.

Now wish I went for the 2.0 as this is a bit on the sluggish side, but it would have cost so much more in company car tax.

Went for the metallic blue which I think everyone else has gone for, but I still reckon its the best colour and I still have customers commenting on how good it looks.

The paint does seem a bit on the thin side and marks very easy.

I have also found the panels are thin in places where you would push against them (on the bootlid for instance) which has caused a couple of unsightly dents.

Good service intervals at 12,500 miles and economy has settled down to about 36mpg, not bad seeing I carry 400 kgs of tools in the boot all the time (which by the way is deceptivly large).

The ride and handling are very good although the engine can get a little boomy at times, but its by no means obtrusive.

As a former Passat owner the material quality is not quite as good, but its certainly not bad either and I see no reason why I shouldn't be able to cover 100,000 miles in the 3 years I'm due to have it with no trouble at all.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2004

20th Oct 2006, 13:34

Just a quick update.

It's now almost November in 2006 and my Mazda is now at 99,000 miles so will be going back to the fleet company in the next month or so. I've tried a Mazda 5 to replace it, but the economy put me off and after sitting in a Toyota Verso I realised the fit and finish of the interior wasn't up to much, so I am opting for the Verso next. (I also looked at the Grand Scenic = Built out of paper, VW Touran = can only afford the bottom specced 90PS model which is too much of a jump backwards)

I stand by all the comments I made earlier, but have a few things I need to add.

The dealer service on the most part is fine, it's just whenever there was a problem it usually took two or three visits to the dealer to sort as they never done anything more than the basic service. This is not funny when doing the mileage I do.

I hit a pothole very hard just before xmas last year and had to have both N/S wheels replaced plus the front lower suspension arm. Since then the car has pulled in towards the pavement and has been wearing the outer edge of the near side rear tyre. But the dealership can't find anything wrong despite five attempts at it.

The gearbox needed looking at at about 60.000 miles because it was jumping out of 4th and reverse was difficult to engage.

But don't let these little foibles put you off, this car has been one of the best cars I have owned. There are not many cars which can rack up the mileage at such a rate and still drive as fresh as a daisy.

Whoever gets this car, at a no doubt great price because of the mileage, will get themselves one hell of a good car.