11th Mar 2008, 22:45

I have a 2003 Mazda 6i 4 banger, and when I purchased it, it only had 8,000 miles on it back in 2004!

Since then it has been in for recalls here and there, and regular oil changes at 3,000 miles.

Right before the warranty expired, I had an engine oil leak from a cracked housing, which they determined to be my fault, so it wasn't covered by the warranty.

Then after the warranty expired with 50,000 miles on it, my e-brake cable snapped, which I had to have replaced out of pocket.

Then at 56,000 miles my check engine light came on; they charged me 190$ just to look at it and told me I was running my engine on 2 quarts too low on oil, and that it only held 4 quarts. I work at a dealership and they put 6 quarts in.

I took it to another Mazda dealer and they told me there was an electrical wire recall, which I checked is not posted anywhere on Mazdas website, and basically I haven't really driven it since!!

I loved this car, but am now about to sell it due to all these issues with the engine! The best part is that the mechanic told me even if I replace my engine, there is no guarantee that it will not happen again. I just really can't believe it. It's nice to hear I'm not the only one though!

27th Jun 2010, 18:00

My friend purchased a 2003 Mazda 6I with 97313 miles on it. After one month of driving in town the engine went out. She's now stuck with a $3500.00 balance on a car that won't run. She had a friend check it out, and the owner left the country. She's wondering if she should sell it "as is" or replace the engine. Her son, who works on cars, says she should replace the motor and sell it. Does anyone have any advice to offer her?

1st Nov 2012, 17:28

In response to the engine -- Unfortunately, anyone with a 03-06 2.3 Mazda engine with the oil problem is looking at the hard options -- I KNOW, BECAUSE I AM GOING THROUGH IT NOW! I HAVE A 2004 2.3 WITH 78,000 k, and I just replaced the PCV valve last week, and it's still burning oil.

After research, it can be:

1. Bad valve stem seals.

2. Bad piston rings.

3. Or choose any other internal motor problem that will cost an arm and a leg.

The good news: the car runs like a champ -- all compression; can still do 0-60 in 7-8 seconds.

The bad news: it's only a matter of time before the engine blows.

Your best bet is to sell AS IS -- and take the loss.

ME? I am forced to drive this until it blows, because as commented before -- even if you replace the motor, it's no guarantee that it will solve the problem.

Despite this, I have to say I STILL LOVE MY CAR, AND IT HAS NOT LET ME DOWN -- I can't believe how sporty it is, and everything power still works.

I guess life is all about taking the good with the bad :)