1991 Mazda B2600 B2600i extra cab 4x4 from North America


No nonsense 4x4


Replaced the fan clutch.

Replaced clutch 2 times.

Computer died 70,000k ago, $500.00 for a re-soldered board.

Mazda wanted $3200.00 for that part, glad I didn't buy.

Has some rust, door panels, etc.

Looks a little rough now.

General Comments:

Hauled lots of stuff... gravel, firewood, lumber, etc.

I just love the low gear, you can crawl up any steep hills.

It's not fancy, it's basic and bloody reliable.

Spent nothing on engine, tranny, and running gear repairs.

I have changed oil frequently since new.

Front seats still look good, no splits or separation.

It would be hard to go back to a Mazda since it is Ford.

If you can find one with low k, you won't be disappointed.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2009

1991 Mazda B2600 i from North America


This is one powerful and fun truck!


The truck is nearly 18 years old. It has had some things go wrong, some due to the fault of the owner. The important thing though is, every time I get it repaired, I don't even care. I just want to get back in and drive! I usually have to get something fixed every year (as you'd expect at this age), but I don't mind. I love this truck!

General Comments:

This truck is awesome. The best thing about it is how much power is still has. It's just fun to drive in! This truck was not built to insulate sound so you can hear everything, even in the interior. It just is so much fun. I hope it has many more good years left in it.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2008

1991 Mazda B2600 SE5 2.6L from North America


Too bad they don't make them like they use to


Driver's seat started to wear badly.

Brake master cylinder last week.

Clutch 8 years ago and may need to be replaced soon.

Other than this the usual maintenance that any vehicle needs.

Brakes, tires,oil changes, exhaust distributer etc...

General Comments:

This is by far the best vehicle that I have ever owned.

When the engine goes, I will have it rebuilt and just keep going till she can't go any more.

It has never given up on me once in the nine years I have owned it, and it's the least that I can do for it.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2008

1991 Mazda B2600 i from North America


Slow but steady and very reliable


One CV joint had to be replaced about a month after purchase (bought new).

The gas gauge never reaches the "F" mark, even though the tank is full. When it hits "E" it is truly on empty.

Started to burn a little oil around 2003.

Radio stopped working in 1998.

Steel tube bumper has rusted through badly after being dented in 2000.

Bench seat covering of vinyl/fabric started ripping apart, even after always having a cover.

The vinyl door panels also have ripped from normal wear and tear.

The foam layer behind the bench seat started to fall apart a long time ago.

Vent louvers break easily.

General Comments:

This truck, even though it was a sport package model, still has a no-frills feel about it. The ride is jarring, the mileage is still really bad (about 14 mpg), it's slow off the line and it has a very wide turning radius. With 1/2 yard of gravel it's not a happy camper, but it's handled most other loads just fine.

It's saving grace is getting me wherever I need to go no matter what the weather. In CT, in was snow and ice. Here in WA it's rain. It's also easy to jump if the battery's been drained.

Though I've heard of other B2600s blowing head gaskets at about 100K, mine's been mechanically problem-free its whole life. I don't have air conditioning, which may have helped. It gets regular oil changes and the scheduled maintenance was followed. Brakes have been replaced 3 times, clutch once.

The materials used on the interior could have been a lot more heavy-duty.

This truck was retired from everyday driving in Sept. 2006 and now gets used about once a week, only because of high gas prices.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2007

4th Oct 2010, 20:41

I wrote this review 3 years ago.

I wanted to add a very important note about this truck that I forgot to include in the original review. This truck, out of 4WD mode, almost needs the stopping distance of a semi. That means normal operation necessitates driving defensively and much more slowly than you might be used to in congested, or even slightly hazardous, conditions.