25th Feb 2005, 13:06

My Truck hates the cold too. On a warm day, it runs like a champ. I own a 1989 mazda b2200.

17th Mar 2005, 14:47

I have an 87 b2200 with the same problem. It is the carburetor.They don't do well in adverse conditions.I've put in gas line anti-freeze/carburetor cleaner and it runs great!that is until the next fill up. Rebuild or replace your carburetor. Weber makes a replacement that is better and provides more power. Hope this helps.

9th Dec 2005, 14:38

I have an 1989 Mazda B2200. did you know very few b2200 in extended cab came out, you usually only find them in b2000 extended cab. well, min used to stutter too. trust me when I say its the carburetor. I got mine rebuilt and it runs extremely smooth. doesn't stutter or any thing. but now I'm planning to buy a performance carburetor which sets me back $700. buts its the carburetor. good luck!

27th Dec 2006, 23:45

I recently purchased a 1989 B2600i 4x4 with extended cab. I has 157,000 miles on the odometer. It runs fine, but I have problems with the remote front wheel lockout. It sometimes wants to go into front wheel drive on it's own. It makes a real whining noise and the remote front wheel light comes on and sometimes the 4X4 light flickers ON even when I do not shift it into 4-wheel drive. I love this little truck even though it has a lot of rust. Any advice would be appreciated.

19th Mar 2007, 19:17

I have a 1989 B2600i, and I love it! Bought it for $3000 nine years ago, and it hasn't missed a beat. It is an abused "hunting truck". Would really love to find a bench seat for the front... any ideas?

29th Jun 2009, 18:25

I own a 1996 B2200. It's currently getting its slave cylinder replaced because it burst and I couldn't get into gear, so it had to be towed to the mechanic. I have a 'rattling' sound upon acceleration and deceleration, I hope this helps stop it when it's fixed.