1999 Mazda 626 LX 2.0 from North America


Worst car ever


1. My brake pads got really loud at 140k.

2. Thermostat went bad at 142k.

3. Head gasket and all the gasket had to be changed at 145k.

4. Catalytic converter went bad at 148k.

5. Oxygen sensor went bad at 150k.

6. Tie rod ends went bad at 150k.

7. Oil started leaking at 152k.

General Comments:

It was a comfortable car, but not reliable at all. Every week the engine light came on.

The interior is luxurious and great, but the performance is very poor. Never buying a 626 again. The engine had a very poor output; it's a very slow car.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2006

27th Apr 2007, 09:39

Oh brother! First of all, the 2.0 has only 125 hp and is not a fast car by any means. If you wanted fast you should have bought a more powerful car.

Secondly, you can't buy a car with 140,000 miles on it, and not expect to have some issues, or have to put some work into it.

I'm not saying it's a great car. But if you don't like it go buy another car with 140k on it and see how much luck you have with that one!

14th Oct 2010, 01:26

I have had a 1994 626 for about 5 years. Trans went out at 130k, but the car is still able to reach 80 mph with only two speeds. Engine was great, never have trouble, regular parts replacement for the age. Very good car for me.

1999 Mazda 626 LX 2.0 DOHC from North America


Great car, crappy automatic transmission


When I bought the car about a month ago, I had to change all the fluids and get new tires and the brakes fix.

The engine light comes on sometimes. I had it checked at Auto-Zone and they said that the catilyc converter needs to be replaced.

While I was driving my OD light came on and the transmission started to shift rough. So I let it rest for a litte while and it was fine. I got it checked out and found out that my transmission overheated, burned the transmission fluid because the radiator has a blockage and its not cooling the transmission properly. so I have to get that replace. After that I'm selling the car (Got a 05 Toyota Matrix, I love it). Hopefully that solves the overheating problem.

General Comments:

The 626 is a great car with the exception of the transmission (which is made by Ford) Its the worst transmission by far that I have ever had in any of my cars. It feels like it would break easily and it shift rough. That's why I drive it very gently. I can't wait to sell it. If it was a 5 speed this car would be hard to beat.

The ride and handling is great. I love the sporty feel of the car.

The car is slow unless it's a manual. (another reason to get the manual transmission.

The car is attractive and the interior is comfortable.

Overall the 626 is a great car with lots of sporting potential. I recommend the V6 and manual transmission. With that combination you have a serious sports sedan. The 4 cyl should be decent with the manual also. I highly highly recommend that you AVOID the automatic. That's the only reason that I'm selling it.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2006

10th Aug 2006, 23:48

I absolutely agree with you. The car is great, but the AT is junk.

1999 Mazda 626 LX 4 cylinder from North America


Very good car


Having a difficult time finding replacement carpet? Mazda home web page difficult to find a location to get carpet for this vehicle. (a 1999 626)

General Comments:

The car is a great vehicle. I only wish to put new carpet in this vehicle and cannot seem to find anyone who has it. Not even Mazda.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2006

1999 Mazda 626 LX 2.0 from North America


Encourage people not to buy a Mazda 626 it's not reliable


Transmission went out two months after I got it and now I need a gear shaft.

General Comments:

This car isn't reliable when you fix one problem here comes another problem.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2006

6th Mar 2006, 18:50

I had a mazda 626 and it was one of the best cars I've had. When I sold it, it had over 20000 miles on it!!!

9th May 2006, 16:00

That repair was all it needed and it was used?

Sounds typical of ALL used cars.

24th Sep 2006, 00:03

They are reliable cars IF you get the ones with manual transmission which sadly is harder to find than automatic.