1993 Mazda B2200 pick-up truck 4 cylinder from North America


Anxious for a new engine, but love the truck


Morning Smoke.

Truck needs 15 minutes to warm up or it won't move.

Runs OK, but chugs.

Uses a lot of gas and oil.

We're in New England so it's no surprise the underside was rusted. We sanded and primed before inspection.

Back bumper severely rusted... had to replace for inspection.

General Comments:

No problem passing State Inspection after truck had been running for half an hour.

Body is clean, patched up and painted one small rust spot.

Will install a new engine in the spring. Truck is VERY slow now, but I live in a small town where speed limits are slow too.

LOVE this truck... I rarely use my Camry, despite engine issues with truck.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2007

1993 Mazda B2200 SE from North America


The greatest mini truck EVER


The slave cylinder started to leak, And the water pump went out and I replaced the timing belt.

General Comments:

This is the best mini truck ever, I had a 89 B2000 and was a great runner also, But I sold it because it was rusted bad, So I told my self If I find another one that was in great shap I would keep it.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2006

1993 Mazda B2200 Special 2.2 F/I from North America


I'd buy another one. I wonder If all their trucks are this good


Check Engine light came on caused by a burned out sensor on the catalytic converter. The brake "slave" cylinder went out, but she was 10 yrs old when I got her. Gasket on the valve cover, again, just age I think. Nothing else has "gone wrong". On my own volition I changed the timing chain/gears at 100K, replaced the exhaust system up to the manifold (* this "special" edition came from Canada with an exhaust manifold/header pipe combo that I can't even find in Japan. I hope it never cracks). Doing the rotors, drums and Seat arrangement awesome as I'm 6'4" and I feel quite comfy, compared to Toyota extracab trucks.

General Comments:

All in all- awesome. Could definitely use a little more Ooomph, my old toyota would kill this one in a race, but dependable and starts everyday. I'm in Germany, and she's parked outside, but I've never had a cold start problem. Burns very little oil. Good traction in the snow as well, with a 100lb weight and a shell on the back.

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Review Date: 28th February, 2006

3rd Oct 2008, 00:47

The above comment is true, Ford did buy Mazda out, but I know for sure that any Mazda truck that is not above a B2200 has a Mazda engine, and is basically the same old truck Mazda came out with. The 4X4's B2400 and so on are basically a Ford Ranger.

1993 Mazda B2200 from North America


Please get me through the next couple years


I have just purchased my first Mazda B2200 truck it is a 1993.I have only had it one day, so I can't yet comment on reliability. I do however have a question about the overdrive button on the automatic transmission. Should the button be pushed in for normal driving, or should it be in the out position??I notice that when in the out position the motor revs higher. Any comments?

General Comments:

So far I like the ride, however there seems to be a lot of wind noise in the cabin. I am also wishing I would have been able to find a standard in such good shape (the pickup is from California, and has been well looked after), I am not sure I like the automatic transmission. Any good sites for tech tips?

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2005

23rd Nov 2005, 15:07

Assuming this is like the hold button on an MX-6 automatic.

For normal driving the button should be out. This allows the transmission to select all 4 gears.

In D, with HOLD selected the transmission will shift no higher than third.

In S, it will shift no higher than second.

In L, it will not shift out of first.

In any of these positions, if the gearbox is in a higher gear, it will downshift to the highest gear permitted. I.e. don't put it in S hold at 80 mph.

If in a lower gear, it will shift up to the highest gear allowed and stay there.

HOLD should appear on the dashboard when it is selected.

Hope this helps. Will happily be corrected if need be.

24th Nov 2005, 19:01

The last commentor was wrong. The Mazda B-series is not like any other Mazda, it is like a Ford (same chassis as Ford Ranger). The overdrive should be ON during normal driving, unless your going down a grade or accelarating fast. This way, it saves gas and is less hard on the engine (with O/D off, the engine revs higher and won't last as long if you drive this way for years). I have a Ford Windstar and it does the same thing.

23rd Dec 2005, 18:38

One small nit to pick. Up to and including 1993, Mazda B2200 and the B2000s were manufactured in Japan and are genuine Mazda. From 1994 up the B series are re-badged Ford Rangers.

I agree with the comments about not having OD engaged on long hills or when hauling heavy loads.

19th Sep 2011, 09:51

Does this advice about the over drive apply to standard transmissions? On an steep incline or decline, should I down shift? Mike.