1989 Mazda B2200 SE-5 2.2 I4 from North America


Great truck for casual driving


Power assist steering belt broke going down the road.

PCV valve stopped up and the truck kept stalling.

Won't run on regular gas; must have 89 octane or higher otherwise it shakes badly and knocks itself out of gear.

Choke cable is missing from carburetor.

General Comments:

Great little truck. Just casually putts down the road like it should. I drive it about 4 miles each day (sometimes more) and it is great on gas either way. However even though the owner's manual calls for 87 octane gas, it won't run on that as it shakes and knocks itself out of gear so you have to use 89 octane gas in it. The transmission is so smooth when it shifts it doesn't even feel like you just shifted.

This is my first vehicle and it is amazing; as a mechanic I'm very impressed with it and love to work on it. I also love the bench seat as I don't like bucket seats in old trucks like this.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2019

1989 Mazda B2200 LX 2.2 from North America


Best vehicle I've owned over 40 years of driving


Well, at 172K miles while driving on the interstate, the engine lost power and wouldn't restart. A garage I trust found the front of the crank at the pulley for the timing belt had broken off. Asked them to put in a reman short block, but was advised to just replace the crankshaft as all the cylinders had about 160 lbs and the engine was very clean. I questioned them about the sense of just putting a new crank in an engine with 172K vs a $1200 reman, and was told a reman may have a 36K warranty, but they've seen them brazed and with shims that barely last 36K unless you buy a $4K reman. I've had this truck 27 years and love it, so I bit the bullet and for $2200 had it back on the road with a new clutch and the A/C converted to 134, and it sounds remarkably the same as it always has, lifter noise at start up, which has been there for the last 20 years, but if I run 15w-50 or 20w-50, it's been quieter than it was at 60K with 10w-30 or 40.

If you overfill these engines even a little, they will smoke at start-up. I went to buy a 1990 B-2200 with 150K; the guy wanted $750 for because of the smoke. Checked the oil and it was a little high. Told the guy about my experience and posts on bulletin boards about smoke and overfilling the crankcase, and he opened the drain plug with the engine warm and made a mess draining out "a little" and passed on my offer to buy the truck that day. Stopped in to see him about a week later and he said the smoking stopped, not for sale. Sturdy little truck.

General Comments:

Best vehicle I've owned. 85 horsepower, but I towed a 3000 lb 20 foot ski boat in and around the Appalachian mountains when the truck was newer and it never let me down. Only got about 13 MPG towing and 21 not towing highway (can get 24-25 if you only go 55, but...).

It's not a quick truck, but very durable. Other than rear axle seals and a heater/AC blower switch, only general maintenance. Replaced all universals at 155K just because. Replaced the clutch with the crank because the garage said they could do it for no labor since the engine was already out and I was spending so much for the new crank.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2016

1989 Mazda B2200 from North America


My 1989 Mazda B2200 continues to be reliable, comfortable, inexpensive to maintain, and good on gas


Twice in 20 years I had to get a new muffler... Otherwise, other than regular maintenance, nothing at all has gone wrong with my B2200.

General Comments:

I bought this little gem new 21 1/2 years ago in September 1989, and still drive it everyday.

All I have spent is regular maintenance costs. The seat is extremely comfortable for me, and yet I have chronic back pain. In almost 22 years, I've had 2 mufflers, new brakes maybe 4 times, one new set of tires when the old ones started to fade (the last ones are still good), one new pair of headlights, and had the screen in front of the windshield repainted as its paint started peeling.

And that's it!!!

I traveled with a camper on it for 6 weeks, reaching the Yukon from my home on Vancouver Island, and driving over 7000 kilometers on isolated Northern roads, alone with my dog. I trusted my truck completely as I had it serviced before leaving at my local excellent Mazda dealership. The truck and service center are both simply awesome.

I believe that regular maintenance is the key here, and yes, I did get a good vehicle to start with and agree that sometimes, one gets the rotten apple, luckily, that's not me this time.

I really love my little truck and will use it as long as possible.

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Review Date: 1st March, 2011

11th Aug 2011, 20:43

I just bought my first vehicle and it's a B2200 Sport :) Wondering if anyone had an idea on common places oil leaks.. I went through 3 quarts of oil in 1100km; I'm told this is a lot. I love this truck, the 1100km was awesome. I really really don't want to see this thing go. Please respond.