1992 Mazda B2600 1.6 from North America


Been a very reliable car


Replaced muffler and tail pipe @ 165K.

Replaced clutch slave and master cylinder @ 190K.

Replaced fuel pump @ 202K.

Replaced A/C belt and other belts every 3K-5K.

General Comments:

I have loved my B2600i since I bought it as a demo from the dealer lot in 1992. Engine-wise, it's been great... everything original and no engine problems to speak of, except routine maintenance, oil changes, 2 brake jobs, tune ups, etc.. A/C runs, except on #1 fan speed. However, now that it's passed 200,000 miles, I need a new radiator (crack on top, near left-side corner) and new exhaust system.

The last repair job last month was getting a front end alignment ($60) and replacing the fuel pump ($400). Is this car worth continuing to repair or having a transmission overhaul when the time comes? Every time I take it to the mechanic, it seems I spend anywhere from $100-$350 (labor is $65/hour), plus it currently only gets about 23mpg (city).

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Review Date: 15th July, 2007

1992 Mazda B2600 SE-5 2.6 from North America


Does what I need it to


I have replaced the clutch master & slave cylinders three times.

O2 sensor at 90000 miles.

Replaced the clutch at 100000 miles.

Valve cover gasket at 100000 miles.

Complete brake job, shocks & front wheel bearings at 110000 miles.

Radiator & water pump at 95000 miles. Plastic upper tank on radiator cracked.

Replaced rear wheel bearings & seals At 125000 miles.

General Comments:

The truck has been a good performer overall.

I have done a lot of hauling with it. It has handled 1000 lbs. pretty well.

The truck does use some oil. There is no apparent oil leak or smoke, but I have to add 1/2 quart every two weeks.

The gas mileage is less than what I expected. It gets around 18 mpg city, 21 mpg highway.

This is a good basic truck.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2007

1992 Mazda B2600 2 wd cab plus from North America


We miss the original MAZDA"S


So far the only thing we can think of is the computer which we are learning about now. But after 359000 miles we figure something must go wrong. Have had a awful time trying to fix it, learning about the computer is our last hope.

General Comments:

A wonderful "FAMILY" truck when we needed it most. Hoping to get it going again. We need it. Went through snow when no big fancy 4x4 would go. Goes where ever you need to go, just ask nicely.

In its younger days speed shifting was nice, quick take offs and smooth easy rides. A wonderful little truck till ford took it over.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2006

18th Nov 2006, 13:39

If I am not mistaken Ford started to take over Mazda in the 80's. Which means it might be part Ford.

27th Nov 2006, 09:42

The VIN starts with a "J" then it's imported from Japan.

Up until 1993 all Mazda trucks were built there and sent here. Starting in 1994, Ford took over production of the Mazda trucks here.

Elsewhere in the world, Mazda builds the trucks still and some get Ford logos put on them...

Fords and Mazdas here are exactly the same. Fords and Mazdas internationally are the same. but the International and North American versions are completely different.

1992 Mazda B2600 b2600i cab plus 2.6 from North America


Dependable transportation, if ya keep replacing parts!


Muffler replaced around 80,000.

Replaced clutch and shocks around 105,000 miles.

Main computer replaced around 150,000 due to shorted board (very expensive). Probably caused by water leak down antenna shaft. I suspect that body repairs on that fender caused the leak.

AC compressor replaced and Sanden retro kit installed at 125,000 miles (with fan).

Front end parts, brake discs, and drums replaced at 135,000.

Replaced alternator at 180,000.

A reoccurring problem... have replaced clutch slave cylinder around 4 times. Clutch master cylinder replaced only twice since I've owned it.

Replaced oxygen sensor and installed universal catalytic converter at 190,000.

Amazingly, the cloth seats are in relatively good condition.

General Comments:

I've never had any engine work done. I attribute this to using synthetic oil for it's life. Mileage to date is 216,000. Maybe Mazda needs to know this!

Currently experiencing an AC fan problem, but it's probably the fan resistor or a bad connection somewhere. Also need shocks and other stuff!

Otherwise.. this truck has had a long life, and I hope it lives a few more years! No real complaints!!

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Review Date: 19th June, 2006

8th Jul 2006, 10:45

The use of good quality synthetic oil (such as Mobil 1 or Castrol Syntech) is the single best thing one can do to keep an engine in good shape. You're a smart guy for taking care of your investment. We had one car (a Ford) that went 325,000 miles without any engine problems. I always use synthetic oil from the very first oil change.

21st Aug 2008, 14:20


Original Owner.

To date 286,000

Replace the following parts

OX sensor, radiator, brake master cylinder, radiator, front brake pad 4X, battery 3X. Spark plugs and air filter every 35,000 miles.

Used synthetic oil - now needing to add 1 Qt of oil every 3,000 miles.

Getting 24-26.5 MPG..

Reliable transport!!!