1999 Mazda 626 LX from North America


Reliable (so far)


Water pump failed at 117k (was replaced at 105k).

General Comments:

I must be the only semi-satisfied Mazda guy in the house. I bought the 626 LX in 2004 when it had 75k miles. It's been extremely reliable and I've never had a single issue with the automatic transmission.

I replaced the timing belt at 100k (should have done so earlier) and had the water pump replaced at the same time. 1 year later, the water pump just failed (which isn't right), so I just had it replaced again today. Also replaced the valve-cover gasket today at 117k, since it was starting to leak a little oil.

Other than than, the car is running great right now.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2009

1999 Mazda 626 LX from North America


Once I got the bad parts out of the way, it ended up being a decent car


The dashboard lights do not work. It has been checked out multiple times, but it was not a fuse... it ended up being the multifunction switch. (the switch where you turn on the lights). The original radio also didn't work, I had to get a Sony put in.

When I got the car, the previous owner obviously did not take care of it... so when I purchased it, the brakes were HORRIBLE... but once that was taken care of, and the alignment was done, the car drove great.

The check engine light has turned on FIVE times since I bought the car a year ago to date. Tests say that it is the EV-AP? Something like that? I was told it was that a hose has a leak...I'm not sure yet, I've yet to get it fixed... I am a college student, money is a little tight...

I pay bi-weekly on my car. After I had the car for 2 weeks, I was going to take my car payment when the transmission went out... the first time.

A rebuilt transmission was put into my car... but three months later.. it went out again.

Another three months later... something on the battery was shot & the car wouldn't start.

It still gives a little jerk when changing between first and second gear.

But the biggest problem:

The heater core went out. I bought the car in June. In Georgia, June is HOT... I didn't know the car didn't have heat because the man who sold it to me told me he put a new A/C in it, so I was excited about that. Turns out someone bypassed the heater core & made it to where when I turned on the heat... nothing came out. But if I hooked it back up, there was water in the passenger side floor board. Unfortunately... I do not have the money to fix this either... I can only get the heater core from Mazda & that is 300 dollars alone. The cost of labor would also be a couple hundred because they would have to take the dashboard out.

General Comments:

I'm not too crazy about the interior... I have a maroon car and the interior is tan... I just don't like the designs... but the seats are very comfortable and the car is roomy.

Right now, it's driving great. It picks up speed just fine and the ride is smooth for an older car.

The fan is a little loud at a stand still... other than that it's usually pretty quiet.

I used to absolutely hate my car... especially since the previous owner obviously hated it too... the man put cigarette burns in the door, the headliner had to be replaced, it smelled terrible, and it looks like he spray painted the front bumper because the paint faded or something... but even though the body doesn't look that great, I really don't hate the car anymore. I actually... like it.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2009

27th May 2009, 09:08

I bought brand new Mazda 626 in 1999, and till this year I had no problem whatsoever. Therefore I figured the car is fine, but I have not driven it much, only 10,000 + miles, it's like a new car. But for past few months I stated to have a problem. The car is driving well for a while, and all of a sudden after stopping, did not start. It seems overheated??? The shop thought it's the oil pump.

After the car cooled off, it started again, and is drivable. I've brought car to a shop, the shop mechanic thought it's the oil pump (it's showed on dashboard), but than they said it was the electrical wire, they charged $80.00, it was drivable for few hours, and the same story over and over? Then I spent $200.00 on tune-up, they found nothing, computer did not show any problem, but it's repeating again and again. Now the other shop wants $400 to $600 to change a relay or the box with relay??? Does anyone know what kind of trouble I've got? Please comment.