1991 Mazda B2600 SE 2.6 from North America


It was so good that I searched until I could get another one like it


Rebuilt transmission at 100,000.

Uses oil - 1 qt per 500 miles started around 250,000.

Computer - about 6 years ago.

General Comments:

Very reliable and economical - 27 mpg with an average speed of 70-75 mph on the interstate.

Very comfortable and easy to drive.

It is the right size for most of my truck needs - I use a trailer when I need to haul bigger items.

I bought a one year old Mazda B2600i with 35,000 miles in 1992. I have been driving and using it like a hard working truck for the last 14 years. That includes frequently pulling heavy trailer loads with full bed loads of building supplies, all with an automatic transmission.

I just recently passed 300,000 miles, and on my last long trip into WV (hills) I averaged 27 mpg.

It has always been the most comfortable vehicle I have ever had. I drove 14 hours from Richmond, VA to St. Louis, MO in one day a couple of years ago, and never felt a minute's discomfort. Over the last 50,000 miles or so it has been using oil about 1 qt every 4-500 miles or so. Other than that it runs great. I was about ready to see about getting a re-manufactured engine, so I could keep running it.

I am not impressed with the way the manufacturers have constantly increased the size of the so-called compact trucks, and have not heard anything very good about the Ford Ranger replacement for this vehicle.

Other than expected maintenance items, I had to have the transmission rebuilt at 100,000 and replaced computer several years ago - very unusual for these trucks per the dealer.

I started searching eBay for another B2600i truck in the 1989-1993 range with less mileage and in better shape. I was lucky recently to find a 92 model with auto and 4X4 in a nearby city that was in practically new condition with only 97,000 miles. Now I can keep driving the truck that I believe is the right size for my needs, and will probably keep it for as long as I kept the 91. I haven't decided what to do with the 91 yet - I may keep it on the farm and keep pulling loads with it.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2006

1991 Mazda B2600 i 2.6 from North America


Very fun to drive and dependable


Nothing unexpected has gone wrong with it considering the mileage.

At 135,000 had to put on a new radiator.

At 169,000 I had to replace the main relay.

Seat belts are worn pretty bad, but that could have been from previous owner.

At 170,000 have some ball joint problems-I have not looked to see which ones are out.

General Comments:

This little truck has a lot of miles on it and has performed for me whether pulling the boat or commuting to work.

The gas mileage is also good at 25 Mpg.

I would rather drive this little truck to work daily over my 2000 Silverado. It is a lot of fun to drive.

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Review Date: 27th December, 2004

1991 Mazda B2600 i 2.6L from North America


An inexpensive joy to drive on and off road


There have been no major mechanical problems associated with the engine. Although the computer did malfunction, through research I found that this is a common problem with this and other vehicle models using this type of computer.

There have also been a few cosmetic details with which I am not happy. The paint has not held up well; the hood and roof have "worn" through displaying little specks of primer.

General Comments:

I work on a farm and this little pickup runs with the "big dogs."

It is also a joy to drive on back roads, it feels like a little sports car and holds the curves very well. Whether on or off road it kicks a**.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2004