1993 Mazda B2200 2.2L gas from North America


Possibly the best car ever made


Very little has gone wrong with my truck since I bought it 15 years ago.

The vinyl seat started to look bad after about 6 years.

Last year (after 14 years), one of the links from the front sway bar rusted in two, resulting in an occasional popping noise when I drove over railroad tracks or something like that. It was easily fixed.

The front bumper developed a severe rust problem and pretty much disintegrated. I replaced it with a $90 bumper I bought online.

The back bumper looked fine for 12 years, until I installed a ball hitch on it and pulled my (~2000 lb.) camper to the lake one summer. By that point, the bumper was essentially a cake made completely out of rust, with a nice-looking painted shell. The twisting and pulling associated with towing the camper caused the bumper to disintegrate.

Once, immediately after an oil change, I started it up, and noticed a loud ticking sound coming from a lifter. I shut it off and restarted it, and the noise never reappeared.

General Comments:

This is one of the coolest vehicles I have ever owned. It's slow as dirt, barely able to maintain a speed of 70mph without feeling like its straining. It gets about 22mpg, and isn't the most comfortable ride. But I really like it.

I put it into semi-retirement about 6 years ago when I bought a better car for my highway commute. It doesn't see much action now, but it's still a favorite car for not only me, but my wife and my son. It's the vehicle we choose when going out for a nice drive in the evening. Especially now that the muffler has rusted off. It's very entertaining to drive with all of the cool rumbling and backfiring on the overrun.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2008

10th Sep 2011, 09:13

Had an 89 and 93; lifter noise so loud they're junk.

1993 Mazda B2200 Short box from North America


A tough little pickup


Replaced muffler and tie rods upon purchase.

Leak in rear differential - took a while to find but an easy fix.

New starter at 225,000 km.

General Comments:

Takes a long time to warm up in the winter, seems like the heater doesn't work very well.

Does not like highways. Anything above 80km/h seems like a struggle and gas mileage goes down a lot.

Other than these things the truck is fantastic and I am very happy with it. Would buy another one if they still made them this way.

With no power steering and no a/c the truck feels somewhat primitive, but I enjoy that about it.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2008

1993 Mazda B2200 b2200 2.2L from North America


Please sir, may I have another.


General Maintenance, Brakes, water pump, rad etc.

General Comments:

This is the greatest truck I will probably ever own. The original clutch lasted 300,000 km. It doesn't do anything, but start and go. Burns a little oil, but always passes emissions test. I get weepy eyed thinking about how faithful and reliable this truck has been. I bought this for $2200 5 years ago. Best value for money.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2008

1993 Mazda B2200 4 cylinder from North America


Very good on gas


Fuel filter was plugged.

Gas tank rusted badly.

Cat converter was completely done.

Alternator had to be replaced.

General Comments:

My main fuse keeps blowing out, and I can't figure out why.

When it is running, I love driving it.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2007

1993 Mazda B2200 Base 2.2 Liter 2 Barrel Carb from North America


Great little truck that is actually built to last


Nothing major has gone wrong with the car in its entire life, just minor stuff.

Changed O2 sensor.

Fuel filter can sometimes get loose, and leaked a bit; replaced it.

Alos new tires and a tool box.

Other than that, just the general maintenance.

General Comments:

The engine light came on at 80,000; my cousin told me (he was the previous owner) that it comes on automatically. I've heard different explanations as to why and how to get the light off. Does anyone have any ideas?

The car rides like a truck should; everything works, AC blows cold and the heater blows warm. Sure it lacks horsepower and torque, but even without adding a carb, or high performance plugs and wires and exhaust, the truck can still perform reasonable tasks that all small trucks are meant to perform.

With all the recalls nowadays, it scares me out of buying new cars. Like they say "They don't make em like they used to".

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Review Date: 12th July, 2007

29th Mar 2013, 01:18

Lay down on the driver's side floor and look up towards the door hinge, above the hood latch pull. You will see a black and white wire plugged together; unplug it and plug it in the wire next to it in the same wiring harness. This resets the check engine light. Just switch the wires, you'll see what I mean.