2009 Mazda 6 Sport 2.2D turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Excellent sporty family car


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General Comments:

This is an initial review. I'll add another one later one in my time with the car, but my initial thoughts are that the Mazda 6 Sport is a very nice car.

It looks excellent (the added body kit makes it stand out a bit more that the standard car.

Its fairly quiet (a bit of road noise but nothing terrible), the engine doesn't sound like a diesel.

Handling is excellent. Corners very flat. Firm but compliant ride. Handling belies its size: pretty nimble for a large car.

It goes pretty quick - it's starting to loosen up a bit, so I'm expecting better fuel consumption and performance as time goes by.

Loads of standard kit - I didn't need to get any extras, although I'm thinking now I wish I'd gone for rear parking sensors. That's all though. Bose stereo is excellent.

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Review Date: 5th May, 2009

28th Jan 2010, 04:30

Great choice. Any figures on fuel consumption?

4th Apr 2013, 14:59

Hi everyone, I've owned Mazdas since 2002. I had a petrol 01 1.3L 323, then an 03 2.0L 6 diesel, then an 05 6 petrol (best car), then an 08 6 diesel Sport - had to sell it as I lost my job. Got a new job and bought an 08 Mazda 3 petrol - great car, but missed the Mazda 6 so much I bought an 09 2.2 Mazda 6 diesel with 76000 miles on it.

Had it 3 weeks, and the engine blew on it. Diesel is injected into the engine oil; that thins it out so it passes through the DPF filter, but it loses lubrication and the bearings go in the engine.

Sickened isn't the word, as I saved serious money for it. Now I don't want to look at another Mazda again. Don't like the Mondeo, any advice on what's good? Honda, Skoda, Opel?

5th Apr 2013, 21:05

Why not go for another Mazda, but this time, a petrol version again? According to your previous experiences with Mazda, prior to the diesel 6, all was well. Always remember, EVERY car manufacturer has made lemons. But also remember, your car had 76000 miles on it. There may have been previous issues with it, or the problem may have been manifesting for some time, hence why the previous owner has sold it. Keep the faith.