1992 Mazda B2600 LES 2.6L EFI from Puerto Rico


Fun and strong 4x4 play toy


Rear chrome bumper rusted away due to sea water exposure and lack of maintenance.

Rear brake system was rebuilt due to salt deposits and rust.

Transfer case 4x4 chain got worn out because of the off-road use in extreme conditions.

Computer fixed, apparent caustic leak.

General Comments:

I must say that all this things are a small price to pay for the use and abuse that I have put this truck through.

The engine is original Mazda and not Mitsubishi in my truck.

During the winter time in Massachusetts it went through the snow with no problem. A snow storm could not stop it.

This truck is great for running in the sand because of its light weight.

I am in the process of rebuilding it and returning it to its original state and more.

This truck has been to places that my friend's jeep has not been able to.

This truck might not be as fast as others, but it sure is light, strong and capable of riding through any surface.

I hope to find a suspension lift kit and a locker system for it so I can really enjoy the truck to it's full potential.

Fuel economy is not that great, but it is more economic than my 1996 4runner.

I believe that finding the right combination of parts, lift kit, differential ratio, suspension system and engine upgrade; my truck will be in the cover of 4wheeler magazine.

Wow! I really like this truck.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2002

25th Apr 2006, 00:18

I own a 1992 B2600i 4X4. This truck is one of the best trucks I have owned. I take it to the snow and the sand; it handles it all with ease.

I just bought a new motor, and many new parts, but I cannot find a lift kit or weather seals, and some interior trim. If anyone has any info, it will be greatly appreciated!

I'm turning this truck into an off road Baja rig. I have found Baja fenders at glassworksunlimited.com, and some nice after market parts at partstrain.com.

Please help us find more parts suppliers.